Thursday, April 19, 2007


when i was driving home
i was inserting my fav CD
songs by Jay Chou
i hum along with the rythm
then it was playing a song
a song i once love to listen
entitled "Jian Dan Ai" (Simple Love)
it reminds me
the days we had
u loved to sing this song
every day n night
i wun sleep
without u singing to me
u gave the comfort that i needed most

time has pass
4 years has now gone
i listen to the song
it did not hurt me anymore
but it made me smile
as it brings back all the memory
that we once gone

i appreciate the love u gave
b'cuz u taught me how
to be tougher in future
n now here am i
being tough n strong

i just want to tell u
thank u very much
for the memories
u once gave
n it will always be in my heart .

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