Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drama: One Litre of Tears

Ivan introduced me this japanese drama entitled, "One Litre of Tears". While watching this show, I admit that I do really tears a lot almost every episode. It's a short drama with only 11 episodes.

What is it all about?

It's a true story based on the diary written by a 15 years old japanese girl. She was suppose to enjoy her life as a 1st year high school girl but she was told by doctor that she is having this disease. A disease that is incurable. I couldn't name the disease in english as the drama is in Japanese, obviously and the subtitles are in Chinese.

This disease affects the cerebellum of the brain which gradually deteriorates to the point where the patient cannot walk, speak, write, or even eat. In the end, he/she will only be sitting on the bed and pointing out words using a board where there is this "kanji" vowels to show what he/she wants to say it out. They seen to be like handicapped but their mind is still healthy. Just that they couldn't express it out.

After watching this show, I really couldn't believe that there would such kind of disease. It is really saddening. I mean having to undergo each step from not being able to walk to not being able to talk slowly, i mean this sickness will not happen in 1 days time, but it'll slowly goes bad like in years.

This story is all about Arya (the main character/the writer of the diary), how she face her everyday life after knowing that she got this sickness, how strong and optimistic she is. Besides, how strong and supportive is her mum and her family is really touches my heart.

I would not elaborate further in case some of you wants to watch it. I watched it using the pps. The title would be One Litre of Tears / 一公升的眼泪 . To those who doesn't know japanese plus not good in chinese, maybe watching through pps is not that good option. Im not sure whether there is other website that they do provide english subtitle. If any of you guys know, pls sure with me and others ya . =)