Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Wrap Up

Look like I've again abandon my bloggie for few months .. It's been a lot of things happened to me for the last few months, ups and downs .. Also, let me also wrap up my 2012 with some of my highlights of the year that I think it's worth noting down ... :D

*look back photo album to refresh memory ... meh ~ i feel old cuz memory seems short term to me .. T_T*


My 2012 Highlights

1. Wedding of My 2 Best Work Buddy Sister

Oh yeah, I would say I'm really happy that my 2 senior/buddy/mentor/sister that I know at work who have been really looking after me a lot and thought me a lot of things got married this year. What more is happier than being in part of their wedding. I'm really glad that I was asked to be their "ji mui" at their wedding. Though I did not contributed much but yet I'm really honored. Really.

LengLeng's Wedding

JY's wedding

Thanks a lot, if you are reading this. :) For not only being the colleague to me but a great buddy.

2. Conquering 2 Mountains

Oh yeah, one of my greatest achievement of the year.

I'm not a sports person yet fit person as you can see. But I'm really glad that I've manage to conquer 2 mountains, Mt Kinabalu [BLOG POST - CLICK HERE] and Huang Shan [BLOG POST - CLICK HERE]. Now that I can strike off from my bucket list. Talking about that, I've commit myself for a 7 - 8 days trekking at Kashmir, India with my family next year. So, it's time to get my butt to the gym again. Seriously lor, I've gained so much weight for the past one month T_T

Ooopsss .. sidelined a bit .. Hehehehe ....

Evidence of me conquering Mt KK !!!

Huang Shan ..

OK, This year I doesn't seems to have much highlights .. But sometimes you just need that one main event for the year which the memory can last you forever, isn't it ?

Of course there are also other small small things in my daily life that makes up my ups and downs like my birthday, I'm thankful to have my HIMY + SOPO gang to celebrate with me at The Hill and my family who never once give up on me ...

As to my love life, some of you may know but can I just be honest here? Things may not be working out as I wanted but I'm still wishing for the best. :) No matter what, it has made me stop and think for a while what I really wanted. And as for now, I'm clearly still do not want to settle down and I think i still prefer do things solo. I seems to be more happier this way.

Seriously, this year I've been such a lazy blogger !!! Nooooooooooooo ... Cannot accept this lor .. Must buck up all my outstanding post.

All in all, I can say 2012 is a quiet yet another wonderful year to me. But I'm seeing that I will have a much enjoyable adventorous in 2013 ... :D So for my 2013 resolution, I shall do in a separate post. As for now, this is it .. my 2012. Seems short eh .. Maybe I'll do a better one when my blogging mood is back again? Hehehehe ..

So, what's your 2012 highlights? Mind sharing with me? ^_^