Friday, May 30, 2008

My Idol

How many person that u know that would work so hard to pay for education fees ? I believe U could count it out there's how many . There mayb a lot but as for me , as far as i know not much people can do that . It's not easy . I admit that i myself would not be able to do that .

Working part time most of ur free day even on weekday ... Can u do that ????

There is this 1 person that actually managed to do that. He even joined RC (Red Crescent) as a volunteer first aider. I guess the best way to say is that he managed his time well. Isn't it ??

He really is my idol . He really is ...

Every time i look at him, talk to him, he made me realised that how fortunate i am as i am able to study and use the moneys without any financial problem to worry about.

He's someone so special that i promised myself that i would appreciate him and his sincerity. ^.^

A drawing draw by me who so seldom draw for my mr.idol hoping he would stay strong.
"Even if one day U r feeling tired, don't worry, take a rest. I'll be there to support U"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Motivation needed !!!!

Grrrrrr ... Sleep more than Study
That is what im doing these days..
Oh god ..
Help me ..
Need motivation ...
Anything that can motivate to study for the finals rather being excited for the holidays ?
Hmmmmmm ...

I even had the time to edit a background for my friendster =.=! Anyway , quite satisfy with my edit .. Heeeeee

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Distraction everywhere

Roar !!!!!!! Distraction everywhere !!! How to study ni !!!!!!

At home,
wana study at living room, but got there's distraction from the TV
wana study in the room, but there's no space for my table
studied on the bed, but felt asleep not long after that

Decided to go McD to study with Wei Da thinking there should be more peaceful
Who on earth knows there so much kids running everywhere
Haih .. But at least got study some larh

Hope tonight I can study more lu..
GAMBATEH !!!!!! GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Inside the cellar where father locked daughter for 24 years and repeatedly raped her

Confession: Josef Fritzl says he locked his daughter in a cellar for nearly 24 years

This is the man who today confessed that he imprisoned his daughter in an underground chamber for 24 years and fathered her seven children.

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, was raped repeatedly since being lured into the dungeon built below the family home in a small Austrian town. Police said she had been "broken" by the experience.

Josef Fritzl, 73, admitted to police that all the children were his.

Three of them - Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, and Felix, five - were held captive with their mother in a series of windowless rooms and never saw the sunlight until they were freed on Saturday.

Incredibly, three others, Alexander, 12, Monika, 14, and Lisa, 16, were raised in the home by Fritzl and his wife. They were adopted by the couple and went to school, leading apparently normal lives.

The other child, a twin, died shortly after birth and the body burned by Fritzl in a boiler. Detectives today revealed details of the complex of rooms where Elisabeth was held since August 1984.

The three children kept prisoner with her were born there and are thought to have spent their entire lives underground.

Franz Polzer, head of the criminal investigations unit in the province of Lower Austria, said: "He has now said that he locked up his daughter for 24 years and that he alone fathered her seven children and that he locked them up in the cellar."

The case echoes that of Natascha Kampusch who was kept in a cellar by a paedophile in Vienna for eight years from the age of 10 until she escaped last year.

Police are now trying to discover how Fritzl managed to keep his daughter as a sex slave without the apparent knowledge of his 60-year-old wife Rosemarie at the three-storey house in Amstetten, 80 miles west of Vienna.

Elisabeth was this afternoon said to be suffering from a serious physical condition which was deteriorating.

Elisabeth, who was described as pale and malnourished with hair that had turned white, has told police she was held captive since shortly after her 19th birthday, having been abused by her father since the age of 11.

Detectives said she appeared "greatly disturbed" during questioning. She agreed to talk only after authorities assured her she would no longer have to have contact with her father and that her children would be protected.

Fritzl, an electrical engineer, had built a series of connected chambers, less than six feet high, behind a concealed door at the house.

The chambers had areas for sleeping, cooking and washing. Investigators said the basement labyrinth even contained a padded cell.

They refused to show pictures of rooms where the children had been born and hwere the four slept. It is believed the complex extended out beneath a plot of land at the rear of the family home.

Elisabeth Fritzl, left, as a teenager and Monika, 14, one of her daughters allowed to leave the dungeon

The only door to the complex was controlled by an electronic lock that only he knew the code for. Fritzl was arrested yesterday and the children have been taken into care.

His wife told detectives she was unaware of the imprisonment and years of sexual abuse taking place in the basement. Amazingly, the couple also rented rooms to lodgers who failed to notice that anything was amiss.

The three imprisoned children were taught to read and write by their mother with Fritzl passing clothing and food through a hatch. A tube provided ventilation.

Their extraordinary captivity only ended when Kerstin fell seriously ill and had to be taken to hospital nine days ago. Police said the 18-year-old had been "surprised" when Fritzl allowed her to go to the hospital.

