Thursday, September 30, 2010

Performance Appraisal Month

I suppose the most heart attacking, I-am-performing-very-good month is just around the corner for a lot of the companies.

Was just looking at my sis-in-law's appraisal form. LOL.

And this year is my first year experiencing this appraisal process, demanding for return on my hard work that I've done. I hope that I did OK for my first year in the eyes of my bosses because sincerely and truthfully, I don't think that I've did well, did not meet my own expectation. I hope and shall strive for big improvement next year.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Museum of Malaysia

Whenever you hear the word "Museum", what is the first thing that comes into your mind?
History ?
Seeing old things ?
I think it should be something along those lines .

But what about if hear someone mentioned, National Museum of Malaysia (Muzium Negara)?
Nothing to see?

I am sorry but I really didn't mean to condone our National Museum. But seriously, I have been there once or twice during my school days, there's nothing that could actually attract me / all of us in any of those things. I mean, learning about our country's history, our culture, it is good. But somehow, the way that is done does not attracts people especially school kids.

I really don't know what will tourists who visited our National Museum would think. Maybe those of you who are reading this can give some opinions/comments.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that they are doing something very effectively to promote and attracts more visitors. I totally agree to have themed exhibition because that's where it will be turned into hot cakes that everyone wants to buy.

But, the most recent exhibition that I noticed, since that almost every day I would be passing by the museum, it's this ......

Which I totally object to go and even step at the entrance because I am not sure whether if this reptile would actually just run wild like that. *urgh .. i totally hate it thus the pic is in this super small size, if you interested, just click on it and have a better look on that reptile .. ewwww .....*

Prior to this, they had ...

Interested??? No, I am not again.

I even heard from my friends that before to this, it's the Pontianak/Spirituals Exhibition (something like that).

It's good to have exhibition but NOT EROTIC EXHIBITION !! I really just wonder is this really attracting more customers than if to have some other exhibition which would attract younger kids?

I thought a museum it's suppose to be a place where it is a warmth feeling place that encourages our children or even tourists to visit and learn more about Malaysia ... Well, I won't say that total no to this kind of exhibition, but have this once a year, enough lahhh ... Why want to have so many and consistently one and after another?

How nice if things happening at the Night of the Museum really exists ... I would definitely be the first person to go =D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Single + Young = No Commitments ?

 Today, I learnt a new lesson of life.

To jive with my title, of course, it is something related to work.

Well, I am definitely a newbie in the world of working although I've worked for 1 year but that's definitely more to be learnt and experienced. So today, I've learnt a new lesson.

For those who are already in the working world may understand how I felt in this post. So, as you know, especially to those who are still new and single (in a relationship does not count), you are always the best target to be picked as victim for some so-called ad hoc job or what-so-ever.

The reason they give you is you are single, you have no commitments.

The above statement was given to me as well. To me, being SINGLE doesn't mean we do not have any commitments. Being SINGLE doesn't mean I have no family to take care of. Who are my parents then? Being SINGLE doesn't mean I do not have a personal life.

To me, personally, being SINGLE doesn't mean you can just simply ask me to do something so last minute which could have ruined my PERSONAL commitment and plans !!!

Adding to that, my boss even tell me that, studying ACCA is a PERSONAL commitment. It will NOT help the department to achieve its objective / KPI and it should also not be taken as an excuse. In my heart thinking, WTH. It does not help you, but it will affect my future development !!!

I totally understand that as a Head of Department, you have to think for the department as a whole, simply because that's your performance and it directly affects you. Isn't that also can be categorized as SELFISH? Why should I be EMPATHY when you are not?

Everytime I see the way how my boss strategist his thoughts and arguments, it would link to my Dad because I simply think both of them has the total same personalities, which I think it applies the same to all BOSSES. Another common traits on a BOSS is that, they are a GOOD PHYSO. Seriously.

And again, just to throw a question back to you, will you say yes to your boss to everything he/she asks you to do when you think you shouldn't be doing it


you'll have your stance that not everything you should do which may lead to ....

And to me, I had my stance because I have my own justification. You have your plans, I followed accordingly. You delayed the plans and not communicated well, doesn't mean I have to ruin my personal plans just for you. I'll try to give the best of me for the company since that it's the company that is feeding me BUT not with sacrificing my STUDIES, my FUTURE !

oh, btw ... I found this on the net ..

Happy BOSS Day XD

PS: If you know my boss, pls keep quiet about this post, ok? =P

Saturday, September 25, 2010

HIMY reunited

This is one seafood restaurant that I have been enjoying going for seafoods *duh* due to its freshness and its not-expensive price.

Some of the foods that is a must to order ..

