Monday, November 24, 2008


OMG OMG ... One more week and the finals is here !!!!!! Gosh .. Why time flies .. I am still not that ready for the battle .. About 6 more days only for me to sharpen my weapons .. GOSH GOSH ...


Anyway , good luck to all ACCA-ians :D


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday , Lalagong

16th November 1988 , a young and cute boy has born into this world, bringing happiness and colourful life to his family as well as his friends till date .
He too has stepped into ma life for the 1st time in January 2006 .
Today, he will stepping into the world of 20s for the first time .

And yes , that is Mr Tan Siu Hong aka ma lalagong

For those who don't know about him , let me have a little introduction of him

He's a caring guy who cared for his family and friends and always be there for them

A guy who brings laughter to everybody . He would do just anything to see U smile

Oh yeah , he would even sacrifice his sexy shoulder just to make u laugh . He's a sexy boy too

He never missed out the fashion trend . Always up to date . He's good in sense of fashion

And how do i meet this lovely guy ??
It all started as i said , he step into ma life in January 2006, when i thought that college life is just another stage of study life . But he changed my thinking . He brought wonderful chapter of stories that can never finish writing in just 1 day or even 2 days . Many uncountable 1st time that we did together .

First time celebrating his birthday together with WeWe and EiLeen's birthday

First time watching a movie together

First time celebrating Lantern Festival together

First time enjoyed the 3D animation ride together and laughed the whole way through

First time go for a trip together

First time realising how evil his eye can be

First time staring at the sky together

There's too much of first time that we did together and all safely keep inside my head as well as my photo album =)

When i am sad , u r there for me . When u r down , dun forget , i am here for u too like u always been here for me .

If u need a shoulder to cry on , here is my shoulder always for u to lean on . And i know u did the same for me

Time passes fast as if it happened only yesterday

No matter how fast the clock is ticking , our story will never ends and it will continue .
No matter what ups and downs u and me are facing every seconds , we both know that we are there for each other .

And last but not least ,
I will never forget ur evil eyes because that makes u attractive =P


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Shopping

I guess this is the trend for all girls to do online shopping that even a lot of my friends getting into such business . Is it really that profitable ?? Well , i don't know as i am still not getting hot into it . U know, me having such size of body buying clothes from online .. Nah .. It's kinda a risky thing to do . And im not like other girls that wear whatever clothes also look nice on them =] Sad huh ..

Anyway, as way of supporting my friends, I have linked their sites at the left bar with the title "Online Shopping" . So, if u r the online shopaholic, please do support my friends ya ^.^ Have a click and have a look on what they've got for u :D

Have fun shopping by clicking around XD

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday honghongtan showed me a youtube video . When i first watch it amazed already . Today me watched again .. And link to everywhere i can to watch others . And i found there's actually a whole list of the amazing videos ..

He is known as SinginDork (get to know from his YouTube profile) . He has an amazing voice . :D Here are some of his lovely voice with his original songs by him , i guess . And oh ya ~! He's quite cute , isn't it ? XD

Anywhere (Original)

Show You The World (Original)

Michael Buble - Everything

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

These are just some of his singings . Out of the few songs above , i loved the Show You The World very very very much ... :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weird Things about ME

HongHong Tan tagged me where I have to list 7 weird things about myself ... Hmmm .. Let me see .. 7 weird things about meself . I don't really know how to define the word "weird" . So, following are something that I think it's weird or unusual thing about me lorh ..

Me ain't a shopaholic like any other womens loved to do in their everyday life
Really .. I really don't like shopping like any other girls do unless I have purpose for going a shopping , like i need clothes after sometime or going shopping with friends . Even if go shopping , I won't really look at things , whatever things , just walk walk walk for no purpose XD But i really love seeing my friends shop for things and give them my opinion . HAHAHA .. Guys normally say Im weird cuz i rarely walk into shops except for toy shops mayb :D

Me love cute and weird things
Well , this is what people commented on me .. I love cute things but it must be weird enough that i would actually say it's cute .. HAHAHA .. Not sure neh ..

Me hardly gets angry
Try anything on me . U would hardly see me gets into anger . The most u see is me crying . But even that, only my family sees me cry only . Nobody else .. La la la ~~~

Me hate horror movies
Although i know it is just movies , but still NO NO NO ~!! I am so not gonna watch such things . Or even play these games ! NO NO NO ~!

Omg .. I really can't think of what weird things that I have in me .. Why don't u guys tell me how weird can I be ?? =P

Month of Revision

P4 EDC has finally ended and without realising , now is already the 2nd day of November . GOSH ~! There's about 30 days to go before my finals .. I really need to buckle up . The revision for P4 had been a good revision and a great reminder for me as to which topics that I needed to pay more attention . And oh god , I really need to do more readings .. Oh please , Mr Bob Ryan , don't make it too difficult ya and please please whatever U wrote for the article , do come out as a Q .

Anyway , last Tues not forgetting that I also had a company visit to Ernst & Youngs at the Menara Milenium situated in Pusat Bandar Damansara . Which also where the Helps College is . Well , don't really have much comment on it . Maybe because every company definitely would be highlighting the good side of them only and besides , most likely I'll be working with BNM . So, went just to see how an audit firm looks like beside having a free lunch . XD

Dear readers , really really bare with me till my exams end ya .. I myself also had a lot of things to blog about , like my brothers birthday etc .. So, please bear with me till December o =P Hope you guys are still here refreshing my page patiently . I would try my best to have some small or random updates , ok ??

And oh ya ~!!!
I found this website , PhotoFunia ( click here ) where you are able to upload ur pictures and put into frames (not sure whether is it the appropriate terms) .. And it's look kinda cool and i think it's kinda popular thing to do around as I see many peoples also used that :D I tried some of the different types .. So, continue reading and have a rough idea on PhotoFunia

People painting me ~!! Doesn't it look real ??

OMG OMG ~! I am on the billboard ~!!!! *blush*

Even wall painting of me ??

Oh please everyone ~! Do vote for - Yean - @ 2707 XD

And last but least ~!!! I can't believe that HE is having my picture as his phone wallpaper ~!!! *blush blush*

Can u see ~! Can u see ~! OMG ~~~

Hahaha .. Ok la .. Enough of SS liao .. Roughly this is what u will get by just uploading ur pics . There are many other interesting frames . XD

Maybe i should i have a nice sleep tonight before start my war again . These two nights have not been sleeping too well because hoping to accompany someone who is not so happy recently .