Sunday, March 14, 2010


Since the day I bought my slr , I've been so into this photography. I really admire friends like Hong Hong Tan or just anyone who can take such beautiful landscape or portrait with just a click in seconds. Of course all of these, came with years of experience in playing with camera.

I really love being taken taking pictures. To me, pictures is like telling a story and it is also about capturing the bitter and sweet moments that you might be able to revisit it again. Before going into this slr, I take pictures more of for memories rather than as a hobby. Recently, maybe also because of the peer influence as well as the dslr trend, I am so into photography.

I admit I do not have the natural talent like some have. They can just take excellent pictures without all the special skills. But I am seriously into this photography as a hobby and interest. I hope in future, my blog could be turned into something useful i.e photoblog rather than just a dump blog with not much meaning and being so abandoned .. XD

Some of the photos that I have been taking recently .. Feel free to comment ba .. =D

Definitely not as nice as those experts ... But I am still learning .. Give me some time oh .. Promise will see my progress of my skills to a better photos and technics ..

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