Monday, September 29, 2008

Outings with SPs

It is merely a copy paste from my So Poh Gang's Blog (click here)
If u link yourself there , there would be a more detailed 1 on my daddy's birthday celebration . :D
If not , u guys can just read it from here on my last birthday celebration that i promised to blog about as well as Han's sister's wedding dinner . Enjoy ^.^

Sorry for the late update .. Thanks to who .. ??? Hahaha .. Thanks to the 1 that hold my birthday pictures and dun want to release to the member lo .. :P U know i know can le .. WUKAKAKA ..

Lots of events had been going among the gang . So, i shall update to all our dear readers what has been going with us ^.^

26th July 2008
In the evening, yeanie and hannie went to kwanie's graduation . Took some pictures . (oh yeah , that reminds me ! Ah Kwan !!!! Where is the pictures !!!!!) And back home . Kwanie and Hannie said that there will be yum cha session at the night . So, alright . They was quite fishy back then =.=!

Well .. It is definitely a superbly birthday surprise to me lo .. Da , kwan and shin was outside of ma house . And han was no where to be seen which was kinda not the norm when she promised to go out at night . Well , did not think much of that . That 3 fellas asked me to make a wish worh . With the cake box that is closed . Super fishy !!!!! Well, i just did wat they say . I closed my eyes ... Before i wish for anything .. SPLASSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .. There goes yeanie in the cream . =.=!
Poor yeanie was so blur since she closed her eyes . Wet Wet .. Baru mandi saja hor !!! Well , that's not the end of it .. Da say wana take a ss pic for the 4 of us .. And there goes again ....

Han came out with the party sprayer or watever u called it .. And again .. Yeanie is full with chocolate strawberry smells =.=! Had to take a 2nd bath within an hour that night before we are able to go out for supper ...

Yeanie : Do i still look pretty in this new look ???

So, took a bath . Decided to use my car but Hannie be the driver . Still had a lots of suspicion inside Yeanie's head . Maybe she is just thinking too much ..

Went to Kim Gary, The Curve and have some foods there lo ... As usual SS goes on .. Did quite a lot of stupid things there . Still remember the foods that end up we were playing with it =.=!

Da and Hannie

The 4 Roses XD

Yeanie and her darling , Shin

Our daddy who take care his 4 daughters :D

Well , then i thought that would be the end for the night . Well , i don't think so .. Suspicion goes on in yeanie's head .. Hmmmmm

Kwan and Han was said to go settle the bill and say go toilet worh ...
So, left Da, Yean and Shin lorh ...
Then, da say go have a look on the 2 girls .. Alright , fine ...
Then, saw kwan was talking to the Kim Gary's waiter and pulled Shin out ..

YES !!!!!!! My sixth sense is right !!! Grrrr .. What are they up to next .. Dumping me alone looking so stupid sitting there =]

Then, that waiter came approach me and asked me to go the girl's toilet .. Geez .. Play until to the toilet arh ...
So, i just went in and see what they are up to next ....
Went to the last toilet ..
"Reserved for Kah Yean" that's what is written on a white paper .
Closed the door . The door sticks with the 2nd notes ... "Go to the boot of your car"

Wat the .. Now wants me to walk all the way back to the car park !!!!!!!!!!!
Grrrrrrr .. Fine , i'll walk !!!
Walked and walked alone back to my car .. Open the boot .. Another note ..
"Bring the cake to Helo's Cafe" .. Oh yeah .. Now wants the birthday girl to take her own birthday cake .. WUWUWUWUWUWUW !!!
Btw, now the Helo's Cafe is known as Heaven's Cafe ..
So, walked all the way back there .. When i was about to walk in ...
U know there was this singer singing there de ... And started to sing "Happy Birthday" song ..
One side , i was kinda embarrased as the girl announced that the song is for that yellow shirt girl who is walking in .. On another side , I am really touched and happy .. Seriously ....

