Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Updates for February 2016

February definitely has just passed by me just like that.

It was not really a short month because it's a leap year, so there's an extra day for the month. It's the festive month i.e. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and ermm does Leap Day count as one? Ok, maybe not.

For CNY, there's nothing much for myself. No new clothes but got myself a new handbag though. Heh. For the 15 days, it is all about just eating and meeting up with friends. Definitely controlled my eating a lot this time. 

For Valentine's Day, spent with family at home gambling and eating. Of course not forgetting someone who managed to came by for a quick date. Hee .. Appreciate it a lot, really. Though there's no flowers and chocolates but what's more valuable is the companion. 

And then, ended the month with a birthday celebration for my buaybee!!! Went for Just Seafood at Sunway Giza. The seafood is really nice la but I guess I just didn't had much fate with those raw oysters so I ended the night with food poisoning. :( Someone told me to record this moment down, literally, so that I will never forget the sufferings that I went through for not taking care on what I eat. So, here I am, noting this down. 
First, I thought it was just the glass of drink I had before we go home. Got pretty dizzy and thank god I managed to reach home safely. Went to shower and there I am, facing the floor vomitting. It didn't really end there. There is where the love-hate relationship begin between me and le toilet bowl for the whole night. But our relationship sort of end around 3am where I finally can sleep in peace without feeling want to puke, when there's nothing left in my body. What could have been worst when your period decided to come at the same time too. T_T The next day, the feeling subside but still couldn't consume much food including medicine. Decided to just sleep for the rest of the day till someone comes save the day.
Woo! the last sentence rhymes! Hahahaha ... 

Ok, enough of the gross part but i think it does form part of my life memory. Hehehe.

Other than that, watched Deadpool, which is definitely good. Got introduced to Crackhouse Comedy Club and managed to watch Douglas Lim and few other comedians, which is also very much enjoyable. Would definitely want to go back there again for a good laugh. 

Finally, got my hands on making sushi after so long for not doing it, tried making Siew Yok but that is mainly made by Mom cause fell sick after the food poisoning. But would really want to make or bake some new foods every month if I could. :D

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my month of February.

On another note to myself, I just have to learn how to balance my emotions including on the matters that I really care or love. I shouldn't lose my logical thinking and myself when comes to matters that I care a lot. *inner peace*