Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pray hard for our dear friend

Yesterday evening had been a stunned and unforgettable scene to anyone of us who were there. It's really is especially to me. From the moment it happen to i reach home and to bed and even now, i still can't stop thinking how it happen. Some says "why wana think so much". Well, is not the matter of thinking too much but is the fact that one of our friend has just fell sick just like that.

Especially to most of us who never experience this kind of situation before and it was suppose to be happy time with all the jokes going on.

I don't really want to talk into specifically as i should respect my friend from being talking out loud about the incident. For those who helped especially the group of lecturers who were there as well once they got the news, their sincerity and kindness are really appreciated and like Mr Marcus said, with these peoples, this society meant much more. And for the rest of us who were there, why don't we show our love and pray for our dear friend's good health.

All right, enough for the sad and unforgettable moment. Let me share with u guys "Mr Marcus Jokes"

Question are directed to woman and gals out there ....
Who are the best husband u should choose ?


WHY !?

They love and appreciate antiques very very much . So, when u (gals) get old, they will appreciate u more ^.^

Sunday, January 27, 2008


SOMEONE commented why i blogged in Chinese ... I know there's lot of ma reader who can't read Mandarin like my darling for eg :P but sometimes i felt i can express better in Mandarin. Basically when im emo :D

The previous post was nothing much but just trying to release my stress by blogging. Ytd night was kinda emo night so blog lorh. Why i emo? Don't bother asking me cuz i WON'T tell ... XD As long now im feeling much better can d lu

Really feel stress these days. Mayb the month of Feb esp on the day of 18th ... =.=! ACCA students would have felt the same if mention these 2 dates Feb 18th and Aug 20th. Cuz it's our result day. Plus suddenly i could feel the stress from my studies. Mayb cuz now we r in the PROFESSIONAL level? Hmm ... Dunno leh ... Time is flying so fast . In no time, all of us would be graduating and working...

Anyway, like what i told dar .. Got to stay strong to face all the difficulties. ^.^ For me, when i can't, i'll just hide in my room and on the music and sing along with it. It really helps me alot. Just a few song, im back to good mood :P And of course with my darling's company, it helps more.

Saturday, January 26, 2008








Thursday, January 24, 2008

Correction of Error

As a reply to SOMEONE as well as correction something in my previous post ...

It's 500 and not 5000 DEGREE celcius ...

Sorry to all ma reader .. It's not that serious till 5000 :P Correction of error (IAS 8) requires retrospective adjustment where u need to go back to previous years to adjust if the error relate to previous year. LOL ... Applying P2 sia .. =.=!

Yesterday was Thaipusam and it was SUPPOSE to be everyone working/studying in KL as well as Selangor. But our ms lecturer is super duper hardworking where she rather don't go to Batu Caves for prayer and had class with us. According to her, we are r SUPER SLOW that she has no choice but to have class on public holiday. Ish ... Anyway, oso cuz in the coming march and april, she'll be flying off to China.

Just finish "Father and Sons" drama series. It was really a touching story. Recommended to watch ^.^

Gosh .. So much things to do... Need to study for P2 and case study homework for P3... Wuwuwuwu ... But lazy neh thanks to the HOT weather .... T.T

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birhtday TT !


Today is our mr. einstein birthday aka tatt hoong .. How does the name TT came from ? Well , i think it all started by our tax lecturer , ms rozi . Since tt is like so super skinny and tall , so ms rozi decided to call him "titi" (in malay means small bridge) .. So, all of us also started calling him TT .. Ekekeke

Ytd after P2 class , about 17 of us went to "F4 Fish Head", a restaurant which is located in the middle of those factory but darn lots of customer, mostly are working people. I think we are the only table with young adults .. Ekekeke ...

Ting n Yong ordered quite a few of dishes like pork, lemon chicken, fried sotong, steam fish, soup, vege, tit ban tauhu, fried tauhu. The fried sotong was in so HIGH demand that some dun even get to eat, so ordered a 2nd plate for it. We talked and laughed around.

