Monday, September 21, 2009


First of all, I should wish all September babies, a Happy Birthday, whether is belated or in advance. Im sorry to those who I left out to wish you guys.

In twinkling of an eye, I've already work in BNM for 3 weeks and next week would be coming to a month of my working life. My workload is still not that heavy yet. Just more of assisting my manager and colleagues in their work. Like a small warm up before I really get to handle my own portfolio. There's still a lot of things for me to learn . Like the operations, the system , the SOP etc .

Nevertheless, I am really grateful to all my new colleagues that I've known in the office especially one of the colleague, LengLeng. I gues we both now can say is the best buddy in the office since our age are considered the youngs one, so we have more in commons. =) She's my lunch partner as well as my tutor who really tells me a lot of things about work. I am really grateful to have her and for now, I am really very dependent on her. Other colleagues are also being nice and friendly to me too. Can't wait to have the chance to work with them together as team. It just seems fun. Still it takes time to get close with them ba.

Lastly, wishing all Malays, Selamat Hari Raya and non-malays, a happy holiday =D This week oni have to work for 3 days + boss is not around + all malays are on leave . So, it's our world. *wink*

Atttention to all SYUC mates !!!!
We are having a BIG potluck lantern gathering this coming 1oth October. For further information, please do contact PeiTing or visit Facebook's event. If possible, do respond to the Facebook's events as we will be updating regarding to this gathering there. =) Hope to see all of you there ya .. Muahhh !!!

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