Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beloved Bro's Wedding

March 14th (Bachelor's Night)

It was definitely a memorable day in the life of my brother as tonight would be his last night being as a Bachelor . Old old liao lu .. Ekekekekeke ... So, my house had a buffet dinner where we invited most of our relatives and friends as well as neighbors to join the crowd and share the happiness.

I of course too invited my friends. Too bad my secondary friends couldn't make it but my college friends surely never let me down. So, after our grooming class, I fetched them (hong, ting, chin and tkj) to my house lu. Before that, we stop by at hong's house as he want to change clothes. Then, before reaching home, i brought them to the Desa Park City's park for a walk and let them see the rich man's place. Din know the playground also so "rich" that we don't really understand how it works. =.=!

Ignore the fat-me at the left .

... Wishing upon the star ...

The happiness that we will never forget

When the sky gets dark and rain , we ran back to my car and headed home. There is already a lot of guest in my house. So, all the way to my room, i greeted my grandma, uncles and aunties as well those others.

While waiting for pig ting to take her shower, Lionel and Adelee also reached. After pig ting done, we go down for dinner lorh . Although not so hungry but still we will eat. Eat to live ? Live to eat ?

Foods !!! Attack !!!

Then, decided to have some card games. Since there are so many kids running around the house, so we middle-age kids went up back to my room to play lo. But all seems to be sleepy after the food o.O

... Sleep ...

n ... sleep ...

I guess they stayed till around 9 something and decided to go home since Adelee need to fetch the rest home. So better not to stay so late. Before that, we also get to take picture with my brother ...
Smile !!!

My brother in his new pyjamas . Not really know for what reason that need to change into pyjamas at the indicated time.

Slept at around 1something after Jayne and her mum came by to give the hand flower to us and had a talk with them.

MARCH 15 ( The BIG day )

A happy happy day !!!!!!!!!

Was awaken by the noisiness downstair at around 7am. So, went down to see what's going on. My bro's heng dai has reach waiting to go fetch the bride lu ... With the "dai kam jie" talking so loudly and noisy .. Ish ish ... Mum asked me to go sleep back since they going to get the bride so won't so early come back .. So, i nodded and zzzzz again .. =D

Getting ready at 9am cuz excited . Had last night's leftover food as breakfast. Around 10am, at last the bride and bridegroom reached with the honning. And my cousin brother was appointed to open the door. Big ang pau leh ... Why i cannot open worh .. WUwuwuwuwu .. Why must a guy worh .. Not fair ! Not fair !

The bride's car just arrived with my cousin on the left waiting to open the door ...

Gong hei gong hei ...

Yay ! The lovely couple has got down from the car with all his heng dai and her ji mui clapping hands . So touching neh .... T.T

Im not sure what is happening that cause the weird expression on the 4 of their face...

Just me and them

Papa yum cha ... Mama yum cha

Now must give "gam" (gold) as "lai lai si si"

My beloved auntie from my dad's side.

Talking about the "dai kam jie" . She is so damn rough lorh .. She even can say the word "LP" in front of the public. OMG !!!! What is LP ? errr in hokkien is "lam pa" in english means the men's balls. She is trying to rhyme in hokkien but with that word ? All of us also beh tahan but be patient by just giving her a smile ...

The "yum cha" session ended around 11am. All had lunch at my house too. Was suppose to rest before the dinner. But since there's so much leftover of kuih and rice and mee. So decided to donate to the "Beautiful Gate", a home for all incapable people. When everything is done, it's already time to accompany ah sou for her make up at the bridal shop. So, there i go ....

The professional make up helping my ah sou to make up ...

After an hour and half, all is done .. Bro's friend came to fetch us to hotel ..

There .. Looking tired de ah sou in her wedding gown ...

The main table with the stage ... So nice ^.^

My cousin sister from dad's side. Don't we look alike ? Who is more pretty ? Say say !!!

The leng luis from ACCA Sunway College =D

My college gang with my cute mama and the couple

As usual with the never stop ss-ing de honghong

My beloved so pohs gang .. Thanks for attending oh ^.^

The dinner was a great success although i didn't get to eat for the whole course as i was busying counting ang paus collected that night.

Im here want to say so sorry cuz din get to entertain my dear friends who spent the precious time here with us sharing our happiness. Thanks a lot for coming oh !!! I really appreciate that u all came especially Ching Yong who even just came back from Japan the day before.

I truly wish them happy forever and have many many kids in the future =P

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