Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka !! Merdeka !! Merdeka !!

Happy Birthday Malaysia !!!! I LOVE U !!

30th August 2007 .. Once again it is a memorable day for me as well as to all my friends who went to KL . As a tradition , i'll start from the scratch of what happen but not in detail as i believe honghong will write in a very detail story . Ekeke . So, do visit his blog ya . ^.^v

In the morning , woke up early to wake up someone lu . Hehehehe .. Then, continue sleep as i am lack of sleep @.@ Around 9am , papa came n wake me up. So, wake up and get ready lu . Wohoo ! First time in ma life, i am going to countdown with ma frens. :D

After prepare myself, I asked papa to fetch me to pyramid lu as adelee n honghong are there to shop for chingyong n pei chin's present. Shop shop shop shop ..... At last, shop both of them shirts. Chingyong is a collar T while we bought a tube with a jacket for chinchin. Hehehehe .. And it cost xxx .. Ahahaaha .. Dun wan let chingyong know . :P

Around 12 like dat, adelee fetch me n siu hong to ktm station lu . adelee did not join us as she need to be driver for the day . Miss u neh . Reach time square around 1 something. Went to bought the movie tickets of "Secret" . So nice neh !!! So touching .. T.T Arggghhh ... Can't forget all the story line and also how pro does Jay plays the guitar .. Jay so leng zhai !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in love with him ~~ XD

Then, tought want to buy cake de . Mana tau can't find the cake shop . Some more the Baker's History no cake de =.= So, decided to go find that monkey .. So long din see him d >.<>
After while, the rest who are kacy, tingting, chinchin, chingyong, tatt hoong, evelyn and wee ven reach lo. tingting n kacy came look for us at the nike shop while the others went straight to McD for lunch. So, 4 of us also say bye to monkey and went to meet up with the rest. Also get to meet Seng Kee, chin's fren. So cute la he .. Ahahaha .. Agreeing with Kacy.. They 2 so secocok neh . Ahahaha ..

After eating, kacy cant sit still d. Want to go shopping d =.= So, all get their butts up from the seat and start to walk out. When walking half way ... zzooooommmmmmmm ... Kacy already in one of the shops looking at the clothes . Memang shopaholic . So, we shop from 1 shop to another shop . From 1 floor to another floor . I think we went to all shops of 3 floors. Kaki pun sakit. Until 5.20pm oni realising the show is starting. So, all headed to the cinema. Luckily is at the same floor neh . As i said .. the movie is really touching . Cuz is kinda unexpected of the story ends . Wuwuwuwuwu ... Must watch must watch .

After movie, kacy went home 1st while yiwen joined us followed by stella and yilian at tepanyaki. Before that, me and honghong went to secret recipe to buy cake . But this time is not the ordinary secret recipe cake. It is so special neh . Show u in the pic . Cuz lazy to describe long long .

After the usual the cake smashing tradition once more (chingyong has black forest with extra chilli sauce on his face) but pei chin chose to ate the berry with super lots wasabi (wooo .. tears tears coming out ), each of us took a spoon and just start to take some cake straight from there. End up it was kinda super messy but it's really fun cuz it's the first time we actually ate that way. Every1 who is eating there just cant stop staring at us as we stand to eat n made a hell lot of noise.

Then, settling all the bills, headed to Sg Wang lorh. On the way, we also bought some sprays which cost us rm10 for 4 and we bought 12 and free 2. The guy selling it was kinda unlucky as he met with a bunch of accountants. Ahahaha .. We keep bargain n bargain n bargain till we got the 2 free bottles of spray . Still not really satisfying. Cuz when we used it, it's like spray few times no more d. Ppl 1 super lot of the foam . Ish !

We walk walk walk .. SS everywhere we stop, everything we see. The SS part maybe u guys just link to siu hong blog. Ahahahaha .. Or i'll post some pictures below.

When 12 am nears, we walked to the bintang walk and it's crowded. U cant even find where is the road. Sad to say there's no countdown. So, is like each group countdown on their own n just shout "merdeka". Ahahaha . Feel weird for a moment. Then, there's a group of malay people (look down on them), they actually stop each vehicles that need to pass thru the crowd and spray on the cars. The spraying is not too bad, the worst is they even step onto the cars and jump jump jump. OMG !!! Kelian the uncle lerr .. Some more is a proton wira. U know lah , how strong can a wira's body be. Haih .. The uncle can do nothing but just smile at the crowd and slowly drive thru..

