Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pictures ~~

There U go .. some pictures of Nike Air Force Party ~~

(PS : u guys can click on adelee's link to see more pictures of us SS )

Me before going to the party with make up XD .. 1st time neh ..

Me n honghong (right) ss-ing while popo help adelee (left) make up

left : behind us r the limited edition neh .. i wan i wan !
right : is just ean n adam c . leng zhai nyerr ..

left : yay ! smile !
right : is just us with adam c . wewe say his hand very smooth >.<

left : woh ! who took my sexy butt !
right : yay ! the 4 pretty XD

Nike Air Force I ...

left : drink drink .. ekeke

right : yay ! the 6 of us ! wohoo !

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nike Air Force Party

yay ~! 1st of all must say ty to adelee , my lui lui . without her winning the tix to Nike Air Force Party at Bond , Avenue K n without her inviting me .. i wun b enjoying so much lu . let me start from the morning lah .

wake up as usual n laze around till lunch . watch tv n did 2.4 hwk as knowing will be going to the party till late at night . then in the evening around 5pm , start to get ready lu . wore my newly bought one-piece dress . din tought of make up de but then jie jie ( take note .. when i say jie jie .. it mean my bro's gf) say she wan help me make up . so ok lu . while waiting for adelee n tkj to come by ktm , jie jie help me make up lu . then i look into the mirror . i was like "whoa" . is dat me .. haha .. look diff neh .

then , daddy the best fetch me to kl lu . b4 dat , we went to ktm to fetch adelee n tkj . mummy oso follow . ekekek . all the way to avenue k , 3 of us plus mummy cannot stop talking . ish ish . but so nice bullying adelee la .. haha .. high 5 tkj !

reached there . called honghong as him , wewe n kacy ady reach there . so walk walk walk reach the main entrance . then saw the 3 of them came out . haha .. 3 of them gave a surprise look on us . ish ish . the reason y ah . they say (according to honghong n wewe) me n tkj look very diff from our normal dress up lu . haha .. honghong ! i told u wat . i wan b the odd 1 mah .. hahaha . kacy oso say i look pretty neh . muah to jie jie ! thnx for her pro make up .

then , 8pm we went into the bond lu . b4 dat went to bread story as tkj n kacy belum makan . went in n saw a lot of nike shoe lor . some real nice neh . i wan i wan ! ekeke . then played game , drink , eat lu . me , tkj n adelee oso drank beer . nyek nyek . sshhh .. dun tell other ppl hor . lalalal . i no drunk hor . oni adelee drunk . haha .

anyway , want to know more about wat we did in there , pls refer to WEWE's blog bah . cuz me so tired to write out all . ekeke .

after dat .. dad came n fetch us lu . fetched adelee follow by tkj back home b4 me myself reach home lu . then called some1 as some1 asked me to inform dat some1 when i reached home . ekeke . talked for i think got 1 hour lu . =.= dat saw the time .. is like almost 1am . so fast fast hang up then go bath n sleep ~! haha .

anyway .. really enjoy hanging out with u guys . thnx adelee , tkj , honghong , wewe n kacy popo lu . muah u guys . XD

photo will be uploaded later or see if i can refer to any1 of their blog not . cuz i lazy now . ekeke

Sunday, January 28, 2007

La la la

Today is saturday =.= (duh .. every1 knows dat ) . but saturday normally is the day where i no need wake up so late mah n today need to wake up at 6am >.<>

saw wewe n william was there in the car d . then 3 of us get down from our own car n walk to class lu . met chingyong , tingting n chin on the way to foyer . felt my eye like so heavy la like swollen like dat >.<>

after class at around 2.30pm , fetch honghong to 1U b4 go home lu . talk all the way although really sleepy liao . but oso luckily got honghong talk with me . if not . accident may happen easily =.= choi choi ! touch wood !

