Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Officially Attached ^.^

Yeah ! To make everything short , i had announced to my papa that im currently dating with my darling . And papa gave me a smile and said "bring him home when free lor". Yeah . That's my papa's 1st response ! Wohoo ! Ahaha . Worries no more although mama has not been told . Ekeke . But will tell her soon too .

Me : Papa ... Got something to tell u neh ....
Papa : Wat ...
Me : Errrr ... Errr ... Dunno how to tell leh .....
Papa : Wat dunno how to say . Just say lah . Wat thing .
Me : I errrr ... Got boyfriend d lorh ....
Papa : (Laughed) Wah ! Got boyfriend d worh .. Good lah . Bring him home lah .. Where u know hom de ..

There goes the Q&A session between me n papa . But papa seems satisfied . *wink* Then, the usual parents' talk lor .

Just be friends friends lor . U all girls later the most hurt is urself ah . So, must know how to take care ah especially when handling in ur emotions...

Me : HAIK !!!!!!!!!! (smile)

Love my darling much ! Muaks !

And last but least not forgetting Adelee n Tingting for all the support and of course from my dar dar . Ekekeke ....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ur money is MINE, My money is MINE :P

Someone says he love this pic a lot . So i'll just post it here lu . *wink*

Just finished my FR test on Saturday at 5.30 to 8.30 (my precious dinner time neh). Nothing much to be said about the test . The questions was like 75% is theory rather than 70% of calculation. So wrote a lot compare to "poking" the calculator. Wuwuwu . Tot was a calculation paper. Cis .. Ms Menon bully me ..

Then on Sunday, as usual had my 9 hours of class. Spending my time with frens n Ms Menon for my lovely Sunday. Even my family, I also don't spend so long with them in a day leh . Ekekeke . For the whole day, we learnt about Groups Account only and came to this interesting part where dar n I was just talking about it at the day before. Ekekeke ..

Groups Account

On the date of acquisition , we got to determine the profits before acquisition ie pre-profit and profir after acquisition ie post-profit. Pre-profit theoratically are the subsidiary's profits. Only post-profits are belong to the parents.

Application to Life

Ms Menon said .....

In real life also like that . To a girl .. Ur husband's money is my money and my money is still my money . :D

This statement is truly from a pure accountant. Ahahaha .. So, can't blame us for having this statement to the guys neh . Ekekeke ...

But i think for ting ting is not the same . Ahaha . She what also chingyong chingyong nia . Aih .. Don't want teach her how to be a good gf d . :D U 2 sendiri "zap sang" la . Ahaha . I speechless d . :X

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stress Stress

Haiz .. 2 more days and it would be my 1st PT for F7 and yet i have done nothing . I mean i do studied a bit but there is still a lot to be studied =.= GOSH !!!! How am i going to finish study .. Can i ? Hmmm .. Maybe if i concentrate for 2 full days starting from now , I might be able to finish studying .. Yeah . I got to have confidence in myself ..


But maybe u can see her replying her msg :D Aiyo .. Human marh . Still need rest after long study geh . Ekekekeke ...

Why did i chose ACCA rather than degree in accounting .. Although ACCA saves up a lot of time , maybe around 1 year as compared to the degree courses but THERE IS REALLY NO LIFE IN ACCA ! Others have their sem break for at least 1 month . We ?? I could say just only 2 WEEKS !!! Where got enough for rest worh . And if u wana score in exams in ACCA , U got to throw away all your entertainment . I mean u really gonna be NERD to score .

But in my whole life I never really be a real nerd neh . I do plays when I should be studying :D But if compared to my high school's life , I think now i do spend more time on my computer rather than books . Maybe i should throw this bad habit of mine and back to the old me who are worried for each test and exams . Dun care how others say about me . I really need to buck up myself . Last exam was merely luck for me . This time , no matter what I must study hard . I can't be as lazy this anymore . Yeah . There's another reason for me to do so . Because I also want to prove to my family that i never neglect my studies although im in love .

What normally parents don't allow their children to be in a relationship is worry that they could not concentrate in studies . That's my opinion lah . So, I'm gonna prove them that i could handle it.
Gambateh Yean Yean !!! U can do it !

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 1 Month

Time flies . It's just less than 5 days to my 1st test for FR ( Financial Reporting) and it's 1 month ago where all of us is so excited of our results. To me, 1 month ago is just not only that. It meant so much more than that to me . ^.^

We were just talking and refresh our memory of the very 1st day . While i keep refreshing , I'm really really happy . Happy to have that very moment of ours. Then , we even argue about the "1 month" .

