Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feeling Happy

well well.. as i mention in previous post.. at nite when out to celebrate soh poh's bday lor.. b4 dat went to fetch jayne to my house at around 6 something.. then we waited shin the soh poh to fetch us lorr.. mana tau she stuck in the traffic jam at the ikano there for about 3 hours.. her mum almost late to airport.. so by the time she reach my house is ady almost 9 =.= which im ady half dead cuz wait her to makan mah.. aiyoyo.. then go fetch kwan then go 1u lorr.. reach 1u is like ady almost 10 something.. all shops oso close d lah.. so, ended up eat burger king.. then go watch movie entitled "nothing is impossible". a stupid show la.. is basically just about "cai mui"(in cantonese) .. but very funny.. althoug 4 of us r sleepy but still can laugh so loud.. haha.. the movie ended around 1 something lor.. so send jayne home n go back to shin house at subang.. then 38 a while b4 going to sleep. then dis morning i was like a pig oni =.= until another so po came then wake up lor.. haha.. go back at around 3 something.. continue sleep lagi ! omg !

forget bout that.. haha.. anyway, when i wake up .. im so so so so happy ! y ah? cuz got some very big surprise.. wat surprise ah ? make it suspense 1st lah.. hehe.. la la la ~

Friday, October 20, 2006

End of Lecturers

well well.. this week definitely had been a busy busy week for G1 of CAT student.. haha.. y ah ? cuz hor.. last sat, had P6 from 8 to 12 then P8 from 1 to 5 .. =.= is a great torture lerr.. then P8 class leh , itu ms kiran finish teaching then say mon tutorial .. omg ! siao meh.. do 6 Q in 1 day.. so, sunday spend ALMOST whole day doing lor.. haih.. do for the sake of do.. but mon she oso din check de.. mayb she dowan gek herself so much d.. haha.. then, mon nite still nid to finish up her tutorial.. who knows.. tues she oso din check .. ish ! suan le ba.. at least i do learn something la.. i think so.. hehe.. then tues still cannot sleep early worr.. cuz have to finish up P9 homework pulak.. mana tau.. ms rozi oso din check punya .. ish ish.. waste my precious time oni .. wuwuwu..

summary of my sleeping time :
- sat -- slept at 4am due to chatting with ah we we n jie jie.. =.=
- sun -- slept at 3am ++ due to p8 tutorial
- mon -- slept at 3am++ oso due to p8 tutorial
- tues -- slept at 12am due to p9 hwk.. (tak bleh tahan dah) half dead d.. wuwuwu

roughly dis wat happen dis week lor.. the main highlight.. XD thurs n today.. nthg much happen la.. as usual lor.. oh ya.. thurs leh, ms shanta let us go early lorr. she so gud . then now my com showing 5.56pm.. a while more gonna take bath n fetch my fren, jayne to my house n wait for tat soh poh cuz later v all going out to celebrate the soh poh's bday which is tml then go ur house stay overnite lorr.. hehe.. so tonite wun b on9 XD

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Ah Gor~

Yay ! Today is my abang kandung munya bday.. Hehehe.. Although he rather drove all the way to JB to celebrate with my ah sou than celebrate with me n parents.. Anyway, still get to wish him at 12am thru on9.. =.=! Hehehe.. Hahaha.. Although my bro is old enuf d.. But sometimes can be so so so childish oso.. ish.. And 1 more thing im so proud of him is.. He is so damn good in drawing lar ! Ermm.. Let me see who i can compare to.. Oh ya.. My bro's drawing can say as good as LJ.. Very creative.. Ish ish.. 2 bad his drawing that he drew cant show to u guys as mum has thrown the paper away i think.. Hahah.. He drew it when he so boring,, >.<>

My Ah Gor ~~ *took during dad's bday*

Trying to take my pics ah >.<

Dis is wat he wrote b4 going to JB.. Childish punya Ah Gor

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love Perharps ?

Love Perharps.. Saw this msg at EiLeen aka my lou po msn nick days ago.. From this 2 words, it remind me of a true story of a fren of mine.. Here it goes..

There was this guy who studied in the same school as me, same age but different class.. His name is Jun Xian (if not mistaken). I don't really know him but do say "Hi" sometimes.. He is a lively guy who is active in sports. As far as i know, he is actively in the cycling sport. That's roughly what I know about him.