 "Sheong Tong lala"

 Yummilicious butter prawn

 Two-style kailan - the leaves are fried while the stems are steamed / stir fried

Fried man tao - can deep with the gravies in the prawn dish

Salty egg crab

Anyway, it was a small gathering with 3 of my new found friends during my 2 weeks course previously. We were in thirst of seafoods, so I suggested to try this and this time I managed to take some photos of the dishes after my 3rd visit there.

Besides the above food we had, we also had mooncakes ...

 This jelly mooncake was made by Monica's mummy. It is so delicious ~

and Champagne mooncake was brought by Yvonne and Irene

Talking about foods, I have not introduce my new found friend which I bitch with them quite a lot during office hour free time through emails.



Yvonne (all my pictures taken of her is just looking at her camera and not me !)

Btw, the above names are just a nickname given to 4 of us. And I was actually called Hilary for some BAD reason !! 

HIMY reunited

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy mid-Autumn Festival

I would like to wish all my readers

Happy mid-Autumn Festival

To me, this day is a special day event for me. Since 2006 when I first step into my college life, we never failed to organise this lantern festival every year until last year. Although I did missed 1 or 2 of the gathering.

Imagining us carrying the lanterns, walking around the neighborhood, laughing around. Awww .. I really missed the moments. I wonder if this year, we would able to have it or would I still be able to join them, although many of us are not here already i.e. working overseas.

Taken in 2006 where we celebrated by way of having BBQ at a park in USJ. [LINK]

Taken last year (2009) where we celebrated by way of having pot luck at a park in ss2

I missed the gathering in 2007 and I couldn't recall if we did not manage to organise 1 in 2008.

For more info about mid-Autumn Festival, you can visit wikipedia by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stress Release

When you are stressed up, what do you normally do?

Some people would go shopping, some people would do extreme exercise, some people would just shout at every1 they see for the day etc ...

As for me, I think I am a person who would keep everything inside which is quite dangerous because you'll never when you are going to burst it all out. I hardly show how stress or upset am I towards other people include my family and friends. Because I am person who never know how to share my feelings with other and that makes me an introvert.

Normally, if I am really up to the extent that I'll burst, I'll just cry under my pillow. I'll cry myself to sleep. But one thing for sure, I will not drag this to the next day. Unless it's really bothering me until that I'll be crying at nights for few nights until I am distracted with something else.

Everyone would have their own way to release their stress because everyone has their own stress. This is also sometimes I don't blame people for being angry, being rude at me, of course not the habitual type of people.

So, thought of the day, how do you normally release your negative stress? Do you shout at people that might just hurt others? Do you release stress by way of spending money? Do you be like me that tries to keep everything to your own self and just sobs when no one is around?

I think is a good thing to ponder about because stress management is one of the important factor that one person should learn and have because if you don't manage your stress well, it might just affect your health and/or even people around you.

And if you are seriously stressed, i've got something for you ... *see picture below*

kids, don't try this at home. 

Remember the famous quote, "STRESSED is just a DESSERTS" if you know how to manage how your stress well. =)

PS: I am sorry for my never ending changing of blog template. Couldn't find 1 that satisfies me so far and i am totally not in the mood of designing my own blog since the day the blogger changed its design/html codes. Or anyone want to design a simple but nice blog for me for fwee?? *wink*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Malaysia Day (Part 2)

After we are satisfied with our own shootings at the Merdeka Square, we then headed to National Monument. I've been there once which I think that is when I am around 12 years old? We had this thinking of going there for shooting simply because we passed by the other day and we were thinking, it is actually a nice place to sharpen our photography skills.

True enough. We are all so satisfied with the scenery there. =)

This is what you called PROFESSIONAL

See .. I am very patriotic =P

Due to the super hot sun but also super BLUE sky, we couldn't stand any longer under this hot sun before anyone of us got sun stroke, we walked back to our car and headed to our next stop.

Batu Caves.

Not so satisfied with my caving photos as I did not get my best lighting in there. I seriously need to brush up my dark scene photos.

Hahaha .. I seriously love this monkey's face expression . XD

So, these are some of my best shots.

Not only that, I hope through my photos, you'll be able to enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Malaysia.

Never Look Far for A Beauty because It is Just Right In Front of You - Fel

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Malaysia Day (Part 1)

This is the first year where peninsular Malaysia are given public holiday on 16th September as opposed to Sabah and Sarawak who celebrate their independence on this day since 1963. On 16 September 1963, Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore come together became Malaysia. Later on, Singapore separated from us as a country itself.

Thus, my friend decided to have a Shooting Expedition on this day. During the planning of where to go, we never though that we could actually turned out to be this patriotic. =D Well, flags are everywhere as you can see later on.

So, as part of the Malaysians, I hereby dedicate this post to Malaysia as it's present on its birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Malaysia !!!

Waited for my friend at the Bank Negara (Central Bank of Malaysia) i.e. place where I work currently.

After meeting up with my friends, we headed to our first pit stop ...

Famous merdeka square and the court

My SIFU aka Master at work and at photography =D