Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Updates for February 2016

February definitely has just passed by me just like that.

It was not really a short month because it's a leap year, so there's an extra day for the month. It's the festive month i.e. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and ermm does Leap Day count as one? Ok, maybe not.

For CNY, there's nothing much for myself. No new clothes but got myself a new handbag though. Heh. For the 15 days, it is all about just eating and meeting up with friends. Definitely controlled my eating a lot this time. 

For Valentine's Day, spent with family at home gambling and eating. Of course not forgetting someone who managed to came by for a quick date. Hee .. Appreciate it a lot, really. Though there's no flowers and chocolates but what's more valuable is the companion. 

And then, ended the month with a birthday celebration for my buaybee!!! Went for Just Seafood at Sunway Giza. The seafood is really nice la but I guess I just didn't had much fate with those raw oysters so I ended the night with food poisoning. :( Someone told me to record this moment down, literally, so that I will never forget the sufferings that I went through for not taking care on what I eat. So, here I am, noting this down. 
First, I thought it was just the glass of drink I had before we go home. Got pretty dizzy and thank god I managed to reach home safely. Went to shower and there I am, facing the floor vomitting. It didn't really end there. There is where the love-hate relationship begin between me and le toilet bowl for the whole night. But our relationship sort of end around 3am where I finally can sleep in peace without feeling want to puke, when there's nothing left in my body. What could have been worst when your period decided to come at the same time too. T_T The next day, the feeling subside but still couldn't consume much food including medicine. Decided to just sleep for the rest of the day till someone comes save the day.
Woo! the last sentence rhymes! Hahahaha ... 

Ok, enough of the gross part but i think it does form part of my life memory. Hehehe.

Other than that, watched Deadpool, which is definitely good. Got introduced to Crackhouse Comedy Club and managed to watch Douglas Lim and few other comedians, which is also very much enjoyable. Would definitely want to go back there again for a good laugh. 

Finally, got my hands on making sushi after so long for not doing it, tried making Siew Yok but that is mainly made by Mom cause fell sick after the food poisoning. But would really want to make or bake some new foods every month if I could. :D

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my month of February.

On another note to myself, I just have to learn how to balance my emotions including on the matters that I really care or love. I shouldn't lose my logical thinking and myself when comes to matters that I care a lot. *inner peace*

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quick Update

  • It's been a year since my dearest uncle has left us to a better place. His presence is definitely being missed especially each time when I'm back to grandma's place at Sitiawan. 
  • Been pretty busy for the past few weekends for my condo. Getting ready for renovation but still have to iron some of the things out before I can start the reno. Even to rent out, don't really know where and how to start except engaging with all the agents that has been calling or texting me. LoL .. Maybe i should just have that place for my own mini-retreat when I needed some me-time.
  • Being lazy to start my photobook which i SHOULD start like NOW! Maybe tomorrow.

In conclusion, this weekend I'm definitely in the super lazy mood.

Just very recently, I was told by someone that he got annoyed by talking to me and felt that I'm getting arrogant. Don't really understand what that means but I do admit I'm not that "friendly" as I used to be towards this person. Maybe because I'm now less interested and couldn't care much now. Not that I want it to be this way but after numerous attempt being nice and all I get was a very cold answer, why does one person think I should still being all friendly and nice to you? I also wished I could still be that friendly to you but I just couldn't because you choose not to appreciate it at the first place and I have to realise it's no longer worth my effort.

This may sound like I'm giving excuses but there's a saying which pretty much sums up why my change of attitude. Anyway, I will too do some reflection on myself.

With that, I shall go tune in to my RunningMan to chill out my mind.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm 12 days late to this post but late than never kan.

Shall do a quick reflection of my 2015!

2015 has been pretty good to me.

Travel - Travel twice for the year. To Myanmar to start my 2015 and to Japan to end my 2015. What could I asked for in terms of travelling allowing me to open my eys to this beautiful world. Definitely feeling very grateful for every steps that I took on those foreign land.

Work - I think i'm currently going uphill in terms of personal satisfaction but definitely stepping up more this year!

Love - status quo.

