Saturday, April 18, 2009

Change of Feng Shui

My room's "feng shui" has once changed again .. LOL . Well , actually if frens like dear sopos who are more often coming to my room , they should realise that i quite often changing the positions of things in my rooms like my table , my bed .. More of my table , my bed and the small table with the hi-fi on top of it . XD

Mum said that the position of study table that is facing the window is not so bright for studying . So, she said i should change the position but i have to get a smaller table to fit that corner cuz the current table are too wide and would block the walking pathway . So, today after class , went to Ikea to search for a simple and cheap study table . Finally got one . It's white and it cost about RM95 . It's simple definitely . A board with 4 legs ... LOL .. Also got a chair . A yellow chair .. Looks nice .. Loving it ^.^

Came home at around 6 o'clock after go shopping around uptown area and dinner . Busy with my room till about 8 imagining Ikea stuffs that U have to build on ur own as in fixed it together into one complete piece =.=! Glad to say , i manage to done it on my own . And for the re-decoration part of my room , it is of course not a big problem for me cuz as i mentioned , I'm a person who can't stand a room in a messy condition . So , once a while i would tidy up my table , re-arrange things .. Thus , i manage to do tidy up my room as clean as brand new in just an hour .. XD

Also , thanks mummy and ah sou for helping me to carry that big table out to the hall .. ^.^

Now superbly tired . I shall go to bed soon . Tml still got 6 hours class .. T_T

Friday, April 17, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle

How healthy is my lifestyle now ?? Nah .. is not healthy at all XD Staying up till late hours then wake up quite late also =P But of course the latest i wake up would be 11am .. But i everyday trying hard to wake up at 7am but everytime end up when i see the clock , it's already 10am .. =.=!

Oh oh .. Recently i also started going for a jog or a walk at the desa park city behind my house . The park there at the evenings , it's crowded with people jogging and walking and also not forgetting all the cute doggies . Some doggies are even dressed up .. So cute .. It's really a nice place to hang out during the evening only if there is NO rain .. There are peoples who plays kite , plays the helicopter , riding bicycle .. All sorts of activites ...

Parents with their young one running at the park .. I think nowadays you hardly can see places like this anymore especially in KL ... So , I really think that desa park has really brought a very good family day for everyone .. U could even picnic there . The environment there is still consider very fresh with all the greens around ..

Because of that , I'm quite determined to go there for a walk nowadays beside helping myself to lose my fats .. Ekekeke ... Although now still not so frequent cuz the weather are so unpredictable and as i mentioned , I can't wake up at 7am .. T_T If not i definitely would go for a morning walk .. RAWRrrrrrr ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle

Thank u very much ADELEE HO for sharing this amazing video ... She's great , she's wonderful , she's a gift from heaven .. Im not talking about Adelee =P Im talking Susan Boyle .. So , guys , MUST WATCH , ok ?? ^.^

Susan Boyle from Britian's Got Talent - click here

And see that Simon .. So thick face .. At the beginning so look down on ppl , then at the end there , quickly twist his words .. LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Together

Last weekend had 6 hours of class on both saturday and sunday . Although 6 hours sounds like a long hour class , but i think to us as an ACCA , it's still fine as compared to 9 hours class . I still remember the time I took F7 under Ms Menon , that was like even worst . More than 12 hours in college ?? LOL ... Anyway , after attending F7 and P2 , i think we are trained to sit in a super stress condition class for super long hours ... ahahaha .. isn't it true ?? Anyway , i do miss those times in the class with my classmates .

Oh Oh .. Back to my last weekend class .. Sunday had class from 10am to 5pm . And co-incidently , those taking P6 also had classes . So , i think we kinda had a "big" reunion there in the morning as well as during the lunch break .. Really miss the time where we used to had lunch break in a big group together . Even last sem we also hardly had big group already since all are diversified into different optionals ... So , i guess it's really a good "reunion" especially for me cuz there's few of them like ChingYong , Joshua , JunYao that i have not seen them since last semester or since last CNY ..

Slowly , im getting lost touch with a lot of collegemates especially those are working , of course only knowing that they are BUSY with their work nowadays . So, friends who do have blog , do update update a bit so that i can know how r u guys going on , ok ?? XD especially TKJ .. ekekeke .. how busy oso must update blog ... But still not too bad la , cuz still got chat abit in msn with some of them ... Hope after the peak period they are more free to hangout lo ... ^.^

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bored and Dull

It's been quite sometimes since the last update .. Basically , there's nothing interesting for me to update publicly as my life currently are so bored and dull ... My classes are only on tuesday night and friday afternoon and sometimes on the weekend but not much . For the rest of the time , i spent 95% of the time at home , in my room with my computer and of course with all the paperssssss .... And facing the window which directly showing the opposite house's room which has no lengzhai for me to peep on ...

No outings for me , as most friends are either busy with work or studies . Maybe sometimes hang out with SPs gang over the weekend ..

Although , this may really sounds boring but during this few months of being like this , I do ponder over my life and make some planning which maybe equal to no planning .. HAHAHAHA . Anyway , i of course do have some planning for my future but I shall keep it to myself now . =)

All i hope now is that to clear my remaining 2 papers that is seriously killing me and getting me crazy . Then , maybe after that I would have more updates and back to my more interesting life XD So, guys, beside me putting 200% effort for the coming exam , will U please wish me luck and say a little prayer for me ?? Thank u thank u ... =D

took this picture when I went back to Stiawan for "qing ming" . the little boy is so cute and he caught me taking his photo , then he even wanted to play with us .. LOL ..