Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ponder of Life

Life has not been really meaningful to me since I finish my exam and after Im back from my trips. All i do after that was mainly staying at home, online, watch some dramas, novel and help daddy sometimes. It's been a routine now. Some friends who has been working very hard would have admire the lifestyle Im having now but try doing it everyday for a month. You'll be shouting to go back to work as well i believe.

Anyway, next wednesday, finally, I would be going for the Bank Negara's interview. Quite nervous although it's not the first time Im having my interview there but still it's the first ever job interview. Just hope that all goes well and I could the department I want.

Time flies. Without realising, today is already into the month of August. Next week I would be attending the interview and 2 weeks after next, I'll be in Sg celebrating my convocation and at the same time hopefully that I can celebrate my ACCA result and not mourning it. *praying hard* If everthing goes smoothly, I should be working after that. It would be a new life to me and I can see a lot of new excitements coming up which would eventually again become a routine, hopefully not.

Thinking about that, the exciting moment of life which is during the college time since to be far away from me now but it's actually just 2 years back. Studying ACCA is good in a way you graduate young but on the other hand, you'll not get to enjoy the college/university life as much as the other degree students do. That's the pros and cons of studying ACCA right after your SPM.

For a degree student, at the age of 21, they would have enjoy their life to the fullest. But to us, as what I can see on me and my other friends, either they are rather busy with working life or to some of us now who is rather worrying for getting a job then planning for the 21st. I don't know about others but to me who I've just celebrated my 21st not long ago, to me, 21st is just another birthday. Nothing big to brag about. Really. It's like there's no special excitement in me about my 21st. Sounds abit saddening here huh.. LOL.. Anyway, hope that just happened on me and not my other friends ^.^

People say 21st is just once in a lifetime but thinking about that, all other age since 1 year old to even 100 years old, every year is also once in a lifetime too. So, why 21st?? LOL .. Maybe 21st for us is a big deal because it mean that we are finally adult and we are legal to go into a casino in Malaysia ?? That's my point of view. =D

Woah.. Looks like been ages since I write such a long essay. Those of you who are reading it. Thank you for patience. Ekekeke ... Cheers..


chingyong said...

yeap, everyday doing the same routine loitering at home very sien, seriously one mth holiday is more than enough lor i think.. even though i never work before but i still feel like working.. hopefully all of us can take up the stress lar..

all the best for ur interview yean!! and of coz ur results.. enjoy in singapore haha..

about the bday, i think there is ntg much to celebrate also lor.. probably like what u say finally becoming a legal gambler lol..

take care =)

k@hy3@n said...

ahaha .. cy .. u so true .. anyway , thanks and all the best to u too ^.^

Bravebear said...

aiya... uni life isnt so great either. it depends on our own thinking. most of us here in uni wants to be like u. we want to grad faster. its kinda sien when everyday rush report and study only. the study part is if wanna prepare early la.
I guess its just human nature to look at others and feel like they have a better life. not all, but generally ppl are always not satisfy with whatever they have because they compare their lives wif others.
Just dun compare the differences and be happy that all of us are different. hehe =)
all i could say is smile and cherish the moments u have, be it is a sunny or rainy day.
take care ya... ad visit my blog pls... no ppl go thr make it like i am all alone. LOL...

k@hy3@n said...

hey bern .. i do agree with u also .. we shouldn't compare with each other ... thanks for the comment ..

and hey .. i do visit ur blog ya =) just that im a lazy reader that lazy to leave comment here and there .. unless i feel like commenting XD