Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friends or Love or Work ?

I guess the questions above are a very common question that almost everyone in this world would think of. Isn't it ?

Well, as to me, I am not very sure about the working world as I totally have no experience in it. Still a full time students till date. Unlike some people have tried the working life as a part timers during school holidays. I never had that experience either. I really wished to. But during the long break after Form 3, mum discourages me to work. She say i should spend the time on my organ. That would be so much better. It is not like the family are in financial crisis. After SPM, Im so busy with looking for colleges, attending undang class. By the time i finish these, it's already January which the class has started.

So, excluding the work .. Between friends and love .. Hmm .. It's a tough question ..

I would definitely priotise FRIENDS as no 2 important . Love as no 1 ??? Nope . U guys are wrong . No 1 important definitely is my family. Family comes before everything. Don't you ?

I can afford to give up love as to friends. And that is very true of me . Some people would give everything for love. But im the opposite side. I would give up love for anything that i think is important to me that will affect the rest of my life. That maybe a bad point to have me as gf . LOL ....

As to me, to be in relationship besides u love him/her or he/she love u, u just to get a more intimate comfort that as a friend might not able to give u. Figure out yourself what's intimate comfort la... I love everyone the same. I may likes one person lesser but for sure i never hates one person in my life. And maybe because of the way i treated everyone the same including guys friends, jealousy comes into the picture. Ahahahaa .. And they always felt neglected too sometimes.

But hey .. This is me. U don't like the way i do things.That's totally fine with me. I don't need anybody to change for me. Just be urself and that what makes u unique from others. Why want to change to another person which u might not know urself too for the sake of the word "LOVE" ? Does it really worth it? Well, it's still up to how u look at things .. ^.^

All blames can be put on me . U can say im just playing around fooling around. I am not ready to look a longer time. Daddy was right. I should take things simple at the first time not hurrying into anything. Get to know the world more before u really decide anything. All i can say i am sorry. I don't ask for forgiveness.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gambateh in Mock

Stressed out and exhausted. There's so much yet to study ... >.< And my eyes are heavy that it refuse to open for me.

Packed with classes and test coming soon. There's no more room for heaven and hell are yet to come.

OMG ! Speechless .

I miss my bed ... =( I need a rest before i can go on into the battle which I don't want to lose this time round. But I need to sharpen my armour so there's no time for bed ....

Simply Yean who is missing her bed

Friday, April 11, 2008

Humans True Feelings

Does one person really show what they really are feeling to the world ? Or people would normally just show the fake side i would say to the world .

A simple question to be asked to everyone who read ...

When u r sad , will u ever go out for eg go to class showing ur sad face or u rather just keep quite if u really are not in the mood and pretended u r just tired ?

Some would totally keep inside their heart not telling anyone. Some would cry out to their very own trustable friend or family. If u can find one person to talk, that would definitely be good.

But some just won't do it. Just like me .. I really prefer kept inside my heart and only God knows how sad and depressed i am. I can say Im considered a lucky one as I will not "bring forward" my sadness to the next day. Or some may say I mood swings easily.

Even darling said that i shouldn't keep all problems to myself. I should learn to share. It's really hard to learn to share when I have a mind set that i shouldn't give my problem to other to solve for me. No matter what, I should solve on my own.

Everyone sees everyone as a strong at the outer. But truly are you? As for me, Im definitely not the one. I hated when nights come. It just reflecting the loneliness in me. Does everyone really can be TRULY be happy without any frustration of life? Or most people are just like me, hidding all our true feelings?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beloved Bro's Wedding

March 14th (Bachelor's Night)

It was definitely a memorable day in the life of my brother as tonight would be his last night being as a Bachelor . Old old liao lu .. Ekekekekeke ... So, my house had a buffet dinner where we invited most of our relatives and friends as well as neighbors to join the crowd and share the happiness.

I of course too invited my friends. Too bad my secondary friends couldn't make it but my college friends surely never let me down. So, after our grooming class, I fetched them (hong, ting, chin and tkj) to my house lu. Before that, we stop by at hong's house as he want to change clothes. Then, before reaching home, i brought them to the Desa Park City's park for a walk and let them see the rich man's place. Din know the playground also so "rich" that we don't really understand how it works. =.=!

Ignore the fat-me at the left .

... Wishing upon the star ...

The happiness that we will never forget

When the sky gets dark and rain , we ran back to my car and headed home. There is already a lot of guest in my house. So, all the way to my room, i greeted my grandma, uncles and aunties as well those others.