Oh ya.. there's another interesting part when we walk around at the bintang walk. We actually saw a live drama entitled The Break Up . From the girl stoping the guy walking away to the girl crying alone in the street with her girl friend comforting her . So sad neh .. What a memory on merdeka day . Haih .. Never break up on such special days cuz it will cause a very very suffer in the future when each this special event comes by. Anyway, that's nothing to be proud of lah . Just pity the gal lu . Wish her all the best . ^.^

After all the spraying and watching chingyong's brave in protecting stella, we also walk back to monorail lu. All went home with a happy laugh and a smelly body . Ahahaha .. Really enjoyed. ^.^
- the cake -

- the night life -

- the unforgetable happy moment -

chingyong .... with his normal PEACE post ..
-honghong enjoying his salmon- tingting in the snow or rain?-
-the cute couple-chin n weeven-
-errr.. another couple?- yean n weeven-
- yeah .. the never faded smile on our faces -
- again with the beautiful n happy smile of ours -
-Yean signs off-

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Me

Yeah . It is a happy week for i could say for last week . Happy me ~~~~

Ok ok .. Mayb today i'll just post some pics on lionel's bday as well as wee ven's birthday . For more story update , as usual .. do visit siu hong's blog ^.^v

First of all...
WEE VEN's Bday (24 August 2007)

The usual cake smashing ceromony (choc cake with mayonese n chilli sauce) Ewww .. Thank god mine is just cake n cream XD...

Left : The Burfday Gal
Right : Thos who manage to went for the lunch .. ^.^v

LIONEL's BURFDAY(14 August 2007)
This must write abit of story 1st . On that day, me and adelee decided to go to his house and give him a surprise .. So , we went and he was still sleeping . We were suppose to study for our next day's test but end up doing other things except for study .. XD

Left : Sleep sleep sleep ... The burfday boy
Right : Say wan study wor .. Sure anot ah ..

At last .. U woke up !!! but ..............

Dinolee ended up sleeping =.=

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Satisfying Result

Sorry guys for updating blog like a tortoi . Actually i got many things wana update de . Ahaha . Just to busy . Busy about what ah .. Hmm .. Busy about stress-ing on result day , OBU , chat , play game , anime . Sooooo BZ neh .. Since there's so much i wana blog about , i'll first post about the result day lo .

As i said previously , it was already 11++ am and yet we have not yet receive any mail from ACCA . So, around 12 something , mama say since i woke up d (as i was hiding in the room whole day so din realise i woke up), so go out eat lo . At first dun feel like going out eat cuz just wana sat at the com . But think think awhile, ok lu .. Just go lah .. Since every1 oso have their own things to do to avoid from thinking about the results. So, i also agree to go out for lunch lu.

Then, while waiting for my "yu tao mai"(fish head mee hun) to come, Lionel called asking me got the result d not . Say no lo and he told me that chingyong and tiger got it d and they pass all . OMG ! Stress is feeling up my stomach then. No mood to eat le . But still eat a bit la .. Reach home , fast fast go refresh my email .. Still nothing . Sian ~~~ So, chat with aaron lu . Tot wana go take a nap le . But before go nap, try refreshing again lo . At last .. 1 new message .. My hearts go "dup dup dup dup" .. gan zeong nyer ... Slowly open the mail . Scroll down slowly .. pass .. pass .. (yesh !) .. pass .. AND PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs ~! Yes ! I pass all ! Wohoo ! Happy nyer . Relieved at last .. Hehehe .

Hmm .. Dat's the most gan zeong part for this week la .. Hehehehe .. But there's also another happy thing happen to me . ^.^v I'll just keep it for secret for now . XD

Isn't she so cute XD (More to be uploaded- The Baby Yean)

I WANT that bear bear !!!! He is sooooooooooo CUTEEEEE ~!!!! Love Teddy ~!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hearts Beating Like A Rocker's Drum

Awww ... Now is only 11.22AM !!! Slept at 3AM something . Tot of sleep till late afternoon . But just can't . Suddenly the mind start to "auto-run" and my whole body's nerve system also start to react. So, woke up and here am I. Seeing all my frens also waiting for that PRECIOUS email that make every1 so nervous now. Arrggghhhhhhh ....

Go watch Full Metal Alchemist .. Release stress ~~


Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Funeral That Ends With A Happy Smile

Yesterday was the day where my grandma's funeral was held. Every1 should be sad n grieve. At first, u can see auntie and uncle crying. Especially where the part the coffin is close. I cried too for a moment thinking I will never see popo again. However, the sad environment was just a while. After that, a smile on most relatives face can be seen. It all really thanks to a great master from Taiwan.

Let me start from the beginning. On wed morning, dad, brother, jiejie n me drove back to Kedah as Mummy has already gone back few days earlier. It was the third day since popo passed away. Reached there at around 3pm. Rest while before change into white t-shirt and black pants. At the late evening, start the prayer. It was done by an old "shi fu" (master) who drove all the way from Penang. Well, as compared to gong gong's funeral, this time they are not as crazy as last time.

Yeah . Ur eye is not blur. I type CRAZY. My uncles n aunties used to play a lot during the prayer time and make all us laugh. Ahahaha . Can't describe how playful are they especially my 1st uncle. Then, after all the prayers and all the relatives gone back, we suppose to have some rest. But god knows, something happen lu. It really stunned the whole house. Can't sleep whole night. Here, I also want to say many thanks to my dear monkey gor, although he was just recovering from sick, he still accompany sms with me the whole night till around 2 something am until i forced him to go to sleep. He even accompany the next day. Really thanks to him. I still believe that he's the one who will be there whenever i needed comfort and thanks for all the time u have for me. ^.^

Oh ya.. On the same night we reached there, a "shi fu" from Taiwan known as 大势师父 (master da shi) hope i din spell wrongly in chinese, also had came to pay a visit to us and did some prayer for grandma too once he got the news as he is also my 5th aunt's master. Really happy to see him and also glad that he still remember me since we last met 3 years ago. Master is really a nice person who always smile, nice to talk to also.

