Monday, February 18, 2008

Grats to Every1

No matter what result u have , high or low , pass or fail ... I would hereby still wish every

Congratulations ...

because i know all of us had done of every best ^.^

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Luck to all ACCA peeps



nervous nervous >.<

Friday, February 15, 2008

CNY + Valentine Update

Happy Chinese New Year once again ~~~~~~

It's been quite a busy and tiring CNY this year .. Why ah ? U read then ma know why lu . Ekeke .

6th February
Started journey back to SP, Kedah quite early in the morning around 7am . Luckily there was no jam at the time, so manage to reach SP at around 12.30pm. Called dar and he was so excited that he wanted to come at that time. But it was abit too rush for him to come as at night, there will be runion dinner for every family. So, dun wan him to rush here and there lorh. Some more say i pakat with his mama dun wan let him come. Ish ish .. Me n Auntie very good 1 eh. :P

At night, had dinner and stay in front of TV whole night lu. Mama even gave me angpau at 12am. Ekekekek ....

7th February (1st Day of CNY)
Woke up quite early cuz want to watch tv. :D Then, mama n papa went out to bai nian as well as giving out the wedding invitation card to my uncles and aunties. After watching tv, had lunch and walk opposite the supermarket, Central Square.

Yet another memorable day to me.

U ran, u jump being so excited
I smile, i hold the arms so tightly
We laughed, we played
The entrance where is the start
The entrance where is the end
Forever in my heart it will.

Oh ya. Also saw there was this lion dance at The Store. Couldn't take a clearer pic of it cuz the new phone i was using (W96oi) was lag in taking pic. By the way, bro used the W96oi and i used his K810i. So, don't bother asking me about the new phone :P
The black colour lion . There was another 1 but don't have a clear pic of it .

8th February (2nd Day of CNY)
Still staying at grandma house doing nothing much beside watching tv while papa n mama continue go bai nian. Ekekeek .. Dun wana follow cuz scare will get bored with all the adults conversation that totally dun suits me. Some more they speak Hokkien. Lagi boring . Zzzzz

Suppose to come back to KL in the evening but it was raining, so papa say will only go back the next day early morning .

9th February (3rd Day of CNY)
Getting ready back to KL. My dearly cousin sister, Jenny also followed us back to KL as she has to go back to Kampar for studies on the next day. Coincidently, my cousin brother who is driving alone back to Ipoh to meet up his gf also start journey together with us as his mama worry if he drive alone. So, mama sat in his car till Ipoh while me n my cousin sister in dad's car.

It was really a long time since i last time met Jenny. i think is like 3 years ago ? Met her the last time was when she finish SPM. Ish .. Busy gal ...

Reach KL at around 1pm then had lunch before go home. Took a bath then straight went to Han house for mahjong. Din play much cuz let my cousin sister play. So, i was just sitting there complaining tired and sleepy. Went back at around 5 as there was dinner at night.
During the dinner, me and ah sou with bro's finger

Me and Jenny (pretty gal)

Just me with my prisoner shirt :D

10th February (4th Day of CNY)
Suppose to fetch Jenny back to Kampar as she is now studying in UTAR in Kampar campus. Before that, brought her to 1U for a walk as mama went out lunch with her students. Then only fetch Jenny back to Kampar. On the way there, the traffic was fine. But when coming back, the traffic was terrible and make me couldn't join my secondary school friend for "bai nian". Wuwuwu.

11th February (5th Day of CNY)
Went to watch CJ7 with my parents. The plot of the movie was so-so but love the doggy. SO KAWAII ~~~~~ Then, at night 8 secondary guys frens came to my house for "bai nian" lorh. Ish ish . Feel so weird with me the only girl there listening to them talking guys stuff. Was abit confuse when they asked me whether i want to watch Edison Chen and Gillian Chung. At first, i thought what new movie, then ended up it was their naked pics. Any of u who are interested, u guys can link urself to Xiaxue's blog and from there you could link urself again to some othere sites for the pics .

12th February (6th Day of CNY)
It was a day trip to about 14 houses of my college mates. The trip was joined by about 22 people. In further detail of it, please link yourself to Eileen's blog with the blog entry entitled "bai nian". It was a tiring day as woke up at around 7am and went out whole day till around 10 something only end with my house and also had dinner nearby.

13th February (7th Day of CNY)
Dun feel like waking up for P2 class. So duper tired lerrrrr..... Most of us are not really concentrating in the class as far as i know cuz too tired d. Even slept for like almost half an hour during the break.

14th February (8th Day of CNY)
Happy Valentines Day everyone ^.^ It's a valentine for all couple and it is also a Single Awareness Day for all the singles (quoted by JJ n Rudy since last year from . After class, straight went home while all the couples had their lovely date. As for me, spent time with my bed since dar having classes so can't celebrate with him lu.

Not least also wana thank u to dear honghong for the lovely cupcake. Really din expect that i would get a gift on this day. I guess it's the very 1st gift oh . ^.^ Thank u thank u....

The lovely cupcake with the hearts on it

At night, I actually celebrated Valentines Day once again with my 3 soh pohs lorh .. Ekeke .. Went out till 12 something ...
Suppose to be BANANA split but they are out of bananas so substituted by Mr Watermelon

The four of us. Together Forever

We had drinks at Station One at the Kepong Menjalara. For u guys, who know where is it, DON'T GO THERE. Guess the water they used there was not clean enough that after 4 of us had a drink there, we don't feel well. Not only one but four us. Ish ... Blacklisted d...

Not a pretty me trying to act cute (taken on the 6th Day of CNY)
hereby once again
wish everyone

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!!!

Weeee ~~~ At last is Chinese New Year holiday that everyone's been waiting ... Excited of what ?? ANG PAU lorh .. =)

Well , not sure this year i am going anywhere as heard that my grandma will be in KL for CNY so we do not need to go back Stiawan, Perak lu. But mama maybe will be going back to Sungai Petani. Not so sure yet. ^.^

Anyway, hope this year's CNY will be as fun as previous years. Get lots lots of ang pau =P

So, im here to wish all ma dear reader