Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Short Film Story

Blogging is so 2000 and late thing to do now ... Except for professional bloggers, I would call them, like food bloggers, travel bloggers etc.

Now, at least to me, the trend thing that a lot of people is into this video-ing such as doing cover of famous songs, vlog, short film story etc ...

Vlog, to my very own understanding, is just by transcribing whatever your yada in way of writing i.e. blogging on the net into video where you actually speak with actions ...

In recent days, many famous short films were being share among the netizens, some are really funny, some are meaningful ... So, today, just want to share some of my favourite short film or vlog that I enjoyed a lot ..

Strangers, again

I noticed that, I'm not too sure about this fact though, many got their ideas, motivation to do such videos, all thanks to WongFuProductions ... Probably they are not the first one to do such videos, but I can see many people admire and loved their productions and how happy the fans are when the two handsome is here in Malaysia not very long ago ...

We, Malaysians are not losing out either to them and thanks to JinnyBoyTV, DanKhooProductions and few others, here's some of local productions that I believe has touched many of our Msian's heart ...

My Generasi

Only In Malaysia


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Green Paddy of Hope in Sekinchan

Breathing the fresh air of after rain on the greenest field I've ever seen.

It is really like giving a new hope to my life. =)

Look at that field ... Don't you field like just jumping into it .. I do ...

So, those who have been here, MUST have guessed where is this ... More photos to guessed on?

Just so sad that blue sky is not co-operating today =( BOO !!

Yes, it's a small village that has quietly contribute to the nation. It's a gigantic paddy field that once no one would notice it, but today, it's a famous place for all photographers especially.

SEKINCHAN, KUALA SELANGOR .. It's the name of this place.

It is not only a town with paddy field but Kuala Selangor is more well known of seafoods and fishing villages.

But, today, let's just focus on the HOPE green paddy field, ok .. ^_^

Ha ! I also had him during the trip .. 

And in the middle of the BIG paddy field, there's a BIG temple too ... 

Standing tall and proud =)

It is just an awesome place to be at this time .. Probably I'll come again when the paddy fields maturing and turning into yellowish. Should be another fabulosity view ..

Apparently, the harvesting season is every June and Dec (based on the info I find on Google) ... So, based on my smart calculation, don't go (if you intend to, which u must if u havent) in July or Jan, cz obviously that is after the harvesting season, and the field will be kind of BOTAK ... 

Best time is like now, April to June .. Within this 2 months, probably you'll see different kind of scenary, from greenest field, to yellowish field, and finally to witnessing the hardworking worker harvesting the paddy.

By the way, for directions to this field, you just need to make sure you able to get yourself to Kg. Sekinchan, Tg Karang. Then, you'll actually see these fields along the main road. One side will be the sea, where you can stop by for some seafoods and get yourself some fresh seafoods, while on the other side will be the paddy field.

So, just drive yourself into that paddy field for few miles until you see that big temple where you can actually park your car there and just have fun walking into the paddy field like what we did. ^_^ Also, of course, you can always stop along the way, you never know you'll catch something interesting. 

Some of the shots I got along the way out from the temple ..

So, what are you waiting for .. Plan a trip there with your besties !!!!

Morning Dew

Taking a shot of morning dew has been one of my top photos to take list. 

Finally, I got a chance to take such a beautiful shot of the morning dew at Sekinchan and I am definitely proud to show off my first time shot of morning dew. ^_^

Morning Dew, Tears of Happiness =)