Thursday, April 19, 2007


when i was driving home
i was inserting my fav CD
songs by Jay Chou
i hum along with the rythm
then it was playing a song
a song i once love to listen
entitled "Jian Dan Ai" (Simple Love)
it reminds me
the days we had
u loved to sing this song
every day n night
i wun sleep
without u singing to me
u gave the comfort that i needed most

time has pass
4 years has now gone
i listen to the song
it did not hurt me anymore
but it made me smile
as it brings back all the memory
that we once gone

i appreciate the love u gave
b'cuz u taught me how
to be tougher in future
n now here am i
being tough n strong

i just want to tell u
thank u very much
for the memories
u once gave
n it will always be in my heart .

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

study study

today got back my tax paper , oso the last paper we got back . well , was kinda satisfied with the marks i got , 71 for a person who did last min study . im satisfied . so , my pt2 results will be 2 fail n 2 passes . fails would b the FAV sub , law n fmc too . i really got to work hard on it . although , i got a satisfying marks for IS n tax , yet i still need to keep it up like the lecturers said but never get over confidence . was kinda sad with my 2 papers that i fail but to think at the positive side , it's a SIGN that i shuld b studying hard . everytime i got back my paper , i will have the thought , 'if oni i studied harder' . i hope i wun have this kind of thoughts anymore in future .

as dad told me , "failure is the mother of success" . yeah . i do agree . cuz dis failure had really scare me off n im getting myself to be more hardworking . although i failed , but i will never give up . i remembered there's 1 book entitled "Dare to Fail" . it's basically about guides n advices to ppl who wana venture in the biz world . as everybody know , to involve in biz , u really need to take take a lot of risks . n is oni those ppl who dare to fail will success in the future . thus , i think never be afraid of failing but of course from the failure is where u learn ur mistakes n correct it n improve it hoping that fail once is more than enuf for us to realise things (i mean in studies)

haha . i think is enuf of this "MATURE" talks . later , u all sure say , ini kah yean ah .. bla bla bla . la la la la . some times oso need to be mature de mah . takkan always remain as blur meh . wuwuwu .

well , these days lots of things happen to me which there's happy n sad . but it seems that the end , is a very sad ending . in ended with a misunderstanding . if oni he understands me . mayb he oso trying to give himself an excuse to forget me . well , i guess this misunderstanding will help him . although it really hurts me when he misunderstand for wat i said . but i chose not to explain anything cuz i bilif he will not listen to it . but today i woke up , feeling relief . ytd was like a dream to me . today , i felt much more happy . ^^

n oh ya , here , i wana tell a fren of mine , i bilif he will be reading it .
"u got the ans . since it is a negative ans , accept it , forget it n move on . life is not just about that . u can look back but let it remain as MEMORY . we got to move on n not just standing at where u r standing now . we all know life is tough but be strong n 1 day , when u look back , u will bilif that this world is actually not as bad as u think."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

yo yo !! wakaka . im back again . i know u guys miss me a lot . ekeke . anyway , really no mood to blog dis days la . lots of things been happening around me . argh . n made me so tired n stress . the most stress things is my PT2 . omg la . i failed law n fmc . wuwuwuwu . damn sad la wei . anyway , really thanks to my frens who were there in the class dat made me not that down , to some1 whom comfort me especially dis weeks . really thanks to him la . yeah yeah . is a HIM . but dun ask me who is HIM . =.= n oso thanks to my daddy cuz he oso comfort me when i got back my law paper n super down . anyway , felt better now but got to put extra (200%) effort into all my studies . NO MORE ONLINE !!!! ok . enough for the sad part ya .
ACCA Social Gathering

MISS choon onn is here ! "im the MISS ACCA"

chinchin n me . "sleeping or feeling cold?"

the pretty gal , elaine n the fat chubby gal , me >.<
yen n yean ^^
yeah ~ the ss gang . muahaha . PART of ss gang >.<
the 5 best frens . cant live without u guys . thanks guys . *muah*
the 5 leng luis except the pink 1 >.<
-honghong n me - wherever we go , there must b both of ours pic . wakaka .
yeah . this post i'll b diff bit . pics 1st story later . wakaka . anyway , my sadness r wipe off with the happy happy social gathering on friday night lu . after our usual class , adelee the driver drove me , tingting , chinchin n tkj to tkj's house to take a bath n change clothes lu . wakaka . 5 of us wore skirts with heels . yeng nyer when walk in a group . la la la . then , dat adelee n tingting bath the slowest 1 lor . some more itu adelee need to do her hair . ish ish . sorry ya , adelee . im a bad hairstylist . wakaka . (pics will be shown when i transfer from my cam) . then , reached college around 7pm cuz adelee lor . haih . ^^ anyway , reach there , register , sat down . opening ceromy speech by the president , then FOOD ! muahaha . time to eat . hungry ler . but din eat much lah cuz like no appetite on tat day . then , there's performance by the SAC commitee member lu . not bad not bad . the best part was the game lu . every1 was like shouting like a maniac . i guess there's were all the stress-ed out future accoutants release their stress . wakaka . anyway , there is the limbo game . the best game of all is where 3 gals need to help 1 guy from each team to make up n dress up like a woman . damn cool la all the GUYS . some of the guys r dexter , choon onn , tatt hoong n tiger lu . wakaka . the GUYS look so PRETTY .
as usual , all of us will start to take out cameras . flash here flash there . ahahaha . nevertheless ,SS !! the event end at around 10.30pm . but me , honghong , lionel , vern yen n sharrie was there in the foyer till around 11pm cuz need to wait for mark to fetch his beloved sharrie lu . cannot dam dai her alone in college mah . ^^ so while waiting , as usual , ss again lor . ish ish . cannot stop with the cameras 1 . haha . after that , lionel fetch the 3 of us home lu . THANKS TO LION !!! la la la ~~

