Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging from Office

Flipping through my P3 notes, looking left, looking right .. *ouch* My neck hurts since yesterday. Not sure is it because I did not sleep well or is due to my mild headache that I have since yesterday as well. And now is even more aching. Wuwuwuwuwuwuwu...

Anyway, I am slowly into the work audit by starting off with the audit planning. Although the culture here is to work alone, but Im glad that I have a great manager who is guiding me well and even explain on how it works. At least, I wouldn't start off my work in a midst like my colleagues used to. So, I guess everything is going smoothly so far and I hope it'll be smooth throughout my first every audit. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009


First of all, I should wish all September babies, a Happy Birthday, whether is belated or in advance. Im sorry to those who I left out to wish you guys.

In twinkling of an eye, I've already work in BNM for 3 weeks and next week would be coming to a month of my working life. My workload is still not that heavy yet. Just more of assisting my manager and colleagues in their work. Like a small warm up before I really get to handle my own portfolio. There's still a lot of things for me to learn . Like the operations, the system , the SOP etc .

Nevertheless, I am really grateful to all my new colleagues that I've known in the office especially one of the colleague, LengLeng. I gues we both now can say is the best buddy in the office since our age are considered the youngs one, so we have more in commons. =) She's my lunch partner as well as my tutor who really tells me a lot of things about work. I am really grateful to have her and for now, I am really very dependent on her. Other colleagues are also being nice and friendly to me too. Can't wait to have the chance to work with them together as team. It just seems fun. Still it takes time to get close with them ba.

Lastly, wishing all Malays, Selamat Hari Raya and non-malays, a happy holiday =D This week oni have to work for 3 days + boss is not around + all malays are on leave . So, it's our world. *wink*

Atttention to all SYUC mates !!!!
We are having a BIG potluck lantern gathering this coming 1oth October. For further information, please do contact PeiTing or visit Facebook's event. If possible, do respond to the Facebook's events as we will be updating regarding to this gathering there. =) Hope to see all of you there ya .. Muahhh !!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First 2 Days

Today is my 2nd day at work. So far so good I would say. Coincidentally that my manager that I am assigned was having the training, so boss asked me to just join in. So, on the first day right after briefing at HR and doing my "woof woof-tag", took a shuttle bus to my office as it is not located in HQ, but hopefully we will be moving to the new building soon enough next year, and right away joined the training session.

I was still worrying about having lunch alone, but I was glad that the colleagues and managers there all are very friendly, but of course I do still need time to get close with them. And of course Im glad that I met a colleague who is just about my age that I can "stick" to her. =D and having someone to have lunch together. I guess it all went well on the first day.

Second day, I find it interesting, although I don't understand alot of things as I am not familiar with the workings, but thanks to audit paper that i loathed so much, I guess I find myself quite comfortable during the training. At least, I do understand those jargons and roughly could still catch up how things are done around here.

Basically, the training ended today. So, I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. Guess I'll just bring my P3 there to do some reading instead of sitting there doing nothing. =) And of course trying hard to mingle around with everyone in the office and I hope i does giving a good impression to everyone although I might still a bit quiet as a newbie. Still not that active yet. Ehehehe.