Friday, July 22, 2011

Le Shan, China

After flying back from Jiu Zhai Gou to Chengdu, we then continue our journey after resting a night in Chengdu at this 7 star boutique hotel I would say (review will be given later) to the most saint place especially for Buddhist people, Leshan and Er Mei Shan.

Let's start with Le Shan today.

Leshan might not ring any bell to you. But I pretty sure if you see the picture below, you'll definitely seen it before. I think I can safely say it is one of the most iconic of China.

Yes, it is the famous Le Shan Big Buddha.

One of the regret at here is that we chose to take a ferry boat ride and not walk to be near to the Big Buddha. Anyway, it is still a magnificent view. =)

Le Shan is worth to drop by for a day trip before continuing to Er Mei Shan. I would love to go back there and trek around the Big Buddha the next time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

From Ipoh, We Eat All The Way Back to KL

From previous post [CLICK HERE], we continue our nom-nom activity the next day before heading back home.

So, our day start with the following foods

The famous Foh San Dim Sum

Then, we went here for some dessert to be brought home 

Oopss .. No picture on the yummy egg custard. It was yummy with the coffee gravy in it .. Must try if you are here in Ipoh.

As usual for people who go to Ipoh will buy this brand of biscuits as souveniors ..

Before leaving the town, we manage to stop by a temple for a quick prayer.

Then then,

We drive all the way until we reach Bidor for the famous Duck Noodles. Yum ~~

After lunch and with the hot sun, we decided to drive straight back to KL without any stopping. 

However, our activity don't just end here. We manage to have a surprise for our beloved Kwan. 

Yes, we quietly planned to give her a birthday surprise by telling her we need to stop by at Shin's house to pass her some of the things while Shin was making some tarts and muffins as her birthday treat. =D

The happiest girl for the day

and finally a complete group pic of us =D


OH OH !!!

Do you want to see our "souveniors"?? XD



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Sungkai, We Eat All the Way to Ipoh

It all began with us having our 2011 annual plan. One of the activity to be planned was to be on the labour day, 1st May where it falls on a Sunday, thus we have another additional day off on Monday.

Two week before the happening ...

"So, where are we planning to go next week?"
"Let's go Genting"

One week later,

"Don't want Genting la"
"Oh, so where?"
"What about Sungkai, i've never been to the Hot Spring"
"No problemo.. What about we go to Ipoh to stay for a night as well??"

One night before the day,

"Cannot book all hotels in Ipoh leh !"
"Anywhere out of Ipoh"
"Seems like full too"
"omg omg .. so how ?!"

So, initially our Plansss are ...
Plan A: Go to Sungkai, drive to Ipoh and try our luck if there's any hotel room available
Plan B: As Plan A BUT if no room, drive back to KL and go clubbing and stay in KL's hotel ...

OK OK ... I just want to illustrate how LAST MINUTE are we always .. LOL ..

So our journey begin ...

Yay! The Happy Faces =D

Our dedicated job position ...

Driver Han

Assistant Driver

Us, the passenger cum photographer cum financial controller

Our first stop obviously is ...

Rendam kaki yang kewangian kita ~~~

The best part of Hot Spring that I loved most is ..

A memory shot to some long story behind ... Not to be told .. XD

If you are wondering why my head so senget .. Simply because I was on phone .. LOL

After showering, we headed to Sungkai town for a quick lunch ...

This is the only crowded restaurant there but honestly it is not that fantastic and kind of expensive too

Our first chicken dish .. "yim kok gai"

Then then ... we took the trunk road which we passed by the few famous towns before reaching to Ipoh .. However, we then decided to leave the few town like Bidor, Gopeng etc for the next day PROVIDED we found a hotel in Ipoh

Sorry for the messy hair .. Just woke up from nap =P

2nd chicken of the day - Curry chicken wrapped bread

Kampar street

After reaching Ipoh, we stop by few hotels and check with hotel receptionist for availability of the rooms .. We were quite disappointed at first because we have negative response .. Luckily, we found this hotel

It's a budget hotel and it's not that bad and the price is reasonable

View from our room

After refreshing ourselves, which is just 2 hours after our previous chicken, we head out for our 3rd chicken meal for the day ..

Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

Look at the crowd of this restaurant ...

All the people standing out there is actually waiting for a table and it was a rainy night .. During the trip in Ipoh, I've learnt something when you go to these famous restaurant ..

In order for you to get a table, you have to do this ... I am serious ...

The night doesn't end here .. we actually went to ..


Then, a friend suggested us to go here ..

Tong Sui Street


We also "da bao" char kuey teow and rojak back to hotel for our so called supper .. 

We ended the night with .. But all of us are really bloated and sleepy to finish this game .. Kekekeke ..

Ok Ok ...
I know those who manage to read until here must be mouth full with saliva already ... And since the post is getting longer, I shall the Day 2 FOODS for the next post .. Ngek ... XD