Monday, July 18, 2011

From Ipoh, We Eat All The Way Back to KL

From previous post [CLICK HERE], we continue our nom-nom activity the next day before heading back home.

So, our day start with the following foods

The famous Foh San Dim Sum

Then, we went here for some dessert to be brought home 

Oopss .. No picture on the yummy egg custard. It was yummy with the coffee gravy in it .. Must try if you are here in Ipoh.

As usual for people who go to Ipoh will buy this brand of biscuits as souveniors ..

Before leaving the town, we manage to stop by a temple for a quick prayer.

Then then,

We drive all the way until we reach Bidor for the famous Duck Noodles. Yum ~~

After lunch and with the hot sun, we decided to drive straight back to KL without any stopping. 

However, our activity don't just end here. We manage to have a surprise for our beloved Kwan. 

Yes, we quietly planned to give her a birthday surprise by telling her we need to stop by at Shin's house to pass her some of the things while Shin was making some tarts and muffins as her birthday treat. =D

The happiest girl for the day

and finally a complete group pic of us =D


OH OH !!!

Do you want to see our "souveniors"?? XD



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