Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Sneezing Birthday

27 July
Happy Sneezing Birthday to me!! Hahaha.. Cuz im sick on my bday.. So kelian horr... Thnx to HONG HONG lah.. BIG FAT ASS.. Anyway, roughly wat happen on my bday starting 12am is as following...

12am : 5 mins b4 12am, fat pig called me n wished me happy bday.. Then, kenny called me followed by my EX-ah lui, adelee.. hehe.. Besides, invisible wyn yan, shi fu(we we) sms-ed me too.. Cant really remember who sms me at that time as my hp has been sent to repair.. So, if i miss out any1 do forgv me! Anyway, others like my lou po, jun yao, hong hong, pt wished me in the msn.. Ty ty.. Then, i off9 n went to bed...

1am: mei-jean the loudspeaker n soh poh,han sms-ed me.. Ty ty.. Haha.. Fat pig oso sms me again.. So, chat with him till almost 2am i guess.. Then sleep

6.45am: William came n fetch me.. On the way, ronnie oso sms-ed me..

8am-2.30pm: Most of my classmates wished me.. Haha.. Happy happy.. Then, joanna gave me a card with wishes from frens... Ooo.. So touching.. Hehe.. Ty again!! During break, shi fu belanja me doughnut n cyndi belanja me tao fu fa.. Arigato guys!! After that, EX-ah lui brought the big piggy into class.. Wow..!! The piggy so cute!! Thnx all!! So, lou po help me to take photos with the piggy.. During p6, thnx to jun yao for telling ms shanta my bday, the class sang birthday song.. Haha... Ms Shanta asked me wat's my wishes n i said that hope that the class will b dismissed earlier.. She dismissed us by 5 mins earlier oni i think.. After class, the yo yo gang took pic with the piggy..

2.30 - 5pm: Had lunch at orange house.. Then play basketball n football.. Hahaha..

7-9++pm: had dinner with family at a restaurant at plazadamas (forget the name but was opened by eric tsang).. Had steamboat, "ma la huo guo".. Is very very very hot!! But is soooooooo nice.. Hehehe...

11++: At home. More sms from frens.. Too much to mention.. Sorry if i din mention ur frens ya.. Anyway, last person who wished me is kor kor.. He called me at around 11.50.. Haha.. He wana b the last person to wish.. Swt.. Oh ya.. oso thnx to kevin who is now in singapore.. Oso very happy to get ur msh.. ^^,

28 July

After class, went and fetch shin from skul... Met a lot of frens there.. So miss u all leh.. Anyway, then me, shin, kwan, n han went to secret recipe for lunch.. Nice nice!! Thnx gals for the lunch.. Hehehe..

That's roughly wat i had for my bday.. Really appreaciate it a lot.. Thnx to all my frens for giving me such a wonderful bday.. Ty ty!!
P.s: Pics will be uploaded in the next blog as the BOING BOING HONG HONG wans all the pics...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Countdown Countdown.. ^^,

Countdown Countdown.. ^^,

The time display on my com is 11.27pm.. wohoo.. half an hour more will be my 18th birthday.. Nothing to do but chatting with my frens.. They all siao.. So funny lah.. Hahaha... Anyway, quite happy although having a bad flu now.. 1st, Daniel wished me Happy Birthday in Advance.. (must rmb it).. Then, when on9, aun aun tell me that he will coming back and study back at sunway college!! wohooo!! so happy!! miss him miss him!! hehehe.. Dun misunderstood oh.. Then, fat pig sms-ed me a picture msg with a cake.. Hehe.. So nice.. Ty ty.. Hehehe.. Then, now im here typing this blog.. ^^,

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Homework Homework!!!

Homework Homework!!!

It's been a long time since i post my last blog.. Haih.. Due to wat.. Homework!!! Aarrgghhh... This sem is terrible.. Is like no difference with secondary skul life.. Everyday sure got homework 1.. The worst part for P8 is that not oni a few but u got to do about 7 essays.. with 2 sets (1 draft n 1 complete ans).. ee yerrr... Im so lazy to do lah.. Until now oso havent touch yet.. Sob sob.. Who did d?? Pls scan the ans n send it to me!!! Ty.. Hahaha...

Yesterday v had 7 hours brake in between due to the stupid computer class which is at 6pm.. =.=! So, after class at 11am, me, tkj, we we, cyndi, william,adelee, pei ting, n pei chin, 8 of us went to the Rumah Hope to get more info for our community service (Moral Studies = another stupid sub).. After that, me,tkj,we we n adelee went to midvalley n ate pizza.. Shi fu,we we teached me about pizza as well as plate.. (Pic below).. After pizza, v walk around with no mission.. Then, go carefour bought junk food to bring to Rumah Hope to give to the kids.. After that, went to cyndi's house to put all the things in his house and 4 of us slept for about half an hour.. Adelee slept the most.. Once reach the bed, straight doze off.. =.=".. Pig la u.. Hahaha.. Anyway, dat is how we spent our 7 hours for nothing..

Shi fu said this is the pizza which look like a feet

Shi fu told me that this is the plate and also menu where u can choose the food..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Aiyoyo.. At first also dowan think so much of my P3, P4, n P5 result de.. But then, when having dinner with my family as today is my mummy's bday.. "Happy Birthday Mummy!!".. Heheh.. Anyway, when we were talking about me getting the scholarship.. Then, my dad remind me that all my result need to keep it properly as the BNM will follow up with my results.. As i remember, most scholarships, if u did not do well in ur exams in college o U, they can terminate your scholarship.. OMG!! When dad reminded me that, i was like "uh oh".. I did quite badly in my last sem.. Shit!! I wan my scholarship!!! Wuwuwuwuwu.. Pls Pls Pls.. Let me pass my P3, P4, n P5.. *Pray hard*.. Pls pls pls.. Sometimes, getting a scholarship is not really a good news cause there's actually a lot of terms & conditions to be fulfilled and u must keep ur good grades till the very end.. Oh gosh.. U think getting a scholarship is easy?? Think twice.. Hahaha...

*My Offer Letter*

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Happy... Wohoo...

Happy Happy.. Wohoo...

Guess what.. =.=! Now im in college library typing this blog.. Hahaha.. Sien nya.. Class start at 11.30am and now only 10.50am(according to the com's time).. Anyway, the best and happy part is i got my Bank Negara's full scholarship!! Yesh!! I got it!! According to daddy all my fees will be covered.. Beside that, i will get allowance every month i think.. Yes!! Money money!! Hahaha.. Today i will get my offer letter as daddy will happy to take.. Then, only i can confirm with all the offers as well as term and conditions which 1 of them as i know is that i need to work with Bank Negara.. Nvm lah.. After graduate. no need to worry about looking for new jobs mah.. Hahah.. ^^, Dowan type so much lah.. Wana go see what my frens doing d.. Tata

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

New Sem New Class But Old Friends ^^,

New Sem New Class But Old Friends ^^,

Yesterday (3rd of July), was the start of my 2nd sem.. Oh my god.. 3 weeks of holiday is like just a blink of an eye and is gone!! Oh my god.. I wan more holiday!! So that i can play more GB!! Hahaha... Anyway, now our group 2 is combined with group 1 and is a big class... Haiz..First day still ok lah.. Attended P7 & P8.. Dunno lehh.. Still don't have the mood to study.. Hahaha.. Then. today got back my car!! Yay!! Happy.. Tml can drive to college d.. But still car pool with William lo.. Can save up a lot of petrol oil ah.. Hahaha.. I think im crapping cuz i actually dunno what im writing as my head is thinking of something else.. ^^ Haiz...