Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Together

Last weekend had 6 hours of class on both saturday and sunday . Although 6 hours sounds like a long hour class , but i think to us as an ACCA , it's still fine as compared to 9 hours class . I still remember the time I took F7 under Ms Menon , that was like even worst . More than 12 hours in college ?? LOL ... Anyway , after attending F7 and P2 , i think we are trained to sit in a super stress condition class for super long hours ... ahahaha .. isn't it true ?? Anyway , i do miss those times in the class with my classmates .

Oh Oh .. Back to my last weekend class .. Sunday had class from 10am to 5pm . And co-incidently , those taking P6 also had classes . So , i think we kinda had a "big" reunion there in the morning as well as during the lunch break .. Really miss the time where we used to had lunch break in a big group together . Even last sem we also hardly had big group already since all are diversified into different optionals ... So , i guess it's really a good "reunion" especially for me cuz there's few of them like ChingYong , Joshua , JunYao that i have not seen them since last semester or since last CNY ..

Slowly , im getting lost touch with a lot of collegemates especially those are working , of course only knowing that they are BUSY with their work nowadays . So, friends who do have blog , do update update a bit so that i can know how r u guys going on , ok ?? XD especially TKJ .. ekekeke .. how busy oso must update blog ... But still not too bad la , cuz still got chat abit in msn with some of them ... Hope after the peak period they are more free to hangout lo ... ^.^

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