reach home . tot wan to sleep de . mana tau gor gor say change baju (cuz i changed to shorts) as wana go out .. i was like -.- harr .. ok lu .. so , went out with gor gor , jie jie n mummy . then came back . chat a while n me n jie jie play with the newly bought barbie doll ( is for jie jie's niece de ) but mummy saw us like so enjoy playing . hahaha .. memang childish la me . >.<>

then .. play game a while . go out for dinner at around 8 . eat until 9 something . reach home . bath again cuz we sat too near to the smoke d .. oily neh . then continue playing my game lu . play until now eye blur blur d lah . wuwuwu . wan sleep wan sleep . must sleep enuf la . tml nite going out again . later mon sure end up oi oi in the class de . wuwuwu .. k la . time to sleep . my panda eye getting obvious la .. ish .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

adelee's lucky day

well well .. i guess today is adelee ho's lucky day .. she is so so so so so lucky until make me so beh tahan her lerr .. wuwu .. wat happen is dis ..

in the morn . just woke up . then do tax hwk . adelee called me . ask me about tax . then before she hang up , she told me she won 2 vip ticket to rain concert . wah lau eh . 1st time call oso get it . ish . every1 was happy for her lor . ekeke .

in the night . online . adelee ask me to on to hear the cue call for 6 tix to Nike Force Party . so i listened . then when the radio say can start calling . so me call lor . but tak bleh get thru ler . mana tau .. she again get thru =.= ish ish . so lucky ah .

congrat congrat happy adelee XD

anyway .. oso wan say ty to adelee cuz for counting me in to the nike force party . muah . love adelee the most . wat shuld i wear leh ? give some comment . XD

wear jean skirt or one piece leh ? wat shoe/high heel to go with my clothes ler ? need shopping liao . akakak .

Sunday, January 21, 2007

shopping again

slept around 4am cuz chat with dat lionel , adelee , weeven , wewe (the latest of others) , eileen , chingyong etc . thnx to dat lionel for telling us so much things plus teaching us about something dat we gals oso dun know lor . arigatok lionel ah .. =.=!

then , woke up at around 10 something lu . ate breakfast . fetch jie jie to pasar to buy papaya n ubi but dun have . so go back . did 2.4 hwk . dun know y keep do wrong . adelee online . asked her . thnx adelee ~!! muah . must give u a treat . a sweet ok ? ekekek .

after lunch , time to shopping lu ~! ekeke .. at first tot is just me , mummy n jie jie going . but then , daddy n bro oso go . ekeke . daddy be the driver lu . went to a look like a factory like dat , Niichi Fashion City . when go in , wah ... so many clothes inside neh .. wohoo .. 3 of us start shopping lor while daddy n bro like other any man find a place to sit n play with their hp XD after looking around . me bought 1 more skirt with flower design , more for formal wear XD n 1 dress or normally ppl call as "one-piece" .

then headed to 1U cuz got rm30 voucher to spend at U-Parkson . but we all like dun know wat to buy d . so end up , jie jie bought a lipstick which cost 30.51 and oni pay dat rm0.51 .. ekeke .. cheapest ever bought . haha . after tat , went back lu . had dinner b4 go home nearby my house lu .

watched tv . online . listen to song . some1 online . so chat lu . but now dat some1 bz doing report for work de . so i blog then now wan go do tax lu . ciaoz for now .

Shopping !

woke up at 11am cuz online till 1 something i think . then as usual , help mum to cook lunch lor . after lunch , watch "Koma" which had already shown half .. the movie is making me n bro gf so blur lah . tot is horror movie but ended up a "confusing" movie . so went up to bro room n play com game + is raining . so cant go out to adjust my spec . then , mum came up n asked me wana go adjust not cuz rain seems to stop d . so , ok lor . after adjust it , went to midvalley lu . had dinner at yoshinoya .. a fast food . the food still ok lah but expensive neh . after dinner , wohoo ! shopping time ! 1st 1st , gor gor went into some shoe shop to look for sport shoe . but din found 1 . so then went to jusco lu . dat's where daddy n gor gor went to the men section while me , jie jie n mum at women section .. so , look for clothes . so many on discounts neh . wohoo . shop shop shop . at last get 2 skirts n a blouse . ekeke . i love shopping ~! wohoo ~! k lah . stop here . cuz something interesting happening in msn . must concentrate . ekekeke .

