Sunday, April 1, 2007

lazy blogger is back

yay ! lazy blogger is back . akaka . ytd tingting scold me for not updating my blog . la la la ~ cuz lazy mah . wuwuw . tingting dun scold me la . ekkeke

anyway , last whole week was bz with PT2 . wat to do . ppl last minute oni START STUDYING . dat y very BUSY lor . but i think i sleep more than study la . langsung takde study mood pun . wuwuw . mayb cuz last sun oso is a happy happy day for all CAT n ACCA graduates as is the GRADUATION DAY lor . woah ! i graduated neh ! some more get to wear the robe but not the motarboard . wuwu . need to wait till ACCA graduation . ekeke . really admire the gal named Fei Ling . she is so smart n pretty ! got most of the papers for msia/world prize since CAT . wah lau eh . her oni entertainment is books kah ? ish ish . anyway , the graduation day was a real fun day . yeah . love it .

then tues to fri is pt2 lor . haih . hope i can pass the papers . I DUN WANA B BARRED !!! GOD HELP ME PLS . omitaba . stress stress . aih . kinda dun care for now until the papers is given back since the exam is over . cant do much now . la la la ~

on fri nite had to rush back to Perak for ching ming lu . n made me miss out all the fun at the ACCA Mini Sports Day . wuwuwu . jealous betul . but nvm la . at least my body is not at the pain n sun burn . ekeke . to those who complaining they sun burn . take care oh . ^^

then , today at home . do nothing . so sian !!!!!!!! spiders are building webs d lar . wuwuwu . luckily at nite still got tv to accompany me n oso tingting + him to chat with me lu . if not ah , can die of sian-ness d la . ekeke . k la . i think dat all la . dunno wat to write d .

no pic for today . ekeke . thanks to my laziness to wait to upload . ekeke . next time la . or u guys can view honghong's blog for some graduation's pic . ^^

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