Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 months away

Ish ish .. It is just 1 month away before the finals approaching. Dun wish to do any last minute study now. And was thinking should i go for mock tml ? Already knew the Q, did the Q, read the ans. If tml i attend the mock, it would be like testing how fast i can do and testing whether i could remember how to do oni.

Should i go or not ?

OK lah .. Nothing much to write. So ...

- the end -

missing u deeply inside my hearts.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something to share

Alright now .. It's been quite sometimes since i blog. Many things had happen these days. Happy things and Sad things. Well about sad things, let us not mention it here or anywhere again. Just let it be so long we learnt our lesson. And about happy things, there's too much to say here but maybe i'll just share some with u guys.
  1. Darling and Jason sang a lot of songs for me where they should have been good boy studying.
  2. Each days goes by, spending more and more time with my darling. Thanks to Celcom Postpaid.
I guess that would be the happiest things happened in this week. As for things happening in college. Nothing much cuz this week i just went to college on Sunday and had Audit test on Wed following by normal night class on Wed n Thurs. Nothing special happen. Just the usual 38, gossiping and studying. hehehe ..

Oh ya .. Wana share with u guys something. Yesterday as usual, spent the whole night with dar dar (that's the reason y u dun see me online so much these nights *wink*), and he asked me to log in his friendster and read his buletin in the friendster and I saw the other buletin instead. So, i read it out to him. here goes the buletin the copied from there.

Today's lesson - 'Engineers are the
Best Boyfriends'

1 st, Let me tell you why girls should
eventually marry an engineer over a
Law, Management, Arts or Medical
School Graduate. He has three distinct
advantag es over the rest of the

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle
======= ====================
An engineer boyfriend can provide you
with a secure lifestyle. At 27
years old, an engineer probably has a
respectable, stable job that gives
him a high income to own a car,
invest, have a comfortable life, and
get married and buy a house too.

Law graduates are still working as a
lowly apprentice in law firm.
Most management graduates have just
failed on their first business plan.
The arts graduate is still looking for
a job.
And the medical school graduate is
still living in a hospital.

Advantage 2: Unmatchable
indus triousness
====== ====================
An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an
unimaginable amount of his time
and effort to understand you.
Engineers strain really really hard to
understand their work. You can believe
that they will try really really
hard to understand women too, just
like how they understand their work,
once they believe that you are the
one. So even if they don't understand
you initially, they will keep on
trying. Even if they still do not
understand, they will figure out the
correct method to keep you happy
(e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's
worth of happiness.) And once they
find out the secret formula, they will
just keep on repeating it so that
the desired results appear.

Unlik e the Lawyer who will argue with
you.The Management graduate who will
tryto control your spending, The Arts
graduate who will 'change major'.
And the medical school graduate who
will operate on you.

And you know what, it's really so easy
to make engineer s believe that
You are the 'one'. Say that you like
one of their project and they will
be hooked to you forever.

Adva ntage 3: An engineer boyfriend
will never betray your trust.
========== ====================
Let me first tell you what is wrong
with the rest of the others - The
lawyers will lie about everything.
Manag ement graduates will cheat your
Th e arts graduate will flirt, and you
probably just look like another
cadaver to the medical school graduate.
Your engineer boyfriend is either too
busy to have an affair, and even
if he does, he is too dumb to lie to
you about that. Hence, an engineer
is the most secure boyfriend that you
will ever find - rich enough, will
keep on trying to understand and
please you, has no time for affairs,
and too dumb to lie to you.

So girls, why procrastinate?
Ge t an engineer for your
boyfriend aka ur future husband...

Well, just for your information, my darling is currently taking the microelectric engineering course which means he is the future engineer. That is why this buletin attracts me to read it. Hee.

As for the advantage 1, well .. hope so it is true. Ahahaaha .. So, can't comment much on that. Advantage 2, yeah .. i 100% agree on that cuz that's how my darling treated me except for diamond ring. Ahahaha .. and for advantage 3 .. too dumb to lie. Maybe .. Ahahahaha ... Dar never lies for sure. He always tell me everything. That's what i love him. So, maybe i chose the right 1 for me. Heeee .. Love him.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another confusion

These days i prefer to online at the living room using my bro's old pc as he got his new pc as his birthday present. Some more it's much cooler in the living room beside i can multi tasking ie online and watch tv at the same time. Ahahaha ..

