Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 Main Things

Although I felt I have not been moving forward and still standing at the same spot like I do half a year ago, I guess Im finally make a move forward. I am finally moving into the new stage of life ie the working life. We live in this world for 2 main thing. To learn and to apply what we've learnt (which may not be so relevant to be applied actually). Isn't it ?

Study and Work.
To learn and to apply.

That's what all of us been doing it but it may differ to each individual on the "how".

But of course, we humans, as always, knows how to colour our life so that is not bored and dull. And how we colour our life?? We mainly include LOVE into our life. It doesn't matter love on who or on what.

Haha. Think about it. That's the 3 main things that everyone of us needs to have and is searching for.


And as i said, each of us has different way of achieving it and has different point of view of that 3 main things. Do you agree with me? =)

1 comment:

Bravebear said...

agree!!! so true... but not everyone is searching for all 3 of it ya =)