Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Siem Reap , Cambodia

1st of all .. Happy 2007 to all of u oh .. XD

1st post for the year 2007 ... N i'll b writing on the trip to Cambodia .. All i can say is fun fun fun n adventurous .. Wohoo ~!!! N i'll make it short but interesting .. XD

29 Dec 2006
1st Day

- went to LCT at around 7am by driving there
- check in
- ate mcd for breakfast n ss
- depart at around 10 am n reach Siem Reap airport around 12something ( time diff -- 1 hour)
- a driver named mr vanna came n fetch us to hotel (Angkor Star Hotel) , check in
- repack all the things then go for lunch
- went to a Pagoda to do some charity .. donated books n a portable dvd player
- then , drove to Tonle Sap River
- the ppl there so kelian .. just live in a small hut lerr ..
- then sit boat n head to the Tonle Sap .. along the river , saw all the ppl so kelian ..
- then , went back where we sit the boat .. along there , gave chocs n biscuits to the kids there
- some are really violent neh .. scare scare
- went back to hotel for bath
- walk out for dinner n straight back to hotel n zzzzz cuz too tired d

30 Dec 2006
2nd Day

- in short we went to Angkor Thom n Angkor Wat
- both are temples but Angkor Thom is a big range n had a lot of temples in it
- is really adventorous cuz the stairs is like not for human to walk 1 .. super big steps >.<
- not big then mean is small n super steep.. normal stair is like 45 degress but d stairs there is less than tat , around 20 degress bah ..
- but is so chi gek lerr .. XD
- after went to Angkor Wat then climb up a hill to watch sunset but not nice cuz is cloudy
- back to the capital , had dinner , n straight zzzz to the hotel xD

31 Dec 2006
3rd Day

- woke up with whole body aching d >.<
- the driver fetch us to a waterfall about 70km away ..
- the road is super bumpy .. if just after eat n go ah .. reach there , confirm sure vomit de
- went to a temple for prayer 1st
- had lunch
- then , jump into the water ~!!
- the water is sooooooooo cold n is so nice lerr .. really undescribeable
- after that , went back to hotel lu
- at night , took tut-tut to the old market n had dinner at 1 of the indian restaurant
- since we r tired , so went back to hotel n countdown by watching tv XD

1 Jan 2007
4th Day

- pack all the things
- had breakfast
- walk to the central market
- grab some souveniors n things for myself XD
- then head back to hotel
- n byebye to Cambodia

I know is too short d but there's too much things to write .. I think write 1 full night oso cant finish if wana to be in detail .. So , to see how interesting it is , let the pictures do the talking ..
But not now cuz the pictures is in bro com .. So , i'll upload later XD

Happy New Year once again ...

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