Friday, January 19, 2007

TT n Mark Bday or CNY ?

yeah ~! today is our tall n smart guy , tatt hoong aka tt . but y do i put my title as above ? reason is becuz today is like there's about 6 out of 20+ ppl wearing soooo red n 2 leng lui wore pink .. so .. is like so reddy .. ekeke .. anyway , let me start from the beginning lah . XD

at around 8.30am , william came to my house , had breakfast , then headed to college to meet the rest lu .. saw honghong , wewe , james , chingyong were there d .. itu chingyong some more doing tax neh .. fuiyo ~~ make ppl stress la wei .. anyway , around 10 i think , dun know who called wewe saying tat lionel , sher huey , n suan li going pyramid straight while tkj going with wee ven .. so me , wewe , honghong n william went to pyramid 1st while james n hua loong waited for elaine n tiger n itu chingyong wait for wee ven ..

reached pyramid . lou po called say she n adelee oso reached d . so went to kim gary to meet them , but b4 reach there ady saw them near esprit shop .. went to kim gary but saw like we r the earliest so decided go walk 1st .. walk back . met sui yuan , steven n tt .. hang around then decide go kim gary to wait for others la . so , went in n sit at the middle table out of 3 tables cuz there's 20++ of us .. so need 2 long table n 1 round table lu . order drink n food . chat . ss (as usual =.= ) . some went for pool oso cuz mark will oni come at around 1 .. >.<

chat chat chat . ss ss ss n ss . at last all cannot wait liao . asked the waiter to prepare the food lor . me order korean mee spicy soup with egg n pork while lou po order twin sauce . then me n lou po share the food .. the twin sauce is like soooooooo nice neh .. yum yum . finish eating . continue with chat .. then sing bday song ..

"Happy Birthday to Mark" for the 1st time


"Happy Birthday to Tatt Hoong" for the 2nd time

Cut cake . Ate small piece of the choco banana cake cuz too full d . Then every1 rushed back to coll after saying bye to mark cuz got 2.1 to attend . phew . lucky is not late for class .. ekeke .. but every1 of us seem like sleepy attending the class .. attend half way , Uncle Teo came in to talk about the new syllabus lu .. then break . continue sleepy again . then go back lu ~! hahaha .. the time dat i've been waiting since 2.30 XD

-- Picture of "CNY Day" --

me n honghong ss in coll
yay ~! the 3 red n 1 odd

ermm . aiming the red shirts or the butt ?
gong xi fa cai ~!
add in our mummy , adelee
then came daddy , tt . 1 happy family with 6 kids ~!

New Specky

the 2nd thurs of the year which i have no class .. woke up late .. then had breakfast continue with lunch .. wake up late mah .. ekekeke .. then , bz with daddy thinking where's the best place to hang the newly bought "mercun" ( cant remember english call as wat d ) light .. so nice lerr .. end up hang in the living room .. dad did the wyring cuz we bought 2 to hang mah .. ekeke .. nice nice when it's light up .. then afternoon , went to collect my new specky .. ekekek .. love it much .. it's a purple frame .. n is something like nowadys trend lu .. then went 1u with daddy n mummy for shopping .. but oni realise the sales in jusco oni starting on 20/1 .. alamak .. so , mummy say dun buy 1st .. wait till sales oni buy .. so like dat lu for the day .. la la la .. then at nite do nothing much but just online .. ekekeke .. sian nya .. >.< -- My New Specky --

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Boring Day ?

ermm .. well i guess it's been quite a boring day for me today .. morning wake up at around 8.30 .. walk around then online .. but nobody online .. cuz too early .. haha .. but i oso end up browsing through the web for almost 2 hours when mummy came home with breakfast .. then back to room .. dun know wat to do , so did tax lu .. then had lunch .. after lunch , went out with mummy .. ekeke .. dat's the oni interesting part i guess .. ekeke .. then went back home , had dinner while watching movie .. at night lerr .. just online online online n watched a Stephen Chow's movie .. tried to play GB but is too laggy . make me no mood play .. so , end up chat with frens oni lu .. hehehe .. n now is kinda sleepy d .. shuld i sleep ? ekeke .. la la la ~~ my lui lui oni bz watch bleach .. oso dun wan choi me d .. wuwuwu .. seong sam neh ..

