Saturday, May 27, 2006

Conditions Before Exam

This is the condition of my table before exam... Hey!! I got study wan ah... Hahaha...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Curse You, Mr Thief!!!!

Well, I guess from the title u guys saw should roughly know what happened.. However, some of u may think is a theft of car or robbery or wallet/hp has been stolen.. Nah.. Worst than that.. Let me tell you what happened..

As usual at night i walk around, watch tv then online and have GB with friends.. The, i offline at around 2 something and decided to go to sleep.. I don't really slept well cause the dogs in the neighbourhood has been barking so loudly but im like so tired to bother about it.. Not long after that, my house's alarm went off.. I thoug it was the usual place makes the alarm rang that is the roof where the mice run here and there. But then, i heard banging of doors from my brother's room as well as my parent's room.. So, in a very very sleepy condition i woke up and walk to downstair..

My mum said that some1 tried to brake in.. DAMN!!! But luckily din manage to come in.. I remembered that was at 3am something.. Oh gosh.. Everyone was so sleepy.. So, my mum was in a nervous condition called the police.. Then, not long, the police without in uniform saying is a CID came.. Then, checked around the house.. Luckily not much of destroyed just that the window drill has been unscrewed... That idiot sure have a lot of time to do that without any sound... Haiz... Then, after everything settled down all of us went back to sleep.. Before i sleep i sms-ed someone just to express out what happen.. Keke... By the time i off my light, is already 5am something... Haiz...

Han's Birthday

(From right to left Sitting : Chee Hoe, Chun Hong, Mei Han the burfday gal
Standing : KK, Wai Shin, Lai Kwan, Me & Stupid WEI DA.. Keke)

18th of May was my beloved han's birthday and not forgotten my college classmate, mr wyn yan's birthday too.. At first me n wai shin was still thinking how to celebrate her birthday.. Then, at around 12pm han sms-ed me asking me whether want to have dinner with her anot.. N of course i said yes la..

So, in the mean time in the afternoon, I cooked porridge for me n my mum, then both of us ate in front of the tv.. After that, i did some reading on P5 from 3pm to 6pm.. All of u all sure say "wah".. Ekeke... No lah.. In between that i still got walk around, online, play sudoku.. Haha.. So, i studied less than 3 hours..

Then, ms wai shin sms-ed me saying she so bored in her sri sinar house.. So, i went to fetched her n kk.. Later on, came mr chee hoe n mr chun hong.. At last the birthday gal, han arrived at my house with lai kwan.. So, we went to a restaurant "The Bird" for our dinner.. And sang the birthday song with a orange cake there 2..

Here comes the best part.. After dinner, we decided to go to Metro Prima.. So, the guys went first while i need to go home to get something.. Then, 4 of us gals reached there as well as bought the stationeries that han wants, the guys had not reached.. =.= They said they went to the wrong road and went to LDP.. Teruknya.. And was stucked in the traffic jam.. Haiz.. So, we told the guys no need to come ady as we are leaving and we asked them to wait us at my house... And is our turn to stuck in traffic.. Stupid MRR2.. Hate u.. When we reached home, han said got to go as she need to fetch ms wai shin home at subang and scared traffic jam.. So, han, shin and kwan just left.. So, they guys oso leave.. Hahaha... Kelian the guys... Kekeke

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stupid Friendster

Aarrrgghhh... Guess what is the time now?? Haha... Dunno y i just dowan to sleep.. But my head is getting heavier n heavier now.. After i wrote my 2nd post, i offline and went to my bed.. I tried to close my eyes and sleep but i couldn't.. Haiz.. So, i took my hp and online and check out who is still online n check my mail.. Then, I read a mail by friendster saying someone is having a new blog.. So, i went and read what that someone wrote.. That someone posted 2 blogs.. So i read.. I was very upset the way that someone wrote.. Not because that someone wrote bad about me or anyone.. But that someone seems to be very lost.. Normally i thought that someone is always like that.. Feeling lost but after reading the blog, and I know that someone is seriously lost.. The feeling that someone gave me is like someone i knew very well has changed.. Maybe part of the reason is we have contact lesser nowadays...Then, i thought of log in into Friendster to find out more but i couldn't log in... DARN.. Im really sad seeing that someone is so so so upset... I wish I could do something to make that someone happier...

A Boring Day

Well well... Today is kinda boring day to me.. I was like wasting my time doing nothing.. Well, let me see what i did today.. Hmm.. Okay.. At least in the morning i did some studying for P5.. I hope i still remember what i study.. Let me see.. Types of control consist of SPAM SOAP.. then, in Segregration of duties consist of SCARED - systems operation, custody, authorising, reporting, execution, daily operation.. Yeah!!! I still can remember!! Then, in the afternoon i did nothing much but online and started to have this blog and went to sleep.. Haiz.. At night pulak, sitting in front of TV only.. OMG!!! Im wasting my time!!! What shall i do?

Monday, May 22, 2006

My first blog

Yo Yo!!! Since everyone is using this So, i also decided to use this lah.. Haha.. Well, this is not my first time do blogging.. I started blogging in Friendster than recently in MSN Space and now decided turn to this blogger.. Hahaha.. I might copy some of blog in MSN to here just to share since there nobody is reading it.. Kaka.. Kk.. That's all for my first post..

Monday, May 1, 2006

All About Me

Felicia Hong Kah Yean
Born in the year of dragon in 1988
On the 27th day of July

Loves to tell her stories through writing
She even tell stories through photography

Follow her journey of life in here