Thursday, July 31, 2008

A day for Good Deed

As usual, today I would have a 4hour boring day in college .

Luckily TKJ said maybe wana go to Pyramid to buy some gift for OBU lecturer
When i heard about it, I also suggested it to Pei Ting and we also agree to buy 1 too
Took bus there , waited quite some times before the bus come
Went searching for the suitable gift and finally found it
Had lunch at Shack Laksa

The 1st Deed of the Day
There were some tourists which me n tkj believe is from Hong Kong, they wanted to order foods but they only can communicate in cantonese and the waiter is a Malay . So, the waiter was looking at our table and asking for help. So, me being a good and kind girl walk forward to help the family to order food lu. Heeeee .. *Proud*

After that, walked to the new wing side to take the bus back college lo .. While waiting ....

The 2nd Deed of the Day
There was this 1 elder couple asking us which bus to take to reach KL, i am not so sure which bus, so asked TKJ. Then, TKJ saw there was this bus going to Pasar Seni, we quickly asked the uncle and auntie to go take the bus but then the bus was full. Then, they decided to walk over the opposite but it seems like the buses are not stopping there , so they walk back again . By that time, we ady go up to the bus. Kelian the couple neh . Walk here and there under such a hot sun

Reached college d, it was hot like zzzzzzzzz .. Dunno how to say . Bought soya bean to cool down . Chit chatting with TKJ, then suddenly came this guy from no where saying he is a volunteer ..

The 3rd Deed of the Day
He was here to ask for donation for the kids. It cost both us RM10 each in return for a car sticker . Although both of us also donated , but when he walked away , i actually sort of sighted saying he cheating 1 .. AHAHAHA ..

Why ???

Ahahahahaha ... Like dat lorh ..

Then TKJ said hope by doing charity , we would get the bless and luck for our upcoming results day ... Yeah, i do really agree too ..

For all the good deeds that is done today by me n tkj , really hope it will some how bring us some luck as we needed very much soon ... ^.^

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree

Today (28th July 2008) is the result day for the our OBU degree ... After almost of 6 months of hard work on our assignment with the Part 2 / Fundamental level of ACCA average result, i am proudly to announce that yours sincerely has ..................................................................... PASS !!

Following the decision of the Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Examination Board held on 22 July 2008, I am pleased to inform you that you have PASSED your Research and Analysis Project, and that Oxford Brookes University has AWARDED you the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree

I was actually having difficulty in looking for this words .. The email was like writing an essay and i am so lazy to read each words stated there .. It was in the first paragraph though, but i am more expecting like our ACCA result, in a summarize form ...

Not as nervous as the usual ACCA result day where that day I would rather not conscious .
Today im taking it quite easily ...

Went out to have lunch with friend .. Had a long and funny talk .. Can't stop laughing .. LOL

Then went back home and slept .. After wake up, like a zombie walked to my laptop and just log in to my Gmail and checked . With the half asleep mood, I don't even realise the subject of the mail . I just clicked it open and there you go .. It is my result .. AHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, Im glad that Ive passed and now i can even work with at least RM24oo of salary .. MUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me !!!!

Another early birthday celebration with my beloved lougong aka honghongtan on last thursday
After a whole day class , me n honghong went to Cineleisure to have our dinner
He suggested to have at Tony Romas and i just agreed to it as i dun have any foods that i want to eat in mind
Headed straight to Tony Romas and order food
As usual lo .. SS , eat , SS , eat and SS again ..
Well , Tony Romas are famous with steak .. so if u guys dun eat beef , there's not much choice
We ordered Fish and Fries and Chicken Burger
(don't remember the exact name , ask honghongtan , he recorded down the names)

After that, went to take sticker photo .. Ahahahahaa ... Actually i was quite blur cuz very long din take such photos so dunno wat pose to have . Ended up all normal normal pose lu . Ahahaha ...

We also went watch premier screening of The X-Files .. Like Sharee commented in her blog , it is really not as interesting as the tv series that we once used to watch during out childhood time . It's kinda boring i shall admit ...

Also want to take this very opportunity to Thanks honghong's fren for the free ticket neh .. And nice to meet u guys ^.^ For the wishes .. Look like HongHong is kinda promoting me .. Wukakaka .. Did u , honghong ? Ahahaha ...

She is concentrating on what to eat

While he is concentrating on playing with his phone =.=

Me !

Him ! The hungry man -.-

Her with the appertizer

His favourite food of all , Onion Ring

Big mouth !!!

Chicken burger

Him with the brownies ice-cream

Just us

My birthday cake neh !! So big .. Yum Yum

Isn't the fireworks are nice ^.^

Not forgetting my dear college mates who contribute either in terms of finance or their hardwork, I am really really touched with this beautiful lovely mosaic of me ... Special thanks to Pei Ting who did most of the hard work ... Not forgetting Sharee jiejie and HongHong who according to Ting they gave her ideas on this pressie ...