While waiting for pig ting to take her shower, Lionel and Adelee also reached. After pig ting done, we go down for dinner lorh . Although not so hungry but still we will eat. Eat to live ? Live to eat ?

Foods !!! Attack !!!

Then, decided to have some card games. Since there are so many kids running around the house, so we middle-age kids went up back to my room to play lo. But all seems to be sleepy after the food o.O

... Sleep ...

n ... sleep ...

I guess they stayed till around 9 something and decided to go home since Adelee need to fetch the rest home. So better not to stay so late. Before that, we also get to take picture with my brother ...
Smile !!!

My brother in his new pyjamas . Not really know for what reason that need to change into pyjamas at the indicated time.

Slept at around 1something after Jayne and her mum came by to give the hand flower to us and had a talk with them.

MARCH 15 ( The BIG day )

A happy happy day !!!!!!!!!

Was awaken by the noisiness downstair at around 7am. So, went down to see what's going on. My bro's heng dai has reach waiting to go fetch the bride lu ... With the "dai kam jie" talking so loudly and noisy .. Ish ish ... Mum asked me to go sleep back since they going to get the bride so won't so early come back .. So, i nodded and zzzzz again .. =D

Getting ready at 9am cuz excited . Had last night's leftover food as breakfast. Around 10am, at last the bride and bridegroom reached with the honning. And my cousin brother was appointed to open the door. Big ang pau leh ... Why i cannot open worh .. WUwuwuwuwu .. Why must a guy worh .. Not fair ! Not fair !

The bride's car just arrived with my cousin on the left waiting to open the door ...

Gong hei gong hei ...

Yay ! The lovely couple has got down from the car with all his heng dai and her ji mui clapping hands . So touching neh .... T.T

Im not sure what is happening that cause the weird expression on the 4 of their face...

Just me and them

Papa yum cha ... Mama yum cha

Now must give "gam" (gold) as "lai lai si si"

My beloved auntie from my dad's side.

Talking about the "dai kam jie" . She is so damn rough lorh .. She even can say the word "LP" in front of the public. OMG !!!! What is LP ? errr in hokkien is "lam pa" in english means the men's balls. She is trying to rhyme in hokkien but with that word ? All of us also beh tahan but be patient by just giving her a smile ...

The "yum cha" session ended around 11am. All had lunch at my house too. Was suppose to rest before the dinner. But since there's so much leftover of kuih and rice and mee. So decided to donate to the "Beautiful Gate", a home for all incapable people. When everything is done, it's already time to accompany ah sou for her make up at the bridal shop. So, there i go ....

The professional make up helping my ah sou to make up ...

After an hour and half, all is done .. Bro's friend came to fetch us to hotel ..

There .. Looking tired de ah sou in her wedding gown ...

The main table with the stage ... So nice ^.^

My cousin sister from dad's side. Don't we look alike ? Who is more pretty ? Say say !!!

The leng luis from ACCA Sunway College =D

My college gang with my cute mama and the couple

As usual with the never stop ss-ing de honghong

My beloved so pohs gang .. Thanks for attending oh ^.^

The dinner was a great success although i didn't get to eat for the whole course as i was busying counting ang paus collected that night.

Im here want to say so sorry cuz din get to entertain my dear friends who spent the precious time here with us sharing our happiness. Thanks a lot for coming oh !!! I really appreciate that u all came especially Ching Yong who even just came back from Japan the day before.

I truly wish them happy forever and have many many kids in the future =P

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lost but memorable + enjoyable day

Lost is the word i can define for this year's ACCA Sports Day ... Cuz as for me , i joined 3 events this year ie basketball , badminton doubles and tug of war .. ALL LOST !!! Wuwuwuwuw .. That's so saddening. To make it more worst , all the events we only played 1 round then out we go .. Sienzzzzzzzzzz .....

BUT .. besides the sadness for the "victory of lose", I am still very happy and excited since this is the last time that we would be joining for the sports day hoping all of us will graduate by next March . It's still fun as for one day, we get to get away from the books and enjoy the day with laughter, team work, and happiness .

Talking about basketball, i sprain my knee as i was pushed by a bigger size opponent girl with her secret weapon.. Ish ! So rough .. Wuwuwuwuwuwu ! So tall and so BIG !!!!! RAWR !!!!!! Beh tahan . Anyway, i guess our team (me, adelee, tkj n pig ting) had did out very best in the game since we lost to the champion of the game .. =)

As for the badminton, really very sorry to Adelee ... Make her n me lose in this game at the very 1st round although the opponent are not that very good. Im not sure whether is the pig ting's racket that is so "LIGHT" but really is a long time since i play badminton . So, i guess stamina oso gone down d. Wuwuwuwuw .. If not can get 2nd place de lorh .. So sorry adelee oh ...