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sickie Sick

wuwuwu .. 2day is the 3rd day im having a bad stomache ... wuwuwuwu ... 1st day was still not as bad as ytd .. ytd was super bad tat till i cant sleep for the whole night ... >.< i slept at around 8pm since im having headache ... then was woke up by my stomach .. super ache .. wuwuuwu .. then there goes my sleeping time .. until around 4am i cant stand d , so walk down the stairs to kitchen to get myself a panadol .. after taking it , felt much more better but the ache is still there till now ... hope tonight i can have a good sleep .. wuwuwuwu ...

Thursday, January 4, 2007

1st Day in College

Yea ~! At last im back to college .. Some people read mayb think i siao 1 .. Go college oso so happy .. Erm .. Not siao lah .. I happy cuz after 3 weeks , at last get to meet all my frens again mah .. So miss them lerr .. Is like few days dun c oso so miss them d >.< Cuz without them = no fun lerr ... Anyway , today's class is not a boring class cuz is Ms Rozi's class .. My fav lecturer so far .. Muah .. So it's a good start for this sem .. XD

Like Adelee say lor .. most of us had change hairstyle d luuuuu ... All look nice .. Ekekeke .. Since today class start at 3pm , so mostly oso go college in the afternoon lor .. Then , reached college , those who went travel during the holidays , exchanged souveniors .. Thnx to tkj , adelee , eileen my dear , n of course sher huey .. XD Love all of the souvcniors very much .. Ekekeke ..

K la , today must sleep bit early cuz tml nid to wake at around 6 something .. Cuz class is at 8am .. Wuwuwuuw ... Hope tml's class will be as interesting too .. Muah ..

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Siem Reap , Cambodia

1st of all .. Happy 2007 to all of u oh .. XD

1st post for the year 2007 ... N i'll b writing on the trip to Cambodia .. All i can say is fun fun fun n adventurous .. Wohoo ~!!! N i'll make it short but interesting .. XD

29 Dec 2006
1st Day

- went to LCT at around 7am by driving there
- check in
- ate mcd for breakfast n ss
- depart at around 10 am n reach Siem Reap airport around 12something ( time diff -- 1 hour)
- a driver named mr vanna came n fetch us to hotel (Angkor Star Hotel) , check in
- repack all the things then go for lunch
- went to a Pagoda to do some charity .. donated books n a portable dvd player
- then , drove to Tonle Sap River
- the ppl there so kelian .. just live in a small hut lerr ..
- then sit boat n head to the Tonle Sap .. along the river , saw all the ppl so kelian ..
- then , went back where we sit the boat .. along there , gave chocs n biscuits to the kids there
- some are really violent neh .. scare scare
- went back to hotel for bath
- walk out for dinner n straight back to hotel n zzzzz cuz too tired d

30 Dec 2006
2nd Day

- in short we went to Angkor Thom n Angkor Wat
- both are temples but Angkor Thom is a big range n had a lot of temples in it
- is really adventorous cuz the stairs is like not for human to walk 1 .. super big steps >.<
- not big then mean is small n super steep.. normal stair is like 45 degress but d stairs there is less than tat , around 20 degress bah ..
- but is so chi gek lerr .. XD
- after went to Angkor Wat then climb up a hill to watch sunset but not nice cuz is cloudy
- back to the capital , had dinner , n straight zzzz to the hotel xD

31 Dec 2006
3rd Day

- woke up with whole body aching d >.<
- the driver fetch us to a waterfall about 70km away ..
- the road is super bumpy .. if just after eat n go ah .. reach there , confirm sure vomit de
- went to a temple for prayer 1st
- had lunch
- then , jump into the water ~!!
- the water is sooooooooo cold n is so nice lerr .. really undescribeable
- after that , went back to hotel lu
- at night , took tut-tut to the old market n had dinner at 1 of the indian restaurant
- since we r tired , so went back to hotel n countdown by watching tv XD

1 Jan 2007
4th Day

- pack all the things
- had breakfast
- walk to the central market
- grab some souveniors n things for myself XD
- then head back to hotel
- n byebye to Cambodia

I know is too short d but there's too much things to write .. I think write 1 full night oso cant finish if wana to be in detail .. So , to see how interesting it is , let the pictures do the talking ..
But not now cuz the pictures is in bro com .. So , i'll upload later XD

Happy New Year once again ...