Health - not too good since i sprained my ankle .. have been had a tough time to recover, even now i still feel that my right leg not as strong as before anymore :( But i'm glad to meet awesome people who had given me guidance and advice for my health. So, finger crossed for this year!

Study - oh well .. I will double my effort this year! RAWRS!

So, all in all, I'm quite happy with 2015. Also, spent my last 2015 with my very BFFs doing all the nonsense at my place. So, definitely it began and ended in a very good feel.

As for 2016, started the year feeling good too!

Few things for me to look forward and to deal with but mainly relating to that one thing ...

1. Key to a house that I call mine, officially and legally. Yep, gotten my key to one of a Condo that i purchased 3 years back. Wouldn't have got to-date without my dad's help. Very thankful for him and family.

2. Doing renovation. Had a lot of ideas in mind but would temporarily put aside cz I plan to rent it out first, to cover some of the costs la .. But still has to do some basic reno before I can rent it out. But still something that I need to realise it.

3. Rent it out! Yeah, last but not least. Engaged some of the Property Agents. Hope they can get me good deal and hope to have a good and nice tenant :D

Another thing, that in 2016 I would really like to focus ... that is HEALTH.

When doing my 2015 reflection, I do realise health is one of the thing that had bothered me pretty much for the 2nd half of the year. Hormone imbalance inconsistent period, spraining ankle, weight gain, pimples outburst ....

So, this year, I would really focus very much on my HEALTH on top of other things as usual. Just want to put more focus in this aspect.

Other than that, as usual, less procrastination, more books to be read every month, keeping my blog alive etc .. lol ...

There's a lot of things in mind that I always wanted to pin it down here but sometimes especially on weekdays after work, just too damn lazy to on my laptop to blog. There's other avenue that I could've update it but didn't want to maintain my posts at so many places. Hmm, maybe i'll try to do mobile blogging. Shall try it out and see how it goes! Posts that are not meant for anyone but myself in the future. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summer Hokkaido - All About that Flowers

The main highlight of the whole trip is all about that "Lavendar". However, it's not as what I would have imagined it to be as by the time we were there, the flower season are towards the end of it's life. So, we actually kinda missed the blossom time. Of course nevertheless, we still managed to catch the scenary, just that the colours are less vibrant la. Hehehe ...

We visited few of the farms around Furano mainly. So this post is mainly dedicated for the flowers of Hokkaido.

Our first ever flower stop would be Nakafurano.

You can either choose to take the cable (it's like those you would take at skiing resort) up the small hill which of course u need to pay or you can always choose to walk on foot. For us, as it's part and parcel of our tour package, we took the cable up and walk down by foot.

 If only the lavendar colour is more vibrant, would be so much nicer ~

 Le sunflowers

 On top of the hill overlooking the small town. So countryside, so peaceful ~

 My first time close up with the lavendars ~~

 Must pose with the Lavendars!

 Love the scenary of the town. Wished I could just stay here forever.

Some other flowers which I am bad with their names.

Then, the next flower stop would be the infamous Farm Tomita, Furano. The lavendars here are so much more "lavendar" in colour ...



 Pretty sure many would have seen this infamous shot of the building with the flowers around .. 

Next, it's another flower garden known as Ueno Farm. They have many types of flowers. I'm not really expert of flowers but it's really pretty la ...

And on our way out, to the buckwheats field, where soba noodles are made of .. Saw this cute lil guy that just can't resist to take a shot of him .. :D

 Such a poser! Hehehe ..

And here is the buckwheats where all the nice soba noodle are made of! 

At this point. we are pretty much have enough of flowers and lavendars. We thought that that is it. The above were at Furano. When we were at Biei, we visited another 2 farms.

This farm (which I'm not too sure what is it called), but if you google "Biei Lavendar", this would be the place that you will get. And so sads to look at the Google Image.. WHY THEIR FLOWERS SO NICE ONEEEEE!!!!!

Actually this one, I not sure where is it ..

The belows should be the one at the Biei .. Now, myself also sudah confuse xD

Too much flowers that I myself also got confused with the places I took of them. Eeekkss ...

Anyway, all in all, I do enjoyed the flowers in Hokkaido but I wished that I've flown that earlier in June. I was in Hokkaido in end of July, so it's like almost towards the end of the season.