Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love Perharps ?

Love Perharps.. Saw this msg at EiLeen aka my lou po msn nick days ago.. From this 2 words, it remind me of a true story of a fren of mine.. Here it goes..

There was this guy who studied in the same school as me, same age but different class.. His name is Jun Xian (if not mistaken). I don't really know him but do say "Hi" sometimes.. He is a lively guy who is active in sports. As far as i know, he is actively in the cycling sport. That's roughly what I know about him.

It was after SPM and is just few days before New Year of year 2006. Every1 should be at the celebration mood. Then, suddenly a sms was received by another fren of mine.. It roughly says, "Jun Xian has passed away". It was quite a long sms with the time he pass away. I was shocked and with the first though, "is it frens is playing around on him". So, i asked a few frens.. Then, they just reply me.. Yes, is not a joke. Although i dont really know him but no matter how he is still some1 i know and of course I will b sad lor..

So, at nite, me n few of my frens went to his funeral nearby house.. Most of the classmates were there. So, pay a respect to him and sat down with frens and get to know roughly wat happened.. From few ppl's version.. roughly the story is like dat...

He had a fight with his gf.. So, he is sad and angry.. So, in the morning, he went for a jog with a fren, then afternoon went to gym.. At night, he cycled from Kepong to 1u with some frens. On the way to 1u, it seems that he fell down n knock his head.. He fainted.. By the time, he was sent to hospital.. He had his last breath.. Even his grandma, mum are not in time to see him for the last time.. Most of them say that he mayb over stress / over work out.. This story is true or not.. Nobody knows but God. But what every1 of us know, he does had a fight with his gf.

So, is it worth it to hurt urself just because u had a fight with ur loved 1? To me, i dun think is worth it.. In the end, u will be the 1 that hurt most. Anyway, Jun Xian will always remain in our memory.. Even most of the teachers that know him has attented his funeral.

*In Memory of My Friend*

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what hurts the most - rascal flatts