Thursday, December 11, 2008


Thinking backwards .... *memories flashback*

Gosh .. I really can't belive that exams has finally ended .. I mean my LAST finals has ended today at 6.15pm .. Eh .. No . should be ytd's 6.15pm XD

And unofficially i have finished my studying life in college .. GOSH !!!!! How time flies !! T_T
I miss the olden days that we used to hang out together .. Anyway, first and foremost ....


oh yeah .. although i don't feel any excitement in me now but it is still a sign of relief .. Finally the days of hell has finally over .. Now let me see .. What should i do for my coming holiday ??
Hmmmm .. Anyone want to date me out ?? Do make appointment with me ya XD So far , my schedule are still quite empty .. Waiting u guys to fill in ma empty slot ^.^

Will have a longer updates coming soon . Want to have a nice sleep tonight .. Or maybe no .. Anyway , it's time for me to catch up with all the outdated drama series =.=


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