Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mum's Day + So Po Han's Burfday

Someone actually complained that im being lazy to update blog .. Im like update blog once a week. Sorry larh .. 1 week of 10 hour classes . Reach home also half dead d .. T.T

So here goes my once a week of blog .. i'll try my very best to update everyday even it's just 1 single line. Hee ...

May 11th 2008
Last Sunday was a very special day for every mom in this whole wide world ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mama out there. As for me, early in the morning being a good girl at least for once woke up early than usual and treat daddy and mummy dim sum . Ekekeke .. just the 3 of us ..... Then, at night, ah sou paid for the bills for the Red Box mother's day celebration. My family are a not bad singer ^.^

Just mummy and daddy . Love them much .. ^.^

Our dim sum

May 16th 2008
EDC/EFC for P3 has ended last Thurs. So, i have a long weekend of rest from Friday to Monday before the last EDC of P1 starts on Tues. So on Friday, kwan, shin and da came to my house to see shin's pic when she went to China. I've no idea what's so funny that i wrote in the sms telling my fren at my house seeing pictures that make someone laughed =.= Ish ish !

As usual, i'll not be the one entertaining them when my frens at my house. It'll be mum's jobs unless she is tired. So, as usual i just sat down there listen to them talk. Hahahahaha .. Oso dunno my fren came to look for me or my mama . Ish .

4 of us without Han went for dinner near Kepong Metro Prima. Went to a shop with a not so nice food. So, din planned to take pics of it. Cuz it's not nice ! Hahahaha .. Just so-so only larh. After that, just 1 street away, there is this shop where they sell err .. like snow ice that type. Cant rmb the english name of the shop. It is a small shop but the food taste not bad especially the Chocolate strawberry snow ice. Yummy !!!!!!

The shop's logo

Mango snow ice (Rank 2)

Watermelon and lychee with pudding at below . (Rank 3)

The best among the 3 we ordered . Chocolate strawberry . (Rank 1)

May 17th 2008
Had been lazying in the morning. Then went out in the afternoon to buy Han's birthday cake. Found a super creamy mocha cake .. Ekekekekekek...

Out of house at around 9pm and fetch all of them before heading to 1u. Reached there at around 10.30pm. Tried to GSC but most of the movies are selling fast. So, decided to try TGV. Most of the shops there has already close. Reach TGV, bought The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at 11pm.

Bought popcorns and drinks before going into the cinema. We are really so 38 that we actually can be shouting in the cinema and laughing away before the previews and advertisement begins. SS and ss all the way till the lights were dim.

The movie is great and there's some part that is really touching. U don't really have to watch the 1st one to watch this movie although u would have better understanding if u have watched the previous part.

After movie .. we did really really out of norm things ... ^.^

Us in my car while waiting for So Poh Kwan to come down from her house

Us with our popcorns, drinks and terbalik mister potato

Yean n Han

Yean - Han - Da

Yean & Han again

So, what's the out of norm thing? Well, let me continue my story ...

After the movie, we had trouble in finding our ways back to my car as i park at new wing while we were at old wing. And everyone is closed. So, me and da had to walk back to the car 1st before Han saw her little surprise.

The condition of 1u at 1.30am

So Lou Da

After walking for about 10mins, at last we got to my car .... So, took out the cake and try to find for a place to put the cake on . Luckily there was this security counter opposite us. So, decided to put the cake there.

So Lou Da quietly set up the cake while peeping whether has the other 3 gals come

Yay ! The SUPER CREAMY cake !!!!

When we are ready, I called kwan saying that they can come over now to the car. Han still dunno wat is actually happening. When they reach my car, i pushed han towards in front. She was surprise with the cake where Da is standing and feeling a bit embarrassed too . Heeeee ... There was actually lots n lots of people saw our crazy doings as that time, i guess there's movie just finished in GSC.

Han and her cake at the security counter

The cake cutting session

After effects of cake smashing

Bo song geh Han and Shin

Saddy Han

Just us at the Carpark at 2 in the morning

Last but not least .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO POH HAN !!!! I LOVE U !

Not forgetting to wish our dearest Steven Ooi, Happy Birthday too ^.^ Steven and my so poh were born in the same year same month and same day .. ^.^

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