Wondering these days is so called EMO days. Everywhere i see ppl being so emo including myself. Haih. What has happen to us? Stress? Tension? I hope everyone will be alright soon. It's really saddening to see this happening around me.

Was just chatting with my brother. Felt much more better now compared to this morning.

And oh ya.. Don't ask me why but most probably i am not going to join my friends for the planning of year end trip due to some personal reason. Don't even know whether i can get to meet my darling anot. Haih....

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Alright

This post is just to inform all my dear readers that i'm alright d . That day just a small argue with my dear. So, now ok le . Heheheeh .. Worry no more ya . Will update more later . Now bit lazy to blog. Ekekekeke ..

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I wished u knew how i felt. I wished u could asked me more. But u choose not to. U just left me alone here. I also wished to know what are you thinking now. U gave me a 1 word reply for every long sms i wrote. What's in your mind ? I really have no idea.

Im tired.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Edited Pictures

Nothing to do and was browsing through my friend's profile in friendster and saw her edited some pictures with glitters through the website of Blingee.com. So, since i have nothing to do.. So, just edit 2 pictures lu. Not really nice though. Just a simple adding all the glittering things on to it. Ta da ~~~

Just Me
Make custom Glitter Graphics

Loving Him
Build your own Blingee

Monday, October 8, 2007

Vote Him !!!!!

Gosh !!!! Isn't he cute !!! The eye of his is like a smiling eye saying "how do u do". The round lil mouth with the cute lil rabbit tooth. He is sooooooooo cuutttttteeeeeeeeeeee .. Feel like wana pinch him . Heeee ...

Do u guys think he's cute and he worth to get the grand prize of RM3000 ?
My dear friends, do vote him oh *wink* How ?

Just follow the following steps:

1. go to http://www.mix.fm/
2.get urself an epass .. if u guys already had an epas, then do login ..
The following sites are exclusive users of epass. era.fm, hitz.fm, litefm.com.my, mix.fm, my.com.my. So u guys can use the same login id if u have 1.
3. Go to Interest at the bars above and click on Baby Idol
4. Search for baby's name: Isaac Toh

5. Saw the similar pic above? Do vote him by just giving the score from 1 to 10 at the bottle milk on the right side.

Do give him a vote ya ^.^ Thanks !!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Girl: Break Up

First of all, i'll definitely want to say a thousand sorry to my dear readers who doesn't know mandarin. I wanted to post this as to me, it is very meaningful as it actually does say out my thoughts plus i think is quite true. Do enjoy ya. ^.^












PS:这是转过来的一篇文章!我想对男孩说:"女孩是用来被爱的,既然你选择了她那就一定要全心全意的'爱她保护她不要让她受到一丁点的伤害!"我也要对女孩说:""分手"这两个字不要轻易说出口,一旦说出去了就再也收不回来了,收收我们的任性吧!好好的去爱他!" 让我们各自都好好的经营着属于着我们自己的爱情吧!让我们手拉着手将爱情进行到底★

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My 2 Leng Zhai Best Friend

Kevin Posted 04/10/2007 03:21

once upon a time, there is a pig yean, monkey kit and frog vin. they know each other by chating online using advance Personal Cow (PC). The application call Intelligent Cow Quart (ICQ). The application will send "Moo" message once the quart is pull out and user voice is recorded and it translated to various animal sound such as "Oik Oik" for yean, "Ngee Ngek" for kit and "Ribbit Ribbit" for vin.Thanks to the Personal Cow and Intelligent Cow Quart. They have known each other for more than 6 years now. Now they have upgraded to use Man System Negotiator (MSN) to communicate in human language, and they even go further in using Human Protocol (HP) to call, SMS, MMS and what-so-ever Ss to communicate.So, Pig Yean, Monkey Kit, Frog Vin will have a friendship forever using advance comunication device.

