Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas ~!

Tomorrow is already the christmas eve . So, what is that plan u guys have ??

Well , as for me , I am going to have a little merry countdown at The Curve with my dear so pohs and maybe ah T . Hope it's gonna be a memorable one ^.^

Got my very 1st xmas gift .. Cutie santa .. <3

And last but not least ,
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone !!!!!!!!

Sorry for the typo error . XD


PS : Might not be updating ma blog so soon as will be off to Singapore (hopefully) on the 25th and should be back on the 28th . Till then , have yourself a merry christmas .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Exams Celebration

Once the clock hit 6.15pm on 10th October , a sign of relief on my face . Forget about the comments how is the exam .. Right after the exam , me , hong and adelee headed to Pyramid as we are celebrating Tiger's belated birthday as well as Elaine's be-early birthday :D

3 of us are the earliest and Vern Yen even asked adelee to ask for any places in Kim Gary . So, we headed straight to Kim Gary without having any window shopping cuz afraid it might crowded with people and couldn't get a table for 20 of us . 3 of us was so hungry and thirsty that we order our foods without waiting for the rest .

As usual, photo shooting everywhere . :D and of course with all the chit-chating and gossiping around the tables .. Hehehe .. really love the time we spent together ..

Leng lui sharee

Ma beloved companion this sem , TKJ

Yay ! Just us !! without adelee spoiling our picture XD

Lionel , the only companion who stay nearby compared to the rest who mostly are in Subang

The girls who went .

Front left : Yi Wen , Vern Yen , Elaine

Back left : Stella , Sharee

Hehehe .. The girl who always spoilt the beautiful pictures , Adelee

No need to introduce any further , lalagong :D

Of course not forgetting the birthday boy , Tiger lu .. Isn't he look good in that handbag which was supposingly for Elaine, Tiger's gf .

Have a happy happy birthday and happy together with Elaine ya ^.^

On 14th December , parents bought tickets for a buddhist stage performance entitled "Magic Mirror the Musical" which is to be performed at Genting . Unfortunately brother has unforseen circumstances , so he couldn't join us for the show . So, mum asked me to ask HongHong whether he could join since there is an extra ticket . And there we go , ma parents, ah sou , me and ma lalagong .. A happy family :D of course not forgetting ma brother who is working even on Sunday .

The first pit stop is the temple , half way up to Genting as Mama need to rush to the toilet :D So, we stop by there for a toilet session .. Kekeke ...

We parked at First World Hotel . It was still early for the show, so we walked around the indoor and tried to shop . And SOMEONE actually managed to shop a pair of clothing . Just spot the difference XD

Aww .. the christmas decoration outside First World Hotel's lobby was awesome with all the lighting at the ceiling :D

After SHOPPING , decided to have a drink before enjoying the performance . So , stop by a bakery shop and have some chicken pie as well as coffee or hot chocolate .

Me and lalagong's hot chocolate which we are given hot milk and are expected to make our own hot chocolate . =.=! And that cost us RM10 per cup !!!

Ah sou enjoying her delicious coffee

Ma beloved daddy and mummy

There were 3 tickets which are numbered sitting and 2 which are free sittings . So , of course me and lalagong has the free sitting ticket . Surprisingly , we are at more front than they who are numbered sitting . And guess how front ???

1st ROW !!!!! Wooo .. That's how front .. :D Whatever the actors do , their expression everything is seen clearly from our view

Tried to take a picture of the stage which actually is prohibited XD

And just us ss-ing quitely before the show start . Lucky those volunteers din come and scold us

After the show , while walking back to our car , mum actually wanted to go in to casino for awhile . Not because she wants to have a bet . Just because want to have free coffee =.=! And since me and lalagong are still underaged (that proves we are still young XD) , so both of us went round to take some pictures lu .. Kekekeke ..

First attempt : A girl walked by

Second attempt : A pair of mother and daugher walked just in front of us >.
Third attempt : me and lalagong . all clear ! no disruption XD

Cutie cutie santa clause



White christmas tree

Frosty the snowman ~

Merry Christmas !!!

Cute cute matchstick man

Then , dad suggested to have dinner at Bukit Tinggi . We ordered fish, chicken , pork and a dish of vegetable and the bill came up to RM140 =.=! .

The fun don't just stop there . It continues the next day , 15th December , with sing k session with ma college mates . Not many turned up but it still a fun day for me and for those who went . Adelee planed to have the sing k session at RebBox , The Curve . So, there we are

The Curve had a lovely decoration for the coming christmas that everyone who went by couldn't resist to take some photos . And not forgetting a group of humans who loved to take pictures so much , of course we spent quite a long time there taking pictures after and before the sing k session .

I don't know why but im loving this picture XD

Shot by lalagong :D

Nice not nice not

Photos are given credit to HongHongTan . Mostly are photos taken by him ^.^

Again , me , mummy and ah sou went to The Curve again for me the next day on 16th December . Thought of having shopping but didn't buy anything cuz we all agreed to go Singapore for shopping :D So , just walked around and photo taking again .

Awwww .. I just love christmas celebration . All the shopping malls are nicely decorated with all the christmas trees and whatever themes they are up to this year . So far i've only saw Pyramids (glanced through), 1U, The Curve and today , Time Square . And i only have pictures for The Curve and Time Square . So far , i still think The Curve is the best in decorating .

So, today , 20th December , dad wanted to go downtown to pay for our Korea tour trip . So , me and mum just tag along . Hehehehe .. After settling everything with the tour agent , we then went to Time Square lu .. It was crowded with people .. *dizziness* But still managed to grab a t-shirt from Giordano XD

Yay ! And we managed to have a picture we Mr Santa Clause and err his wife ??