Thursday, May 25, 2006

Han's Birthday

(From right to left Sitting : Chee Hoe, Chun Hong, Mei Han the burfday gal
Standing : KK, Wai Shin, Lai Kwan, Me & Stupid WEI DA.. Keke)

18th of May was my beloved han's birthday and not forgotten my college classmate, mr wyn yan's birthday too.. At first me n wai shin was still thinking how to celebrate her birthday.. Then, at around 12pm han sms-ed me asking me whether want to have dinner with her anot.. N of course i said yes la..

So, in the mean time in the afternoon, I cooked porridge for me n my mum, then both of us ate in front of the tv.. After that, i did some reading on P5 from 3pm to 6pm.. All of u all sure say "wah".. Ekeke... No lah.. In between that i still got walk around, online, play sudoku.. Haha.. So, i studied less than 3 hours..

Then, ms wai shin sms-ed me saying she so bored in her sri sinar house.. So, i went to fetched her n kk.. Later on, came mr chee hoe n mr chun hong.. At last the birthday gal, han arrived at my house with lai kwan.. So, we went to a restaurant "The Bird" for our dinner.. And sang the birthday song with a orange cake there 2..

Here comes the best part.. After dinner, we decided to go to Metro Prima.. So, the guys went first while i need to go home to get something.. Then, 4 of us gals reached there as well as bought the stationeries that han wants, the guys had not reached.. =.= They said they went to the wrong road and went to LDP.. Teruknya.. And was stucked in the traffic jam.. Haiz.. So, we told the guys no need to come ady as we are leaving and we asked them to wait us at my house... And is our turn to stuck in traffic.. Stupid MRR2.. Hate u.. When we reached home, han said got to go as she need to fetch ms wai shin home at subang and scared traffic jam.. So, han, shin and kwan just left.. So, they guys oso leave.. Hahaha... Kelian the guys... Kekeke

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