Monday, September 29, 2014


The same old complain ...


I seriously miss writing nonsense and to share my travel experience with literally nobody .. *syok sendiri*

Well, I've struggling between updating here or in dayre which I can only update through phone. As much as I love to update about my every day boring updates there, but somehow I still prefer tapping away on a keyboard than on the phone ... :X And hence, I left my dayre to just merely stalking and I shall try to be back on track here .. :P

So so ...

From my last post *look back previous post* dated 19 July 2014.


2 months gone and let's see what i've done ok ..

- Celebrated my birthday away from home country in a very beautiful place named Hokkaido, Japan (I super promise will update about that)

- Came back and busy with nothing but work and procrastinating

- Always wanted to update on my travel but thinking I've need to chase the deadline for my photobook .. But yay, done on my Italy one completing the Europe 2011 series and now I've got to rush in completing the Hokkaido's one ... Huhuhuhu ...

- Been travelling to Shah Alam for work for the past one month. This week is the last week and thank god for that.. Damn tiring travelling more than an hour to and fro, providing it's a moving traffic after getting so used of just an half an hour journey to office including stucking in jam yo ...

- Have started intense yoga at Wern's place.. Starting to enjoy these intense workout although every time hurts me a lot .. T_T But yet again, so determined to shape up my body!!! Giving myself half a year to a year to see that physical change of myself at least back to my size in school days.. But well, I should also start to take care of my diet so that I can see the results better and faster .. :) *remind self*

- And oh back to short hair just cz I also don't know why .. :X

Pretty nothing much happening for the past 2 months except for my trip. Oh, going to BKK next month end :P I know many has gone to BKK and I just felt so left out T_T but anyway, finally making a trip!! WEEEEE ~~~~

Also, currently trying to sort things out in what do I want to do next in my life. And I've now sort of have clearer targets i.e. try to get a scholarship and further my studies overseas hopefully by next year.. So, wish me luck on that ok, to whoever is reading this.. Love you!!! :*

Still looking for good scholarships and Uni that I can consider.. Pls pls let me know if you have any good suggestions on where and how I can apply for a scholarship, ok? :D Best is those that don't need to be bonded one la .. :P

Once I'm done with my photobook, pwomise will update here with a more proper post on my long overdue travel post yah .. :D