Monday, August 22, 2011

Happen For A Reason ??

They say "Whatever happened, happen for a reason"

I do belief in that

... But ...

Sometimes I do still wished to know that reason and not letting me in this confusion state


all I can definitely proudly shout out that, I am a strong fighter. I have yet to give up in my fight although it few times tried to push me down. I will still stand up and fight. I will ...

With this tough journey that I never expect that I would ever encounter in my life, I've learnt the tough way. I've learnt that nothing comes easy like how you wanted it to be.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

dot dot dot

I wished to blog tonight but ...

I've just got no mood ..


Friday, August 12, 2011

Holy Mountain of China - Er Mei Shan

When I hear about Er Mei Shan, I kept asking my dad if the famous "Ngor Mei Pai" is really exist and is from here ? Not sure .. I should have asked my mum instead ... XD

Anyway, Er Mei Shan or sometimes is written as Emei Shan is a sacred place of Buddhist. It's a mountain with temples, of course with its long written history and story about here. Yet again, I'm more of a scenic person than a historian.

Whether you are a believer of Buddha or not, it's always no harm to visit this place. Trust me, it will all worth the trekking, oh ya .. we did a 8km trekking downhill, we ran 2km uphill to catch the last cable car to the top of the mountain .. It's tiring but it's all worth it.

After a quick visit at Le Shan, the Big Buddha as shown in previous post [CLICK HERE], we continue our journey to Er Mei Shan which is just another less than half an hour ride from Le Shan.

Before entering into the main entrance into the mountain, there's a temple where we drop by for a visit. Seriously again, me busy clicking away with my cammie, not paying attention to the history, and now great, I couldn't share the story with readers ....

So, let me share with you some of my photo clicking ??? XD

 Mischievous dad .. ish ..

And oh .. I'm sure we have all seen the fire drill at office, at school .. But what about temple ?? I've seen one here and the monks are just none other than like us ..

 kekeke .. wonder what master trying to do .. lol

look at their happy faces .. omitaba ..

Got a cute shot of this baby ~~ BABY ~~~~~~~ *pinch*

Wished I could have more shots like this ... See how happy is the mummy .. =)

As the sun is going down very soon, we rush to the entrance to take the shuttle uphill which took about 2 hours before reaching the half mountain and taking the last cable car up before sky turns dark. As we were kind of behind schedule, we actually had to run a bit to catch the cable car but due to the high altitude and the cold weather, I have to stop and take some photos jaga abit the elderly, so I also walked slowly. =P

GO GO GO !!!! We made it to the last cable car .. But we still need to walk another few mins before reaching our hotel for the night ... We were all tired ~~

And to our surprise, we really are not expecting a great accomodation on this mountain and great foods, but it is really good as in the hotel is clean, is with hot water (that is the most important thing on a high mountain), the food is not as bad as we were told.

Up Next: Stunning View of Sunrise at Er Mei Shan - something that you do not want to miss reading it =D