Friday, April 6, 2007

what a day .

yeah yeah . what a day is today . EMO day !!! yeah . morning wake up with the empty feeling in my heart . it's been feeling like dis for few days d . argh . i really hate dis kind of feeling . m i missing him again ? NO ! I DON'T WANT !!!! argh . i hate this .

well then . 1 of the stupid touch n go toll rosak n made 2 lanes become 1 lane . n as usual , traffic jam ! when im almost reaching to the toll , 1 stupid fella just so KIASU that he/she just stick his head(the car) to the butt of the car in front . i have already gave signal n even wave it to him n wuldnt just stop n let me go . MA DE ! then , make me stop my car slower n sort of touched the car in front . SIAO ! the car ok la . but my car , sudah bend in . n u know wat for those who thinking of buying myvi ? DUN EVER CONSIDER BUYING IT AS IT IS MADE BY MILO TIN . 'touched' a bit nia sudah bend . wth . anyway , dat makes me emo quite a while but then ok lar after reached college n met with the others .

anyway , today nothing much happen la . just as usual in the class zzzzz especially for LAW .

n oh ya , last wed , me , adelee , honghong , tingting , chingyong n william went to watch "Mr Bean's Holiday" . as i mentioned earlier in previous post , they won the tickets . (scroll down bah for the post on us winning the tix in the last 2 post ) besides , sharrie , vern yen , sher huey , suan li , sheng n sheng's sis were there too . cool . then the whole cinema basically was all winners for the marigold movie mania . so , all sunway n monash student in the cinema . got free drinks . the movie was very funny lar . the mr bean memang sangat the stupid . ish ish . but is worth watching it cuz u'll laugh from the beginning to the end . wakakakkaakakakaka .

i think dat's all for today la . still kinda emo although i dun show to others cuz dat will not be me but i will tell here that im EMO . haha . but dear frens , dun worry bout me . im ok as u all see me in college ya . ^^

before signing off here , wana recommend u all to visit this blog : . dis blogger is a singaporean grandma i shuld say . she oso an actress for quite number of singapore movies like I NOT STUPID TOO . try reading her blog . u wun even bilif that is a GRANDMA who wrote it . haha . enjoy !

as usual the us ss where ever we go ~

Sunday, April 1, 2007

lazy blogger is back

yay ! lazy blogger is back . akaka . ytd tingting scold me for not updating my blog . la la la ~ cuz lazy mah . wuwuw . tingting dun scold me la . ekkeke

anyway , last whole week was bz with PT2 . wat to do . ppl last minute oni START STUDYING . dat y very BUSY lor . but i think i sleep more than study la . langsung takde study mood pun . wuwuw . mayb cuz last sun oso is a happy happy day for all CAT n ACCA graduates as is the GRADUATION DAY lor . woah ! i graduated neh ! some more get to wear the robe but not the motarboard . wuwu . need to wait till ACCA graduation . ekeke . really admire the gal named Fei Ling . she is so smart n pretty ! got most of the papers for msia/world prize since CAT . wah lau eh . her oni entertainment is books kah ? ish ish . anyway , the graduation day was a real fun day . yeah . love it .

then tues to fri is pt2 lor . haih . hope i can pass the papers . I DUN WANA B BARRED !!! GOD HELP ME PLS . omitaba . stress stress . aih . kinda dun care for now until the papers is given back since the exam is over . cant do much now . la la la ~

on fri nite had to rush back to Perak for ching ming lu . n made me miss out all the fun at the ACCA Mini Sports Day . wuwuwu . jealous betul . but nvm la . at least my body is not at the pain n sun burn . ekeke . to those who complaining they sun burn . take care oh . ^^

then , today at home . do nothing . so sian !!!!!!!! spiders are building webs d lar . wuwuwu . luckily at nite still got tv to accompany me n oso tingting + him to chat with me lu . if not ah , can die of sian-ness d la . ekeke . k la . i think dat all la . dunno wat to write d .

no pic for today . ekeke . thanks to my laziness to wait to upload . ekeke . next time la . or u guys can view honghong's blog for some graduation's pic . ^^