Monday, January 29, 2007

Nike Air Force Party

yay ~! 1st of all must say ty to adelee , my lui lui . without her winning the tix to Nike Air Force Party at Bond , Avenue K n without her inviting me .. i wun b enjoying so much lu . let me start from the morning lah .

wake up as usual n laze around till lunch . watch tv n did 2.4 hwk as knowing will be going to the party till late at night . then in the evening around 5pm , start to get ready lu . wore my newly bought one-piece dress . din tought of make up de but then jie jie ( take note .. when i say jie jie .. it mean my bro's gf) say she wan help me make up . so ok lu . while waiting for adelee n tkj to come by ktm , jie jie help me make up lu . then i look into the mirror . i was like "whoa" . is dat me .. haha .. look diff neh .

then , daddy the best fetch me to kl lu . b4 dat , we went to ktm to fetch adelee n tkj . mummy oso follow . ekekek . all the way to avenue k , 3 of us plus mummy cannot stop talking . ish ish . but so nice bullying adelee la .. haha .. high 5 tkj !

reached there . called honghong as him , wewe n kacy ady reach there . so walk walk walk reach the main entrance . then saw the 3 of them came out . haha .. 3 of them gave a surprise look on us . ish ish . the reason y ah . they say (according to honghong n wewe) me n tkj look very diff from our normal dress up lu . haha .. honghong ! i told u wat . i wan b the odd 1 mah .. hahaha . kacy oso say i look pretty neh . muah to jie jie ! thnx for her pro make up .

then , 8pm we went into the bond lu . b4 dat went to bread story as tkj n kacy belum makan . went in n saw a lot of nike shoe lor . some real nice neh . i wan i wan ! ekeke . then played game , drink , eat lu . me , tkj n adelee oso drank beer . nyek nyek . sshhh .. dun tell other ppl hor . lalalal . i no drunk hor . oni adelee drunk . haha .

anyway , want to know more about wat we did in there , pls refer to WEWE's blog bah . cuz me so tired to write out all . ekeke .

after dat .. dad came n fetch us lu . fetched adelee follow by tkj back home b4 me myself reach home lu . then called some1 as some1 asked me to inform dat some1 when i reached home . ekeke . talked for i think got 1 hour lu . =.= dat saw the time .. is like almost 1am . so fast fast hang up then go bath n sleep ~! haha .

anyway .. really enjoy hanging out with u guys . thnx adelee , tkj , honghong , wewe n kacy popo lu . muah u guys . XD

photo will be uploaded later or see if i can refer to any1 of their blog not . cuz i lazy now . ekeke

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