Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunrise Above the Clouds

I decided in less than 10 mins ...

I shall upload this amazingly beautiful sunrise above the clouds on top of Er Mei Shan ...

At this moment, we thought the sun already rise and we just couldn't witness it. We are about to turn around and go back then someone behind shouted, "look ! look !" .. and yeah .. the sun actually took its time to appear since we are above cloud nine kan .. ^_^

So, if ever you have the chance to Er Mei Shan, please do remember to stay 1 night or even 2 nights there. It is all worth it and there's so much to see just in this mountain. More to share when we walk downhill for about 8km. =D

Random Updates

I am again back from my annual overseas travel !!
Satisfied but oh no !! My last year's trip are yet to be finish blogging .. LOL ..

I am seriously getting lazy and lazy and lazier ~~~~~

La la la la ~~~~