It was the first time she had left the dungeon.

Doctors found a handwritten note in unconscious Kerstin's pocket. It was from her mother — begging medics to save her daughter.

Baffled by the illness, the hospital launched an appeal for missing Elisabeth to come forward and provide her medical history. Fritzl freed Elisabeth and the other two children. Kerstin remains in a coma.

Today police said that when he was arrested, he initially said "nothing" although he was now co-operating with officers.

"He led a double life for 24 years," said Mr Polzer. "The family lived upstairs. He had children with his own daughter who lived downstairs.

"He did not want to give any details to officers who investigated it."

Mr Polzer said of the underground chamber: "There are a number of rooms. Everything is very, very narrow and the victim herself, the mother of these children, told us that this was continually enlarged over the years."

Police are looking at planning records to see if Fritzl ever notified authorities about the building work.

Fritzl had fooled the authorities over the years by telling them that his " missing" daughter had mysteriously returned on three occasions - in 1993, 1994 and 1997 - to dump three children on his doorstep.

He claimed each time she had left a note saying she was unable to look after them and persuaded authorities she had left to join a cult.

Fritzl and his daughter were picked up on Saturday close to the hospital where Kerstin is being treated.

He kept Elisabeth prisoner by telling her the cellar was booby trapped to explode if she attempted to escape.

Police took the retired electrician with them to discover not just the secret opening to the underground cell, which only he knew, but to slowly,carefully gain entrance because of the fear of hidden explosives.

The small, keyless door to the dungeon, barely three feet high and two feet wide, was concealed in a workshop in part of the cellar by a shelf filled with cans of paint and other containers.

"Behind the shelf was a door made of reinforced concrete, secured electronically and running on steel rails," said local police official Heinz Lenze.

"Only the suspect ( Fritzl) knew the code."

Once inside astonished police found a labrynth of tiny rooms and tight, narrow stone-lined passageways, with uneven floors and a ceiling no higher than 5ft6ins, that was continually renovated and enlarged over the years as Fritzl's "family" grew.

The retired electrical engineer, desperate to keep his evil plan secret, dug out much of the basement with his bare hands, making regular trips to local building suppliers for materials. Foam insulation was liberally applied as an effective means of sound-proofing.

"It was a prison which he installed with skill and energy," said Mr Lenze.

The only source of light for Elisabeth and the children was a harsh striplight overhead.

Quite aside from the appalling mental damage, doctors are also concerned to discover what damage has been done to their eyesight after a prolonged period underground.

A television, video recorder and a large radio were their only contacts with the outside world - apart from the hatch through which Fritzl passed them food that was cooked on 'small hot plates' on an ancient cooker, and clothes.

Some toys, paper and glue were also found in the dungeon to provided some distraction for the young captives. Their handwork can clearly be seen in the photo of the bathroom where, in an effort to alleviate their unimaginable torment, various poignant children's drawings adorn the wall.

Mr Polzer said: "The lives of the three children in the cellar is in no way comparable with the lives of their three siblings.

"Since the day they were born they have never seen the light of day. They never had any doctor to care for them when they were sick.

"They learned to speak from their mother in isolation. They were pale, and experienced having to be nearby during the ordeal their mother was put through."

The case has prompted widespread disbelief in Austria over how such abuse could have been repeated - and why it went unnoticed for so long by the authorities.

"The entire nation must ask itself just what is fundamentally going wrong," the newspaper Der Standard said today.

Questions are being asked about how neighbours could have failed to notice what was happening.

This is one of a crazy thing that a man could do .. The world has really gone crazy. I got to know this news when i was browsing through XiaXue's blog. I am really really shocked and sad when i was reading about the story throught few sources in the net ...
This man is really a monster !!!!!!!! Rape case are everywhere that can be found but who on earth would even prisoned her own daughter for 24 years !!!! That's so insane. I believe that he will get his punishment from God ...

And i really hope that Elisabeth and her children's could have back their normal lives now. Hope they can stay strong to move on ... Sincerely praying for them ....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last EDC

This week as i mentioned would be the last EDC before the finals are approaching real soon. Today is the 2nd day of the P1 EDC and i can say that it's the EDC that write super lot . Now my finger oso got bit bengkak d. T.T

This post would be no pics uploaded as I am lazy to upload it now. It would be on the Wesak Day that has just passed . I'll be posting it when the EDC is over. But it also mean that i should 110% concentrate on my studies by then.

Really feeling stress now feeling like i know nothing at all . That's really worrisome. T.T

Someone pls motivate me or rather force me to stick my butt to the my chair and sink my head into all my notes and questions please ~~~~~

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pray for Them ...

Sichuan's Earthquake
It's really heartbreaking seeing and hearing news about the latest disaster of the Sichuan's earthquake in China.... Many lives has just been grab away and there is still people who are still to be found ..