Pei Ting !!! U r the best !!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!

Still dun expect me to do something like this for u ya .. WUkakakakakaka .. And u still will be smashed !! XD

Me again !

Many thanks to those lovely msg and wishes u guys wrote to me behind the picture ... U guys are wonderful .. Thank you to Pei Ting, Pei Chin, Sharee, HongHong, Adelee, Lionel, TKJ, ChingYong, SuanLi, Kacy, Tiger, Steven, SuiYuan, EiLeen, PeiLi, TT .. (hmm .. i hope i din missed out anyone) . But i bilif i sent a thank you sms to all of u guys ^.^

Yesterday was the worst day to me .. Grrr .. Many many thanks to my SP Gang ! They really had a lot of tricks in mind .. Will be in more detail when i got all the pics ..

Anyway , would love to say thanks guys for the lovely CREAMY and STRAWBERRY-ish surprise as well as the making-me-walk-so-far surprise .. Gosh ... Ahahahaha ... Love u guys !!! It is really unforgetable ... ^.^

And today ! The BIG day .. Instead of going out with anyone, i ended up being piggy whole day .. Ekekekekekeke .. At night, just had a simple dinner with family lu . Heeee .. Many many thanks to ma family .. I love them !!!

Last but not least ... Thank you to everyone of U who sms-ed me , called me , drop me a testi or watever way u guys did just to wish me and reminding me that im not forgotten by u guys .. Thanks a lot ... And i actually managed to forced someone to sing a birthday song .. WUKAKAKAKA !!!

- yours sincerely-

Monday, July 21, 2008

Advanced Birthday Celebration with Collegemates

Yours sincerely has finally register herself for the Advanced Taxation at Kasturi which will be thought by Alan Yeo . I hope the amount of fees paid by dad is all worthwhile to attend and unlike the one im currently attending .

So, from tomorrow night onwards, every tuesday, yours sincerely will NOT be available at your service from 6.30pm to 9.30pm .

Some favourite so po gang pictures taken in Penang

If you guys read about the Penang Trip, i know there is not much of scenary pictures unlike honghongtan, so preeeeeety and beauuutifoooolll .... Can't blame me though, i din really hold the camera althought the pictures are taken using my camera most of it.

Last Thursday, was suppose to celebrate Sui Yuan's birthday but since this semester it's kind of hard to gather everyone so, they decided to celebrate my birthday as well . So, 15 of us went to The New Paris Restaurant at SS2 for dinner.

It was kinda tiring day as I had class in the morning then later at 3pm. More even tired after watching Dark Knight with TKJ where both of us just without second thought hop into Kacy's care, went to Pyramid, bought ticket which has started 10 mins ago..

I really recommend u guys to watch it !! It's nice , it's funny as usual if u do follow the Batman movies series, and it's full of suspense this time .. But, according to Sharee, the guys don't really enjoy it. Don't know why. LOL ..

Anyway, after Finance class, me, tkj and kacy waited for the rest in the foyer .
As i told tkj , we definitely still have to sit at the foyer for at least half an hour before everyone decide and agree where to go .. as per normal .. Ish !

So, reached the destination at around 7 something near to 8 i think ...
Lionel, Adelee and Tiger(who took the main road, LDP) reached there d and followed by the rest of us.
It's really been long time, see them especially Lionel, maybe since our last exam ?? As well as the others since this semester most of us took different papers.
So, it's really a great gathering beside celebrating birthday. I guess from now on, the purpose of celebrating birthday would rather move towards as a gathering among us, isn't it??

My forever ah lui .. Miss her lots

Me, WeeVen and TKJ who will i disturb now most of the days since both of us will be taking the same combination, also Kacy, the three of us

The foods ~~~ ATTACK !!!

Preparing the cake .. No idea why they wana do it there

Make a wish .. Make a wish ..

The surprise for Sui Yuan, his beloved girl

1 2 3 .. Cut .... The cake is blocked

TKJ : Which cake to smash them ?
Ting : Hmm .. Nyek .. That 1 lah .. The most creamy 1

Waiting for ???

This lor .. Kelian de Sui Yuan


Yay ! Just us ..

Sadly to say that PeiLi, ChinChin and HongHongTan couldn't join us .. Hmm .. Miss u guys neh .
And I was being smashed too but i've got no pictures with me .. The cake even drop to my pants and all the cream just slide down .. Grr .. My whole left leg it filled with cream .. Geez ...

Phew .. It was really a wonderful and happy night although after a whole day of class .. I hope we would gather again real soon ..

Sobz .. Mummy went bangkok din bring me go .. Shopping .. I also want !! Missing mummy .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ma New Darling

Ehem .. Today supposing go to Kasturi which is situated at the Petaling Street nearby . But when we got there, they said that the person in charge for the registration has gone back . So , got to come back mayb tml ..