It was after SPM and is just few days before New Year of year 2006. Every1 should be at the celebration mood. Then, suddenly a sms was received by another fren of mine.. It roughly says, "Jun Xian has passed away". It was quite a long sms with the time he pass away. I was shocked and with the first though, "is it frens is playing around on him". So, i asked a few frens.. Then, they just reply me.. Yes, is not a joke. Although i dont really know him but no matter how he is still some1 i know and of course I will b sad lor..

So, at nite, me n few of my frens went to his funeral nearby house.. Most of the classmates were there. So, pay a respect to him and sat down with frens and get to know roughly wat happened.. From few ppl's version.. roughly the story is like dat...

He had a fight with his gf.. So, he is sad and angry.. So, in the morning, he went for a jog with a fren, then afternoon went to gym.. At night, he cycled from Kepong to 1u with some frens. On the way to 1u, it seems that he fell down n knock his head.. He fainted.. By the time, he was sent to hospital.. He had his last breath.. Even his grandma, mum are not in time to see him for the last time.. Most of them say that he mayb over stress / over work out.. This story is true or not.. Nobody knows but God. But what every1 of us know, he does had a fight with his gf.

So, is it worth it to hurt urself just because u had a fight with ur loved 1? To me, i dun think is worth it.. In the end, u will be the 1 that hurt most. Anyway, Jun Xian will always remain in our memory.. Even most of the teachers that know him has attented his funeral.

*In Memory of My Friend*

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mooncake Festival--Scholarship Ceremony

6th October -- Friday

dat day was mooncake festival.. so yo yo gang + shi mu's gang + lionel + vern yen + sharrie had bbq at usj11's park.. so, after class went to sp to get all the stuff needed.. but b4 dat v teman ah we we to wait for his dear dear.. so, adelee wana go derma darah worr.. so i teman her lorr.. but the nurse say i not enuf blood to donate worr.. wuwuwu.. so, just look at adelee derma darah lor.. she so happy neh.. haha.. must go derma 75 times d.. then, went to orange house for lunch lor.. then oni headed to giant, sp.. itu si lai aka wynyan ah.. ish ish.. buat bising aja la. but then treat us ice cream but then nobody get to eat except sharie jie jie.. ish ish.. haha.. so, after buying all the stuff went to adelee's house to prepare lor.. but me, honghong, n tkj go yongyong's hse as we went out again to buy the arang lor.. yongyong aka daddy treat us food ler.. he so good.. haha.. then at nite headed to usj11 lor.. play play play whole nite.. wohoo ! so fun lar ! wish to have it again.. ekeke..

PS : more detailed story, do browse to siu hong, ching yong, adelee or sharie's blog.. XD

7th October -- Saturday

Went to college not for Moral Studies anymore but for the scholarship presentation ceremony.. wah.. all my classmates wear till so formal n so nice ler.. hehe.. n hor.. 1st time c my lou po wear skirt ler.. she so cute la ! love her so much.. XD nothing much to say lor.. just go up take the cert, then all of us take pic.. haih.. non-stop taking pic munya v all.. hahaha..

after taking the free lunch at the cafeteria, went to Midvalley with adelee lorr.. cuz say wana go find susu san mah.. so, went there n watch Rob-B-Hood.. ahaha.. is my 2nd time to watch neh.. ekekek.. so nice n so touching lar.. then bear chai sms adelee say he at the bowling centre.. so go there find him lor.. talk a while then went to find susu san.. ish.. dunno he working or play com de.. ish ish.. after that, we went n eat then headed home lorr.. so tired my leg so sour la. walk so long with the high heel.. ish ish.. XD

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sad? Disappointed?

wat feeling am i having now ? sad ? disappointed ? i really dunno.. haih.. wish i can fell asleep now.. everything just doesnt seem rite or am i just thinking too much.. really hope i can b with my frens for a longer period of time.. at least when with them, i know i wun b dis sad.. i know will b as happy as any1 else when with my beloved frens.. but anyway, dun worry guys, im ok as per normal.. just dis few days i was thinking on something and is making me realising something n leading me to this kind of feeling.. haih.. la la la~~ ;p