We as a human being of this world, let us say a little prayer to those who has finally went back to the God's side and to those who are still to be found are safe ..

Help them with just a prayer . Help them with just a small donation .. A little from each individuals meant a lot to them .. So, do help them . Donate clothes if u have any . Donate money if u think that's the best way to help them .

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mum's Day + So Po Han's Burfday

Someone actually complained that im being lazy to update blog .. Im like update blog once a week. Sorry larh .. 1 week of 10 hour classes . Reach home also half dead d .. T.T

So here goes my once a week of blog .. i'll try my very best to update everyday even it's just 1 single line. Hee ...

May 11th 2008
Last Sunday was a very special day for every mom in this whole wide world ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mama out there. As for me, early in the morning being a good girl at least for once woke up early than usual and treat daddy and mummy dim sum . Ekekeke .. just the 3 of us ..... Then, at night, ah sou paid for the bills for the Red Box mother's day celebration. My family are a not bad singer ^.^

Just mummy and daddy . Love them much .. ^.^

Our dim sum

May 16th 2008
EDC/EFC for P3 has ended last Thurs. So, i have a long weekend of rest from Friday to Monday before the last EDC of P1 starts on Tues. So on Friday, kwan, shin and da came to my house to see shin's pic when she went to China. I've no idea what's so funny that i wrote in the sms telling my fren at my house seeing pictures that make someone laughed =.= Ish ish !

As usual, i'll not be the one entertaining them when my frens at my house. It'll be mum's jobs unless she is tired. So, as usual i just sat down there listen to them talk. Hahahahaha .. Oso dunno my fren came to look for me or my mama . Ish .

4 of us without Han went for dinner near Kepong Metro Prima. Went to a shop with a not so nice food. So, din planned to take pics of it. Cuz it's not nice ! Hahahaha .. Just so-so only larh. After that, just 1 street away, there is this shop where they sell err .. like snow ice that type. Cant rmb the english name of the shop. It is a small shop but the food taste not bad especially the Chocolate strawberry snow ice. Yummy !!!!!!

The shop's logo

Mango snow ice (Rank 2)

Watermelon and lychee with pudding at below . (Rank 3)

The best among the 3 we ordered . Chocolate strawberry . (Rank 1)

May 17th 2008
Had been lazying in the morning. Then went out in the afternoon to buy Han's birthday cake. Found a super creamy mocha cake .. Ekekekekekek...

Out of house at around 9pm and fetch all of them before heading to 1u. Reached there at around 10.30pm. Tried to GSC but most of the movies are selling fast. So, decided to try TGV. Most of the shops there has already close. Reach TGV, bought The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at 11pm.

Bought popcorns and drinks before going into the cinema. We are really so 38 that we actually can be shouting in the cinema and laughing away before the previews and advertisement begins. SS and ss all the way till the lights were dim.

The movie is great and there's some part that is really touching. U don't really have to watch the 1st one to watch this movie although u would have better understanding if u have watched the previous part.

After movie .. we did really really out of norm things ... ^.^

Us in my car while waiting for So Poh Kwan to come down from her house

Us with our popcorns, drinks and terbalik mister potato

Yean n Han

Yean - Han - Da

Yean & Han again

So, what's the out of norm thing? Well, let me continue my story ...

After the movie, we had trouble in finding our ways back to my car as i park at new wing while we were at old wing. And everyone is closed. So, me and da had to walk back to the car 1st before Han saw her little surprise.

The condition of 1u at 1.30am

So Lou Da

After walking for about 10mins, at last we got to my car .... So, took out the cake and try to find for a place to put the cake on . Luckily there was this security counter opposite us. So, decided to put the cake there.

So Lou Da quietly set up the cake while peeping whether has the other 3 gals come

Yay ! The SUPER CREAMY cake !!!!

When we are ready, I called kwan saying that they can come over now to the car. Han still dunno wat is actually happening. When they reach my car, i pushed han towards in front. She was surprise with the cake where Da is standing and feeling a bit embarrassed too . Heeeee ... There was actually lots n lots of people saw our crazy doings as that time, i guess there's movie just finished in GSC.

Han and her cake at the security counter

The cake cutting session

After effects of cake smashing

Bo song geh Han and Shin

Saddy Han

Just us at the Carpark at 2 in the morning

Last but not least .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO POH HAN !!!! I LOVE U !

Not forgetting to wish our dearest Steven Ooi, Happy Birthday too ^.^ Steven and my so poh were born in the same year same month and same day .. ^.^

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Journey to The Curve -.-!

Was suppose to have a movie at 1U .. Then, suddenly Shin suggested to watch it at Cineplex. So headed there . This time the so po gang is minus so po kwan plus TLL . Well , so this is 2 guys and 3 guys but still is my darling driving cuz my bro drove my car to work .. Sad ...