Well, that's the interesting part for the 1st night we reached there. On the 2nd night, nothing much in the morning except some prayer by "Master Da Shi". Then, evening he also had "gui yi" session. "Gui yi" in simple terms is where u are given a name where with this name, u will be the disciple of the Buddha. This is my 2nd time. I was given the name 妙县 (miao xian). According to master, he gave this name is because 3 years ago, i followed my auntie to listen to his buddha talk. Thus, he decided to give me this name.

During the night, nothing much but the usual prayer session goes on. But that night is the most tensed up night. Why? Some may not notice bout the tension in the air. But i could feel it, mayb i knew a bit of what is happening. Have u attend a funeral where in the house basically there are gangsters around the place? Yeah.. It is all around you if u actually notice ur surrounding. I can just feel their eyes like keep on staring everywhere although they were talking normally. Mummy even say there are few "big brother", few of my 1st uncle's "brother" (u know what i mean which brother) came to pay respect to grandma. Some more they had their style of praying. Too bad i didn't saw it. Miss out the scene. Cis. XD

On friday, it was the funeral day. As i mentioned at the begininng, everyone was sad and moaned for while. After that, especially when we reached the cemetery and pray for the last time, mummy and the rest who was standing in front saw something miracle happened. According to mummy, 1st they saw a green light from the ground far away going upwards the sky followed by clouds. When mummy asked me to see, no more green light but there is 1 lane of clouds and the sky is soooooooo blue as compared to the other side. At the moment, i was really touched. Everyone believed that it is a sign from grandma that she has followed Buddha to heaven. Everyone felt relieved and happy.

Everyone like mummy, youngest uncle and 6th uncle who was really happy with that miracle that can't stop themselves from telling Master Da Shi. Really many thanks to Master Da Shi. Further, my 6th uncle so cute. He called mummy asking where are we and she told him that we are at the restaurant having lunch with Master. So, he came by and rush in to the shop. Everyone in the shop actually kinda shocked including us. For ur info, he's a big size guy some more no smile, so fierce look.

So, he rushed in and this is roughly what he told Master,
"Master!!! I got free time, I will go to Taiwan look for u!!!"
(woah...what is this? wan fight with master ah?)
"Thanks you, master!!! I really appreciate for what u did for us.."
Then, he just rushed out. Everyone actually laughed even Master. Then, he called mummy say he haven't finish saying so mummy some more pass the phone to Master. Ahahaha . So cute~
6th Uncle is a person who don't really know how to express his feeling in a better way. But whatever he said is truly from his heart which Master can feel it.

This is the funeral that ends with a happy smile. Many thanks to Master Da Shi. Omitabha.

The blue blue sky which i got to take.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

May God Bless U, Popo

Sunday night, mummy and my aunt rush back to Kedah where my mummy's hometown is.. Cuz mummy said that popo (my grandma) is sick .

On monday , gor gor reach home telling me that popo has passed away. Was surprised and stunned for a moment. Did not cry but kept thinking how was mummy. Sms her. Called her too. She sounds OK . Well .. I knew she will be OK, she's the thoughest woman i ever know . ^.^

Tml will be going back to Kedah with papa, gorgor n jiejie for the funeral. Wondering whether will i get to see my cousin sis. Really miss her a lot. Will be missing tml's F7 too.

May Popo rest in peace in heaven.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sickie Sick

Wuwuwu ... Sunday was a bad luck day to me i shuld say .. Rawr . Why le ? Cuz hor .. 1st 1st hor .. Ahahah .. ( Let me use some broken english) , the stupid LT8 no aircond wor . The reason that the b*** say is becuz we opened the windows and door , that's y we can't feel the aircond . WTH ~!!! If not open the windows , i think we all ady dead d lah ... Cis ... Luckily after that they managed to get us LT7 . Once cold once hot .... Mayb cuz of that my body cant handle with it . So , KO le ...

After having lunch of wan tan mee , i started to felt cold in my arms but hot in the body . Stomach turning . Wuwuwuwu ... After while , went out while she asked to do Q , and vomitted . T.T Felt better but still feeling headache .

Monday slept whole day as still feeling headache . Haih . Now consider as fully recover le .. Now currently in college waiting for 2pm so that i can meet that marcus which i DONT MISS HIM ... =.= Then , can go watch The Simpson !!! Yay !!!! Wohoo !! Hahahahaha ... Sot sot 1 me . XD

K lah .. Stop here 1st larh .. And i oso realised that it's been a long long time since i visit my fren's blog . I am so outdate neh .. Cannot .. Tonite must update myself 1st . Ekekekek . Muah

I LOVE U ~!!!