Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 Main Things

Although I felt I have not been moving forward and still standing at the same spot like I do half a year ago, I guess Im finally make a move forward. I am finally moving into the new stage of life ie the working life. We live in this world for 2 main thing. To learn and to apply what we've learnt (which may not be so relevant to be applied actually). Isn't it ?

Study and Work.
To learn and to apply.

That's what all of us been doing it but it may differ to each individual on the "how".

But of course, we humans, as always, knows how to colour our life so that is not bored and dull. And how we colour our life?? We mainly include LOVE into our life. It doesn't matter love on who or on what.

Haha. Think about it. That's the 3 main things that everyone of us needs to have and is searching for.


And as i said, each of us has different way of achieving it and has different point of view of that 3 main things. Do you agree with me? =)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is like a Maze

My dear sopo han wrote this in her msn ..

"Sometimes obstacles makes us become stronger"

In a way, I do agree that obstacles that block our straight road do help to make us become stronger because with those obstacles, we actually think of another way, a longer way, or it may even the toughest way just to reach our destination where we could have reach our destination easily without these obstacles. We can only become stronger if we are determined enough and never give up.

But sometimes, it may result in the opposite way. It's just like you being left in a big maze finding the path way out. Some might be so lucky that every turn they took, it eventually lead them to the exit. Some might have to try a hundred times before they get the correct way.

I guess Im the one who has to try a hundred times before I actually get my way out. All this while, whatever I do, I can say that I've done it smoothly. No obstacles. Now finally, I've faced my biggest obstacles ever. I've faced with an dead end cubicles. Now, I have to find my way out again from the cubicle and walk again. I've found myself few times in this dead end. There is also many a times I wanted to give up and let me be left alone there.

But I know, I shouldn't give up. There are lots of things waiting for me at the end there. If I don't move on, I'll never know what is waiting for me there. I have to move on. I have to stand up and re-plan the route that Im going to take and walk again. Whether Im gonna success this time or it's another failure, at least I know I've tried a new way at my best.

And also i know that Im not the only who's lost in the maze. There are many other people who are lost too, just like me. Let us not give up, ok? =)

"2 years is the promise"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Sailing Smooth

Im back from Singapore last night. I really enjoyed the trip a lot because I have not see myself laugh so much for a long time especially in this year. And of course I am glad to meet up with PeiChin. Getting more lenglui liao o *wink* I'll upload the pictures in the near future ba.

And as most of you know, last Monday was the result day. I was expecting to at least pass 1 paper. But no, I have no such luck. I almost want to break down and cry but I knew I can't because I have a convo going on. I felt blank for a moment so i decided to give Mogu a call and talk. Im glad to have the talk that I feel much better after that. Thanks Mogu.

I already feel lost in which direction should I go. With the situation given now, I am more lost. I had a plan, I wants to go Singapore and work and take my study slowly as I move on there. But would my parents agree to it? I really don't know. I don't even know whether I have the courage to confront to them especially mum.

Some would think that I already have a job here, why want to go Sg some more? Of course there's plenty of reason behind it which I shall remain silence on it. All I can say is that, I want to take the chance to go out and explore the world and learn to be independent while Im still young. All Im worry about is will my parents agree to me?? I really hope they would. I really don't want to stay here in KL for my whole life. XD

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Collegemates Gathering

Currently im AGAIN back to BNM's banglow at PD online doing nothing =.= Not really anxious of this trip as this time the main focus would be mum's student. Im more looking forward to this coming Sunday to Singapore. Of course im excited of the convocation on Monday, besides I can't wait to meet up with PeiChin since January this year where we had a farewell gathering for her. =D

Just a short update of last week's gathering with my dear collegemate. It was kinda "ad-hoc" gathering invited by PeiTing few days before that. She asked whether Im free for a dinner. Of course i said yes and I too offered to ask around other friends. The lazy me did not sms to others but just made a small announcement in MSN and also in FB. But gladly to say that 20 of us manage to join the dinner which this time is at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall.

One good thing about having a gathering with collegemates, we hardly have a gathering which is less than 20 people. Our gathering would normally be the biggest group in the restaurant and of course the noisest of all. XD

It had been quite sometimes since we last met in May for Sharee and TKJ's birthday. Of course there's a lot of things to catch up among us. Lots of story to tell especially from those who are working for almost 8 months now. Time really is flying. Imagine last year this time we are still a Uni student, but just 1 year passed, most of us already or going to be in the working world where things are really different. Missed you guys a lot. Hope our next gathering won't need to wait for another few months again. ^^

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ponder of Life

Life has not been really meaningful to me since I finish my exam and after Im back from my trips. All i do after that was mainly staying at home, online, watch some dramas, novel and help daddy sometimes. It's been a routine now. Some friends who has been working very hard would have admire the lifestyle Im having now but try doing it everyday for a month. You'll be shouting to go back to work as well i believe.

Anyway, next wednesday, finally, I would be going for the Bank Negara's interview. Quite nervous although it's not the first time Im having my interview there but still it's the first ever job interview. Just hope that all goes well and I could the department I want.

Time flies. Without realising, today is already into the month of August. Next week I would be attending the interview and 2 weeks after next, I'll be in Sg celebrating my convocation and at the same time hopefully that I can celebrate my ACCA result and not mourning it. *praying hard* If everthing goes smoothly, I should be working after that. It would be a new life to me and I can see a lot of new excitements coming up which would eventually again become a routine, hopefully not.

Thinking about that, the exciting moment of life which is during the college time since to be far away from me now but it's actually just 2 years back. Studying ACCA is good in a way you graduate young but on the other hand, you'll not get to enjoy the college/university life as much as the other degree students do. That's the pros and cons of studying ACCA right after your SPM.

For a degree student, at the age of 21, they would have enjoy their life to the fullest. But to us, as what I can see on me and my other friends, either they are rather busy with working life or to some of us now who is rather worrying for getting a job then planning for the 21st. I don't know about others but to me who I've just celebrated my 21st not long ago, to me, 21st is just another birthday. Nothing big to brag about. Really. It's like there's no special excitement in me about my 21st. Sounds abit saddening here huh.. LOL.. Anyway, hope that just happened on me and not my other friends ^.^

People say 21st is just once in a lifetime but thinking about that, all other age since 1 year old to even 100 years old, every year is also once in a lifetime too. So, why 21st?? LOL .. Maybe 21st for us is a big deal because it mean that we are finally adult and we are legal to go into a casino in Malaysia ?? That's my point of view. =D

Woah.. Looks like been ages since I write such a long essay. Those of you who are reading it. Thank you for patience. Ekekeke ... Cheers..