Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is like a Maze

My dear sopo han wrote this in her msn ..

"Sometimes obstacles makes us become stronger"

In a way, I do agree that obstacles that block our straight road do help to make us become stronger because with those obstacles, we actually think of another way, a longer way, or it may even the toughest way just to reach our destination where we could have reach our destination easily without these obstacles. We can only become stronger if we are determined enough and never give up.

But sometimes, it may result in the opposite way. It's just like you being left in a big maze finding the path way out. Some might be so lucky that every turn they took, it eventually lead them to the exit. Some might have to try a hundred times before they get the correct way.

I guess Im the one who has to try a hundred times before I actually get my way out. All this while, whatever I do, I can say that I've done it smoothly. No obstacles. Now finally, I've faced my biggest obstacles ever. I've faced with an dead end cubicles. Now, I have to find my way out again from the cubicle and walk again. I've found myself few times in this dead end. There is also many a times I wanted to give up and let me be left alone there.

But I know, I shouldn't give up. There are lots of things waiting for me at the end there. If I don't move on, I'll never know what is waiting for me there. I have to move on. I have to stand up and re-plan the route that Im going to take and walk again. Whether Im gonna success this time or it's another failure, at least I know I've tried a new way at my best.

And also i know that Im not the only who's lost in the maze. There are many other people who are lost too, just like me. Let us not give up, ok? =)

"2 years is the promise"


Bravebear said...

nice post... totally agree... even i am lost in that maze... but looking up in the skies, seeing the moon so bright i know i shouldn't give up... haha gambatte!!!

k@hy3@n said...

hahaha .. thanks =)
u oso gambateh ya ... aza aza !!!