But still ... I felt so wanna strangle all of them .. Ish ish. Anyway, that was the happiest moment in Yean's life .
At last .. the real birthday cake and a proper cake singing session .. :D

Note from Yean : Thanks my dear all SPs and Daddy .. Love u guys the most !!!!!!! MUAKS !!! How can i live without u guys ... =)

13th September 2008
An unforgettable and happy moments maybe not for us but for a newly wed couple ie Hannie's one and only elder sister . =)

We are really proud and with great pleasure that we are invited to the wedding dinner . As Hannie's ji mui ..... and errr .. daddy , of course must present ourselves nicely also .

In the morning, me, kwan and shin went Pyramid to shop around for "someone"s new clothe lu . We manage to do it within about an hour . Isn't we great ?? And another so poh things that we managed to do .. WUKAKAKAKKAAKAK !!!

Later on, fetch our daddy to my house to change clothes lorh . Then, my ah sou willing to help us to make up worh .. Ekekekeke .. There u go ...

Kwan kwan making up ..

while daddy helping shinshin to wear necklace .. Or lou gong helping lou po wear necklace ???
*better run before someone kills me :P*

After all set up, and so we headed to the restaurant at Jinjang there lu . We are considered to be the earliest beside Hannie and her college friends .

SS lorh .. Nothing to do marh ..

Oh yeah .. We are the receptionist .. "Can i help u???"

And oh yean .. Really love this candid of Han Han loads .. Ekekekek .... She is sho happy .. Looks more like her wedding nia :P

SS continues ....

The main actor and actress of the night !!!

Just the 4 Flowers again

The SPs Gang ...

14th September 2008
We were supposed to be the ji mui ... But most of us are not free . So only yean actually went to Han's house in the morning. It's the "chui san leong" day lorh .. Ekekeke .. Nothing much happen though ..

The busiest person for the ceromony

Paying respect to the bride's parents

Last but not least .. The Newly Wed Couple with your sincerely :D
Truly wish them Happy Together Forever

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Why things just don't seems right to me nowadays ??

Just want to stay in my dreams and never wake up
Tired of this reality life

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For A Moment

Me , YeanYean officially hates this sem till so far .. !!!

Time flies like nobody business . Lots of things happened . Most of it something i wished it would NOT happen !

ie . exam results, sick etc etc

And oh yeah .. Ur sincerely is now sick again .. With flu and cough again . She is so sorry to TKJ who sat beside her for every class that they attend . *slap selfs* Promise will recover before coming 6 hours class :D

For a moment, everything seems so blur to me . For a moment, I don't know what the heck am i doing on this earth . But really thanks a lot to my friends ie college + so po gang .. Without them , without all the activites that we / they organised , I really see my life as meaningless for a moment .

For a moment, I was like in the top of the world, in the gathering as if it's been a long time since we gather together . When the moment is gone, Im back to myself again .. Haih ...

Today in class , me and tkj was still figuring out when was the last time we sing k ...

And realised the last time was the time where TT treated us as he got world prize for F7 ..

Gosh .. That is sho long !!! As compared to last year ..

I really miss last year :(

Anyway, yesterday we had a steamboat birthday dinner celebrating the 4 pwetty girls ie YiWen, PeiLi, PeiTing and also YiLian .. ^.^ It was attended by most ppl this time round so far in this sem . But still sad cuz HongHong couldn't make it again . I MISS U LOU GONG !!!!!

*pics will be uploaded later*

Now it's time to get myself to bed .. geezzzz .. I hate cough at night .. Couldn't even rest well .. :(

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to September Babies

Half of the September is gone .. Stress is building up each day and yet im not taking any immediate action to it .. Grrr ..

Anyway, last week we had birthday celebration for ChingYong and PeiChin .. A belated birthday celebration lu . Since everyone was busy during the weekend and hard to arrange a best time for everyone . Even that night, there are friends who had to attend P2 night class couldn't join us . So, it is still not complete with everyone .

