Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mooncake Festival--Scholarship Ceremony

6th October -- Friday

dat day was mooncake festival.. so yo yo gang + shi mu's gang + lionel + vern yen + sharrie had bbq at usj11's park.. so, after class went to sp to get all the stuff needed.. but b4 dat v teman ah we we to wait for his dear dear.. so, adelee wana go derma darah worr.. so i teman her lorr.. but the nurse say i not enuf blood to donate worr.. wuwuwu.. so, just look at adelee derma darah lor.. she so happy neh.. haha.. must go derma 75 times d.. then, went to orange house for lunch lor.. then oni headed to giant, sp.. itu si lai aka wynyan ah.. ish ish.. buat bising aja la. but then treat us ice cream but then nobody get to eat except sharie jie jie.. ish ish.. haha.. so, after buying all the stuff went to adelee's house to prepare lor.. but me, honghong, n tkj go yongyong's hse as we went out again to buy the arang lor.. yongyong aka daddy treat us food ler.. he so good.. haha.. then at nite headed to usj11 lor.. play play play whole nite.. wohoo ! so fun lar ! wish to have it again.. ekeke..

PS : more detailed story, do browse to siu hong, ching yong, adelee or sharie's blog.. XD

7th October -- Saturday

Went to college not for Moral Studies anymore but for the scholarship presentation ceremony.. wah.. all my classmates wear till so formal n so nice ler.. hehe.. n hor.. 1st time c my lou po wear skirt ler.. she so cute la ! love her so much.. XD nothing much to say lor.. just go up take the cert, then all of us take pic.. haih.. non-stop taking pic munya v all.. hahaha..

after taking the free lunch at the cafeteria, went to Midvalley with adelee lorr.. cuz say wana go find susu san mah.. so, went there n watch Rob-B-Hood.. ahaha.. is my 2nd time to watch neh.. ekekek.. so nice n so touching lar.. then bear chai sms adelee say he at the bowling centre.. so go there find him lor.. talk a while then went to find susu san.. ish.. dunno he working or play com de.. ish ish.. after that, we went n eat then headed home lorr.. so tired my leg so sour la. walk so long with the high heel.. ish ish.. XD


chingyong said...

susu san, bear chai, sifu chai.. all samseng punya nama..

k@hy3@n said...

apa apa... mana ada samseng.. they all so guai zhai.. XD

Honghongtan said...

sifu chai leng chai !

chingyong said...

yong yong chai not leng chai !!

k@hy3@n said...

=.= yong yong zhai leng zhai la.. my daddy worr.. hehehe