Y : Eh .. Now ady tuesday hor ..
A : Mmmmm ..
Y : Happy 1 Month !!!!!
A : Wat 1 month .. 7 x 4 .. Only 28 days lah . 2 more days oni is 1 month ..
Y : Oooo .. Ok .. Happy 4 weeks then ..
(Paused a while)
A : Ok Ok ... 1 month 1 month . Happy 1 month
Y : Herh ! Dun wan happy 1 month d . Wait 2 more days oni i say again . Herh !
A : Wat wat wat ... ( connection bit problem)
Y : Nothing . herh .. :P

After the little argument, flash back of what happen . Every single words that was said . Everything that was done. All the ups n downs over the 1 month . We have learn to become more mature each time we r down . This is wat we called the learning curve .

Glad that all these is happening to me :D

Yawwwnnn ... Time to sleep now . Nites folk !!! ^^

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Ting Ting !!!!

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TING TING !!!!!

I've known u .. Let me see .. Since mid of last year when we are suppose to group into about 20 peoples for the Moral Project. Since, ting's group of frens + my group of yoyo gang manage to came up with 20 of us.. So, since then, we are in a group for the project and from there we get to know each other.

After half a year, which is this year ... She also changed to our group as Stella couldn't fit her time for their actual group. So, ting sort of accompanied her to our group. And that's how we became even more closer when time goes by.

She's a cute gurl who actually sometimes love to nag us =.= She also a super blur gurl which we ranked her to be the No.2 Blur Gal in our group. Ekekeke .. A smart gal as well ... N oh ya .. Just a moment ago, me n lionel oso just named her .. She is a HEN !!! Why ? Ask her lah .. She has also become one of my close close fren who always be there for me when i needed some1 to be my listener. Thank u gal.. Ooppsss .. No no .. Thank you, popo ... XD

-- My Dear Ting Ting aka PoTing --
left : err .. she got shocked i guess or she saw something delicious.. Hmmm
right : ting ting in the snow ~~
the new ting with the newly perm hair . isn't she look pretty n have the motherly look ..

left : peace peace
right : love u , ting ting


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emo Audit Lecturer

Have been attending for audit class 3 days continously . And yet, our dear audit lecturer, Ms Kiran has been emo for 3 days especially yesterday and today. Just came in and already emo. As if she doesn't know that how's our class has been when come to "discussion" session. Some more start the class by having the discussion when everyone is still in the blur blur mode. =.=!

At last today she said something true from her heart...

I know many of u has been going 1 by 1 out from this class to Goh's class. Eventually when the class is full or somehow u're not accepted and u come back to this class.

At last !!!! She's saying it out . Ahahahaha .. That's why she so emo. XD (anyway, just a guess from us). But memang kelian her lah. A class which is full of students, now we dun even have to go early to book place. There's plenty of place !! I can't imagine what if my gang swtich class too. She definitely will be super sad as i can say that our gang forms most of the people in the class. Tsk tsk ...

Maybe financially, sooner or later, it's going to be a little problem between us. And i know it's already bothering u now which u refuse to show me that i am right. Maybe it's really hard to find a better solution for this. Haihzzzz..... But still missing u deeply ...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Badminton Day

Yesterday did nothing much except waking up early as need to go all the way to college just to see marcus =.= Roar !!!! My sleeping time neh . Wuwuwuwu .. See him d , came back home . Had lunch then tot wan do my obu but thunderstorm . So dun wan online. SLEEEPPPPPP ~! ekekekek ..

Slept half way, han sms-ed me ask me wana go for badminton anot later in the evening . So, with eye open half, just replied yes. Cause thinking if not, i'll be sleeping like a pig till dinner time. Around 4 something, still sleepy but forced myself to wake up. Online while waiting for han to come n fetch me. Then, there we go . To badminton hall we go. XD

Play for an hour so.. Argghh .. Stamina sudah merosot neh . Ish ish . Now right hand pain pain neh . Wuwuwuwuwu .. Sad sad . When we went to the "starplus", the badminton hall near my house, we met shin's classmate which is also our secondary skul frens lo. Funny thing is shin rejected them but came with us. So her frens jokingly scold her . Ahahaha. Kelian . Not our fault oh . U urself say they went to FRIM . Ahahahaha

After badminton, went for dinner at The Prince lo. Together with shin's fren. Then, itu popomama punya son wei da say wan go maluri to meet some1 awhile. He said A WHILE ! n we waited actually almost 1 n half hour !!!!!! OMG ! Argh .. Next time dun wan trust u d . Herh ! Sendiri jalan balik...