Last but not least, the main event of the day ... TUG OF WAR .. Each team consist of 5 boys and 5 girls. So we r here not excluded from this team work game. My team are formed by the 5 guys : Sui Yuan, Liang Jie, Yong We, Ching Yong and Siu Hong while the girls are Me, Adelee, TKJ, Pei Chin and Pei Ting .. At the 1st round versus Dexter's team, Ching Yong's leg cram. So, Tiger substitute him for the 2nd round. But Dexter's team was too strong that our team lost.

Although all the events that i entered lost but i am still very proud with all my friends who won like champion in volleyball, champion in both single and doubles women badminton and also champion in the frisbee. U guys are great !!!! Congrats congrats !!

It started at 8am and ends at around 5something. It is really a tiring day with all the bruises everywhere, dirts everywhere, sweat everywhere ... But a memorable day in everyone's heart .

... Pictures pictures and pictures ...

Ah Pa and Ah Lui in red

Me n Suan Li .. I look so fat standing beside her T.T

The guys playing basketball

From left : Suan Li, Adelee, TKJ, Me, Babi, Sharee ..
Red in the middle ! Blue at the sides ! Other colour out of the pic !

The Leng Lui and Ms Poser , Sharee

There's a stalker took our pic ...

Me reached home with this tired and dirty look

Since all of us refuse to had dinner as all are sweaty and sticky, so we went home straight after all the events had end.

SMS-ed my dear sopo shin whether the plan is still on tonight or not. Then she said the plan goes on and this time she'll be our driver since she got the car. So yay ! Dun need to drive . Shin came to fetch me at around 9 something with son wei da already in the car . Get into the car showing my tiredness . Ekekekeke .. Then, headed to Kwan n Han's house to get them into the car too . =P

Decided to go to Metro Prima's Gasoline for our yum cha session. Im not sure why Han pronounced it as "Gas-o-line" =.=! We chose the dark session where there is not much light and sat down. Order our "shake shake" drink and some snacks to chew on. Not forgetting the waiter whom is new to there which he can't even remember all the numbers in the menu. Tsk tsk ... Boo ! But nice to bully . Wukakakakakaka ....

At first it was kinda boring as we don't what to do plus that so po shin asyik tidur aje. I got another pig fren here =.=! We played Snap then UNO ... Ate snacks we ordered. Then, is camwhore session which i think we are kinda not in the norm .... >.< It actually started with taking pic of Wei Da at the wallpaper of the paying counter. Then, there goes the craziness of us.. Ish ish ..

Again .. Pictures Says A Thousand Words ..

I wonder who's sexy leg is this trying to seduce people har ...

OMG ! Is hers ! Is her leg !!!! Now she's trying to seduce the cameraman !

That's the picture i mentioned where all the crazy thing started ..

Woi ! Dun bully the little panda larh .. See his eyes .. Wan cry d lorh ..

Im not sure Han wana pat the cat or push the cat away from the getting into this pic ...

The craziness continues with more craziness .........

So Poh Shin

So Poh Kwan

So Poh Han

So Poh Yean who is still seducing =.=!

And errr ... Baby Da ?

I guess now u guys know why we are called the so pohs gang ? No need to explain more . The pictures explained everything .....

We left the place at 12am and Shin fetch all of us home ... 1st is Wei Da, then Kwan followed by Han and lastly is me ..

When dropping off Da, Shin continues her craziness by shoo-ing Da off the car and shouted at him "快点下车啦!那完东西了没有!(faster get down la!take all ur belongings d bo!) "
When dropping off Kwan, Shin yet again scolded but Kwan did not listen since she already get off. Shin shouted "没有吃饭咩!(din eat rice meh!)"in cantonese as Kwan closed the door few times.

After that, on the way back to Han's house, I seriously don't remember what is the details that Shin mumbled but she has make me and han laughed so loudly that make my stomach also bloated d . Ish .... I only remember she keep sort of nagging nagging nagging . Scold this scold that .. Ish ...

Can't really remember whether she got scold Han and Me anot .. Ahahahaha ...

Anyway, reach home 12.30 and straight to bed i went. It is such a tiring day but really thanks to all my frens especially this So Pohs gang for making my day so wonderful . Also not forgetting u guys in college . I love u guys too ! Muah !

A promise between us that will never break