Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ... I am fat ...

and yes !! i am fat =(

Forcing myself to go to gym everyday to workout at least half an hour !!!! HMPH ...

I know some ppl would say working out for an hour, it's a no problem to anyone (including the fat people). I know i know. I always tried myself very hard to stay on with my work out for an hour. But I just have this breathing difficulty if I suddenly over stress myself in work out. I really don't want to faint on the spot. Because many a time, I would feel dizzy after sweating a while.

They say this is just psychological thinking. So, I always tell myself that Im just being lazy and refuse to work out, that's why I have self-made-symptom telling me that I should stop. I don't know. But I will push myself further each time I go into the gym. I hope I can run longer and longer each time. =]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie: Alice in Wonderland | Felicia in Lalaland

Today, feeling so damn tired and sleepy, went to watch Alice in Wonderland with a colleague of mine. I was not too anxious about the story line as I would expect it to be very much similar to what we have been watching in cartoon since young. I wanted to watch just because Johnny Depp. Although he's not the main star, rather just a co-star, he really shine a lot. He has this absolute talent that whatever character that is thrown to him, he can perform it superbly.

Anne Hathaway did well as The White Queen too.

Oh oh . and The Red Queen ( Helena Bonham Carter) with her BIG head .. HAHAHA ...

I shall not elaborate further about the movie to avoid killing the suspense for readers of mine who has not watch the movie.

And now

Your sincerely will be starring in the movie named "Felicia in Lalaland" XD

Good night folks !!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hong Kong + Macao

I know I promised to post about my Hong Kong trip. The pictures mostly are uploaded in FB, so anyone of you can go to my profile and have a look of it. If not, below are some of the pictures that I've taken.

I went to HK during Christmas, although it's so crowded with humans, it is still a wonderful trip. We also went over to Macao for a walk but similarly , it is so crowded that we wasted quite a lot of time in travelling by ferry as well as couldn't really enjoy the nice scenary. Anyway, I would love to cut my story short and just enjoy the pictures .. =D

Our very first morning at Kowloon

The very famous milk tea

Ma breakfast

Hong Kong Disneyland

@ Macau

The very famous pork bun

Symbolic of Macau

Night life of Hong Kong

Ngong Ping


Madamme Toussade , Wax Museum

The Tram to The Peak