Oo yah .. when we were having our dinner, some were reading magazine and they saw the winner for the dunno wat summer boy competition. Wow .. And a guy from our school actually won it. Same year as me de but 1 year older. Honestly he's handsome during our skul time. We always call him "Edison Chan" cuz he really quite a lot like him . Leng zhai nyer .. But too bad .. he's not good academically . There, the pic i took using han's new phone. XD

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Long Distance Relationship

Note: This post is not specific to anything or anyone . Im just talking bout it in general.

To be in love and to loved is definitely a wonderful thing to do. It is very seldom people can actually have long distance relationship. It's not easy as it really takes a double effort as compared to the normal love relationship.

The first thing would definitely be u can't even see the loved one when u actually seriously need the comfort from them. Another thing u actually spend more than what u normally would in order to maintain the relationship although u dun really going out with them. Why? Cuz u spend a lot on the phone. It really takes a lot of courage and patient if u r in this long distance relationship. Most of these couples normally end up with a break up as they can't handle the situations when times go by. It's really really tough.

However, i still see there are couples who manage to be together for a long long time although they are far apart. So, what i see is like what my friend told me this morning, it all depends on the will of the couples to move on. It also need trust from both side. With this, the love will be last forever.

I wished all the best to long distance couples. Be strong to the end. It'll be happy n sweet memory. ^.^

Monday, September 3, 2007

How does normally one person read their sms..

Something interesting to share with all my friends. Just to relax urself after a whole day of hard work. It is about how usually a person would read their sms. Most of the people will stop reading the message when after the end of the sentence was blank where not many people would though there would be more if u scroll down. My loved 1 sent me this message which I actually reacted the same way as most people do. So, since I was bored just now, I decide to try how actually my friends would react. I didn't expect every1 would reply almost the same. But it really can make u laugh.

The message that i sent sounds this way:

Malulah.. can ask u a favour? Do u hav spare cash 2 lend me ?
The bank says my acc, left $999,999.90.
Juz lend me 10cent, SO I CAN BE MILLIONAIRE ;)

Most people would only read the 1st 2 Q as they would though that that is the end of the message. Ive send to some of my friends. So, here are their replies..

Adelee: Woh ? Got ah. Y ?
Me: Pinjam me la . Ty. Muaks . Wuahaha
Adelee: How much o?
Me: Err . I need a lot . Inside dat msg i got write ma .
Adelee: Did not say o .
(called her and asked her to scroll down the msg oni she realise that)

Monkey Gor: Need 2wait til 10th oni my salary came out wor...

Sifu: Berapa ringgit?
Me: Betul nak pinjam ah ? Pai seh . Wuahaha .
Sifu: Kalau the amount okok..and boleh afford..still can lar..apasal suddenly mau duit?
Me: Mau tau why i wan ? sifu sure can afford 1 . u go scroll down dat msg again.
Sifu: What da!!ceik puas puas!!

Honghong: Of course can la. Why wor. Wat happened ? ok boh. got got. help as much as i could.
Me: haha . err . cuz hor cuz hor ... i pai seh la . nvm la . adelee lend me . u cont read the msg la . wuahaha .
Honghong: Aiyo. fren fren why paiseh. wat happened wor.

Lionel: Got.. You need how much..?

IpohChai: How much? For wat purpose?
Me: Err . Wan say meh . i shy leh . dun ask me wat purpose la . just want to leng me anot .
IpohChai: Don wan! Later u ask me a few million how.
(told him to read the msg again)
IpohChai: sei dum dum

Susu san: Huh? How many? Wat happen to u ?
Me: Haih . Need money lo . Wuwuwu . How much ah . My dat msg got write ma . U read again .
Susu san: Ah!!!! Wat da.. Kena tipu liao.. Aiyo tis ah pa san very jahat wan.. Cheh.dun wan friend wif u liao.

ChingYong: Lol.. Haha. u wan for wat? How much?
Me: To err . To pay my acca fee . I very poor .
ChingYong: Lol.. Dont fake fake la.. Ask ur daddy la.. Acca fee they will pay
Me: i poor ma . wuwuwu . help me la . ok ? ekekeke .
ChingYong: Lol.. U sure one bor? How much o? Haha..
Me: err. u go scroll down the msg again. i got write how much i need . ty oh .

There are oni 2 persons who actually read the full message. They are our dear tkj, christine and hoehoe (one of my net fren). Congrats to them ohhh ..

Ahahaha .. This really shows how do normally people read a sms . So , do remember ya . Do scroll down make sure it is really end of the msg d . XD