Friday, April 17, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle

How healthy is my lifestyle now ?? Nah .. is not healthy at all XD Staying up till late hours then wake up quite late also =P But of course the latest i wake up would be 11am .. But i everyday trying hard to wake up at 7am but everytime end up when i see the clock , it's already 10am .. =.=!

Oh oh .. Recently i also started going for a jog or a walk at the desa park city behind my house . The park there at the evenings , it's crowded with people jogging and walking and also not forgetting all the cute doggies . Some doggies are even dressed up .. So cute .. It's really a nice place to hang out during the evening only if there is NO rain .. There are peoples who plays kite , plays the helicopter , riding bicycle .. All sorts of activites ...

Parents with their young one running at the park .. I think nowadays you hardly can see places like this anymore especially in KL ... So , I really think that desa park has really brought a very good family day for everyone .. U could even picnic there . The environment there is still consider very fresh with all the greens around ..

Because of that , I'm quite determined to go there for a walk nowadays beside helping myself to lose my fats .. Ekekeke ... Although now still not so frequent cuz the weather are so unpredictable and as i mentioned , I can't wake up at 7am .. T_T If not i definitely would go for a morning walk .. RAWRrrrrrr ...

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