Glad to have TT who have started working to join us although he look tired . Gosh .. Just 4 days of working ady look so tired =.=! AHHHH !! I dun wana work !! LOL

Anyway, we just had a normal dinner at the F4 Restaurant with a birthday song singing . This time round , we din really played much on both of them . Maybe everyone was tired and bored with that d .. LOL

And you know what-you know wat-you know wat ??? *reminds me of Mr Marcus way of saying that when he tried to put a suspense on something =.=!*

Hahaha .. Mayb most of U had know it but i still want to say it here !!! LOL ..
The 1st time i saw her in the college that day , my 1st reaction was -->> from o.O to O.O
and i can't stop laughing thinking what PeiChin told me about PeiTing's haircut day story . LOL
WUKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA ... Tingting is sho cute .. Love her loads .. Muaks !!!

Na na na ~~ Let u see her pweety picture larh ...

Love this shots alot .. Haha !!

Anyway, before i end this post , would like to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PeiLi (12/9)
*just realise i never took a shot with PeiLi .. Will find a chance to take with her .. XD

LengLui YiWen .. Sweet gal she is

TingTing .. Also pweety she is ..

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mood : Laziness


今天和爸妈去了我的旧家看看,因为之前租给那位auntie,她已经搬走 了。所以家人决定把那间屋,装修过,才再租给别人。一切都差不多弄好了。所以就说去那边看看。真的自从我二年级那时搬来我这间家,我都再也没有踏进那旧家 了。今天回去,真的好多好多小时候的回忆,一一的在我脑海中参县出来。真的好怀念那时候的我。没烦恼的过每一天。



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Listen to the Rythm of the Falling Rain

Oo yeah .. It is definitely a rainy day today . It started to rain from the moment i wake up till now and it hasn't really stop raining . What a cold cold day today I am having ^.^ *miss ma bed so muchie*

Today didn't do much besides online, Friends for Sale (Facebook) and P1 =.=!
Gosh .. Took whole day just to study P1 .. Wah lau .. Im really really progressing so slow .. Ish ish

Anyway, it is yet another happy day .. Hahahaha

U guys really make up my day .. U know who u r :P Using the same nick and same style of talking !!!! Ish ish .. Love u guys !!! Muah !!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Piggy Pig ^(oo)^

Last Sunday went to Pasar Malam with ah T met up with dear SPs lu . Ekeke . As usual, the Sunday's pasar malam near my area is the biggest and normally is crowded with youngsters rather than families . So, is more of a teenagers things that is sold like clothes, toys, CDs, foods etc . Not like other Pasar Malam like near my house de , would sell fruits and vegetables . Nope . Youngsters don't buy foods and veges . LOL ..

While walking and bumping into peoples, we saw this stalls selling going-to-be-a-new-fashion thing . I don't know about that . But it looks very cute !!! And you know me .. Or no ? I was "shouting" , not that loud though like a kid, "SO KIUUUUTTT ~~" Hahaha .. According to the fella selling, there is 16 different types. So, me not caring what my fren like it or not, I started looking at the different figures.

And finally , Ah T got one for me . Hehehehe .. Tengkiu o ~~~~ It's really cute !!!

Nah .. Let u see la .. The colour will keep changing de . It look so beautiful when it is on in the dark . =D
"Piggy T is my name"

Beside this pig, they got Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Crayon Shin Chan, Rabit (another 1 of my favourite) .. That's all i manage to identified since there is also a lot of people looking at it . And some the lights is not turn on, so i can't really see what are they .

*took it when i off my bedroom light*

Isn't it kiut ?? Wukakaka ..
Someone says that I love weird weird stuff .. The thing must be WEIRD but CUTE .. Then only I will like ...
The piggy very weird meh ! Snoopy very weird meh !!!! Ish ..
Anyway one thing that is true is I LOVE CUTE THINGS .. Hahaha .. Whatever is cute, I would turn into 10 years old kid . LOL . That's how i think about me at least . Mayb im not .

Aarrghh .. Really need motivation to study . Should i go college whenever I have no class to study ? Or should I go someone's house to study so that I will not get distracted by those distraction I have in house . So, who can offer their room for me ?! Wukakakaka ...