Reached there, most of us have not eaten so went around looking for food. At first wanted to have it at "Apartment" but when we see the menu, dunno wat to order and it's quite expensive as it's too late too have a heavy dinner. So ended up having McDonald's while So Lou Da went to see any movies.

Din get to watch any movies as the next shows are mostly at 11something. It's too late for darling to drive alone at so late. So, at 1st we take away the McD , then end up eating there. After that, dunno is it that we are addicted to pool, so we went 1 round of pool before going home...

Oh ya, there seems to have a fashion show at The Curve and the stage's decoration look very nice and so we decided to SS there for awhile till the guard came at shoo us away as the shopping complex is closing at 12am ...

So, there u go with our not so clear pics ....

Not so sure wat he's trying to pose

With so lou da

So Lou Da, me , Darling and TLL

Us again with so po han taking the pic

The 3 gals without so po kwan

Hmmmm ...

Cacated love shape .. Ekekekeke

SS while waiting someone and someone to pose

There goes the someone ... (1st try)

(2nd Try)

Us again with a cool look

Preferably this 1 .. ^.^

Oh Yeah .. Just So Poh Han driving Darling's Big Car .. ^.^

The funniest part that happen today is ....

Normally the girls would usually get a phone call from our parents asking wat time are we going back while so lou da won't get such calls. What happened today is , we girls did not get the call while he get the call from his mama asking gone to where .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ..

Monday, May 5, 2008

So Poh's Outing

Thanks a million times to all my reader who concerned about my previous post . Thank you Thank you .. I really appreciate a lot ... And Im so alright now. That is also thanks a lot to my dear so pohs as they cheered me up when outings and hua hua lu .. Ahahahaha ....

I guess i'll have to postpone my post on TKJ birthday and the bowling as my darling shin shin wanted me to post on this so much .. Ekekekeke .. So for my darling , i will post this 1st ...

2nd May 2008

4 So Poh and 1 So Lou went to The Curve's Red Box to celebrate so poh kwan's birthday. As usual, sing sing sing . Sing to the max and the very first time hear So Lou singing . Ahahaha . Not bad marh u sing . So, next time go sing k dun shy shy to sing d larh . ^.^

I guess it's the 1st time we had a cake for so poh kwan .. Ekekekeke .. So pai seh neh .

Then, we went to the Cineleisure to have a few rounds of pool . On the way up, at the ground floor, the TREN dancing academy was having a promotion and performance. It was cool to see those guys dance so good and yeng. But the girls .. Hmmm .. I guess most of them are just beginner i guess. The funniest part is, those learners that we saw, mostly are from KB aka Kepong Baru (that's how we used to call our skul , KB). I want to learn ! RM50/month .. Who want sponsor me :P

So Poh Kwan with her birthday cake

Wishing for a leng zhai

Cake cutting ceremony

And the cake smashing ceremony

The birthday girl after being smashed :P

Still look so leng lui ...

My darling shin

My No 1 Blur So Poh Han

So Lou Da

Just us

Yay ! The 4 Besties ... I really got no idea why is my hair so pong pong ...

Will leave it up to ur imagination

Too happy d oh ....

Yer . My darling kau zhai T.T

He wanted to change a new pose as primary photo . What u guys think ? Me ? No comment

Again .. Up to ur imagination ...

The friends that never leave me alone in this world

2nd Pose

3rd Pose

TREN production .. the dancing academy ! i want learn i want learn !!!!!!!

The Pool Session .......
So Lou teaching my dear so pohs how to play

3rd May 2008

At night , darling shin suddenly msn me asking me whether want to go to ss2 Murni for yum cha session. I was like .... "U ok bo?" Suddenly go there yum cha . Then , she said that she need to fetch her leng zhai cousin and leng lui cousin back to hostel in sunway. So, i agreed to go with her and another 2 so poh oso joined us.

This time of course darling drove lu .. I really dunno why hor . Everytime she drive, i'll ended up laughing till stomach bloated . Ish ish >.<

Reaching SS2 Murni

The famous Roti Hawaii

Me and My darling's drink ...
Pink Panther = Strawberry + Banana .. Not bad larh .. But a bit too big

After that, we headed to sunway to fetch darling's cousin back to hostel lo . 1 is studying in monash and another 1 in taylor's college. So Poh Han drove darling's car back as shin shin does not really know the way out. So, han offer to drove the big car :D

So Poh Han driving ...
Still can pose while driving . Ish ish ...

That's all for today ^.^

Nightmare is coming .... RAWR !!!!!
3 weeks with 4 days of 10 hours classes consecutively each week .. Wah Lau !!!!! Omitaba ...