- Complimentary from Frog Vin for creating this testimonial - ribbit ribb

The above was written by Kevin to me in the friendster. Frankly, I was touched by what he wrote as it really bring backs memory on how we 1st know each other. Im really great to know Kevin n Mun Kit. How we know, i think he has written very clearly in the above. Time really flies and we actually has know each other for 6 years. I think is hard to have such a long friendship. I can say they 2 are the friends that i knew the longest beside my 2 best sis which i have known for more than 10 years. Yet another 2 good friends.

About Kevin n Mun Kit, they really had been walking with me in the ups n downs of my life. They never leave me when i needed comfort and advise. They were there to share all the happiness and sadness with me . I am superbly greatful n thankful for knowing them. I hope the journey of our friendship will not end. Although now each of us are busy with our own agenda of life but i believe that we never stop caring for each other. Thousands of thank you to Kevin the Frog n Mun Kit the Monkey . ^.^

Left : Kevin ---- Right : Monkey
Ooo ya ... About the 1 said in previous post where i mentioned that i wished my other half could read my mind .. Yeah .. Monkey would be the 1 that could actually know what im thinking. Last time we really got the very "close connection". But maybe after sometimes when we seldom keep in touch d, the connection abit lost d lah . Ekekeke . But MONKEY !!!! Dun worry !! i still know what are u thinking . *wink*

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Ish . Tot nobody will tagged me . Mana tau my dear sharee jie jie tagged me wor . But since im kinda bored now as some1 is busy with his assignment, so i'll just do it lah . ^^

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

So.. here goes ....

1. My perfect lover has to be a guy. (Duh .. )

2. Taller than me. Of course leh .. If not feel kinda weird if he's shorter . But anyway , if u really love that guy , dun think u will mind bout his height, right ?

3. He must be good in languages. As sharee said, good in laguages in the sense that he is good in expressing his thoughts n feelings in a good way. Whether he communicates with me in English or Mandarin or Cantonese is not a problem to me.

4. He MUSTN'T smoke or take drugs. Definitely a NO NO to this as I myself have some breathing difficulties. So anti them !

5. He must know how to cheers me up whenever im down. Also, must be able to know that im actually down cuz normally i'll pretend im just fine . :P but also know it takes time to reach that kind of level where u really able to read other person's mind.

6.He must not be a hot-tempered guy. Dunno how to handle hot-tempered guy . Guess end up i will be the 1 sitting there n crying . :D

7. He knows how to do housechores. Yeah ! Glad that i have found 1 . *wink*

8. He must love me above all. He musn't betray me and never hurt me for no reason.

I tag..
1. Yong We
2. Sui Yuan
3. Siu Hong
4. Pei Ting
6. Jia Qian
7. Jo Ann
8. Any1 who reads it :D

Monday, October 1, 2007

Just Updating

Sharee jie jie say why i din update my blog d wan . So , since she asked , so i update something lorh . Ahahaha .. People dunno wat to blog about marh . Not like u , got so many things to say about . Maybe im not that good in blogging or rather not that good in expressing my feeling and my thinkings. Besides, maybe like honghong mentioned in his blog, EMO for this few days. Yeah . I think i am undergoing that E-M-O feeling this days.

Am i just thinking too much ? Maybe darling is right . These few days we spend lesser time together as we are tied up with our own things. He got his test and assignment while i have to attend classes even on Sunday which should have the best day to spend time together. Sorry for thinking too much ya. :D

Well.. about today . As usual we have the 6 hours break in between whenever we have Audit and FR on the same day in the week day as the audit class is in the morning while FR definitely be in the night. So, today went to chingyong house lu.

Did nothing much except for sleeping. Oh ya .. I also suddenly eager to sms-ed mummy about me n darling. So, without any hesitation, i just wrote the sms and without even think twice, i just sent to mummy. Mum's reply was nothing much just saying that she couldn't tell me wat to do but she could only give advice if i needed 1. Ohhhh .. Was really touched. Im really glad that i have such a lovely mum n dad who never stop caring for me n bro although in this family, we dun really show our care directly.

K lo . Kinda tired d . Must sleep now . Beh tahan d . :D