Friday, July 22, 2011

Le Shan, China

After flying back from Jiu Zhai Gou to Chengdu, we then continue our journey after resting a night in Chengdu at this 7 star boutique hotel I would say (review will be given later) to the most saint place especially for Buddhist people, Leshan and Er Mei Shan.

Let's start with Le Shan today.

Leshan might not ring any bell to you. But I pretty sure if you see the picture below, you'll definitely seen it before. I think I can safely say it is one of the most iconic of China.

Yes, it is the famous Le Shan Big Buddha.

One of the regret at here is that we chose to take a ferry boat ride and not walk to be near to the Big Buddha. Anyway, it is still a magnificent view. =)

Le Shan is worth to drop by for a day trip before continuing to Er Mei Shan. I would love to go back there and trek around the Big Buddha the next time.

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SS said...

big buddha!!