Then, on the way back to our car, mum said that buy me a soft toy .. I was like .. hmm .. soft toy .. my room is kinda a crowded with soft toy .. So, just went into the shops and look around with not much of the interest .

Went to the 2nd shop .. Something attracted me .. Ahahaa .. Since then, im not letting go of him !! He's mine .. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!

Anyway, went to 1U to shop around as dad says he will buy dress as my birthday present. Couldn't see any dress that im interested but bought a shirt which kind of diff style look lu . For me la .. Then, went to Neway to sort of celebrate my birthday as ah sou is not around next sunday. So, advanced celebration again ..

Aih aih .. Looks like on the birthday itself i am really staying at home .. Wuwuwuwu .. Lonely ~~~

This is not the shirt i bought but it's quite similar to it ...

Wee .. My new darling ..

He like forced to take pic with me nia =(

My new darling ~!!! Alright .. He is forced to take the pic .. He camera shy =P
Thanks mummy for the lovely pressie !!

Err .. According to the owner of the shop, Andox is actually a mascot for Andy Lau .. I don't care he is mascot of who who .. He's now mine !! Well, actually Andox has 4 different face expression and it came in either black or white . But i think this is the best ! So, he's destined to be mine XD

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tax is Worrying

Tax is really really worrying me .. Not because it is tough as far for now as now we are learning personal tax which we used to learn and the most pro topic that we can do ...

That's because we've learnt so much in details , so now are more like a revision to most of us ..

What is worrying me is our miss lecturer .
She seems to be unsure of what she teach sometimes .
There seems to be some contrast of what Ms Rozi thought us .
The more our miss lecturer explains , the more blur i am
And that is worrying me !!!!

Now im considering to take extra class at Kasturi which will be on Tues night from 6.30 to 9.30
The fees i guess is quite reasonable but the only thing i need to consider is transportation
I don't mind taking train but it will be quite late at night walking alone to the train station
Driving ? I doubt the parking there are very much convenient

Will discuss with parents but most likely I will be taking ... Still under consideration .

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day with Surprises

So .. Kah Yean !! What is the surprise !
Huh ? What surprise ??
Ur title said so ... =.=!
Oooo .. Not me getting the surprise XD

Yesterday was the birthday of a person that i love , respect and admire very much .
She's the great and tough woman who fought all the way
Who never know the meaning of giving up
Who always think for family before her
Who always protected her children like a pearl fearing other might steal it from her
Who is the great teacher that everyone loved to be thought by her
That's her ..
My mummy ...
Happy Birthday to Her

Well, my brother always got lots of tricks in his head
So, he got this tricky little idea of giving my mum a BIG surprise
I guess it was a BIG surprise for her XD

The surprise :
Brother called ah sou asking her to get my mum's fav student which i think i did mention before
The 6 students that never failed to visit my mum for almost 10 years since there were form 3
So, ah sou came to me and asked me to do the job
So, steal one of their number from mum's hp
Called and tell them the plan
Asking them to be the surprise guests for the day

On the day, ah sou booked a Japanese restaurant, Xenzi Restaurant at Old Klang Road
Brother went 1st as he need to get roses for mum
While, the 4 of us went in another car
Reached there, had a 10 seats table
Mum keep complaining why book such a big table but she never thought of anything fishy
Bro came with the flowers
So, mum thought that is the surprise
Mana tau, another bigger surprise awaiting for her .. XD

Had a lovely dinner
The sushi and everything was lovely and tasty
Nice nice

Decided to go back home to blow cake as there is 1 of the student that can't make it for the dinner

Trying to SS but SHE spoilt the picture !!

Brother with the rose

The birthday girl . Luv her lots !

The surprise !!!! XD

And just our family

Love u always

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Sem .. Will it B the Last Sem for me ??




In just a twinkling of an eye, it's already past 2 weeks since our new sem has started .
Time really flies, isn't it ???
Honestly, i really miss last sem and all the sems before.
I missed all the noisy voice and laughter of my beloved classmates who never stop making u go laughing whole day when u should be crying over some sad things for the day .

This sem ...
Everyone has chose their futures by different combination of the 2 out of 4 optional papers.
Most of my frens are taking the totally opposite combination that i am taking
Which mean i would be hardly seeing them nowadays
Only left the very few of them that i'll be seeing like TKJ, Kacy popo, Kent, Chingyong, Steven etc

Although technically sound, we are already in the last sem
But can i really tell the world that it's already in my last sem when i have no guarantee on passing for my previous 3 papers
Really am praying hard

I really missed the days spent with u all no matter in the class or outside of the class

PS : Sorry for my emo-ness over here .. But im sincerely missing u guys <3