Then, came to the usual birthday song singing ceromony. Chingyong and Suiyuan was busy lighting up the candle while we quickly sing the birthday song. Why ? Cuz the fan just above of us was so strong wind so chingyong having difficulty in lighting up the candle. Ahahaha .. It was kinda funny scene where we sing and chingyong and suiyuan just busy lighting up the candles which keep blew off by the wind.

As per normal the cake smashing part. And chingyong actually put lots of soy sauce in the chocolate cake .. Ewwwwwwwwww!!! Feel so yucky but still the Most Yucky Cake Smashing Award still goes to Ms Adelee .. with garlic chili sauce and a raw egg ...

Once again .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dar hurt his 3 fingers cause he tried to hold a 5000celcius metal with his own bare hand.. Ish .. Now his finger is swollen and got "nanah" d .. =.= Today and tml dar having sports day and he is involved in long jump, triple jump and a running event. Wish dar all the best and hope his finger can recover ASAP ... :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New wardrobe

Yay ! Finally got my new wardrobe .. It was twice at large compared to my old 1 . And it's i think 2.5 times taller too as it's already reaching the ceiling .. Wooo .. So tall ~~~~~

Anyway, still cant put back all my clothes yet as they have cleaned the wardrobe with tinner and tomolo they still need to pain a 2nd layer of coating to the wardrobe to make it more shiny .. ^.^

It's so hot now ~~~~~~~

And im sweating ..

I guess i'll go for a 2nd bath .. Beh tahan ...

Ciaoz .

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After 3 weeks of cough n sneezing spreading the virus , at least today i feel A BIT better .. At least i don't cough that much during the class . If not, i also feel pai seh and irritated even if my beloved two lovely neighbour at most of the time , TKJ n Adelee dun mind it. :D

Really thanks for the patience with me in the class .. Muaks !!! Love u TKJ !! errr ... Adelee ah .. Ok lah .. Muaks u too but love ah .. i'll think twice 1st XD

Today is the 4th class for both P1 and P3 .. It's really both an interesting class to attend. Out of so many classes i have attended , i really think that this two classes are the only theory class that i am so gladly to attend it so far . *wink* No discrimination to P2 as it is interesting too with Ms Menon as the lecturer who will give her out the best to make us understand and she's cute . Just that im comparing among all the theory paper that i have sat . P2 still consider 33% calculation >.<

Mr Marcus who is also my mentor for the OBU (Oxford Brookes University) Degree, he's really a fun lecturer with all the jokes he tell, the story he tell inspite of telling how a theory is applied on a case study and real facts happening.

Today he told us this which it's really cold but darn funny ....

It's basically a conversation that happen between him(Mr Marcus) with his younger brother who is younger than him 3 years old. According to Mr Marcus, his brother told him two things.
1. Younger bro : U r the 2nd most handsome good looking guy that i ever met
Mr Marcus : Wow !!!! Then, who is the 1st 1 ?
Younger bro : The whole world
Mr Marcus : ............ (the whole class burst out with laughter)

2. Younger bro : Let me tell u all the good points that u have
Mr Marcus : Ok ..
Younger bro : .......
Mr Marcus : Tell la ..
Younger bro : Finish telling d .... (again the laughter from the class)

Omg la ... Marcus so funny neh ... He really can make the class NOT being in the sleepy mode for the full 3 hours ... And he likes to use the word "wah lau" .. Hahaha .. I think im start to get influenced by him d ...

As for Mr Goh, well the interesting part i guess would be stories about companies or Malaysia a-bit-of-political story which is already a fact. I think for those who never study this paper, there's really a lot of things that u might not know what's happening around the business world.

As for myself, im really trying real hard to study harder as compared to previous year .. Really trying hard although really really sick now, i mean previously. ^.^

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cough cough cough

Yes ... cough cough cough cough ... Cant stop coughing the whole day . Ahhh .. Now i prefer fainted not knowing what's happening , not doing things i like than coughing the whole day . Feeling pretty irritated . Cough till lung oso wan cough out d larh ... Wuwuwuwuwu .. T.T

Today is public holiday in Malaysia due to Awal Muharram . So , had a day off after 3 days consecutively of 6 hours class . Mon and Tues attended P1 (by Mr Goh) and P3 (by My Marcus) for the 1st time . Well , i could say that both of these classes is pretty interesting although it is 100% theory exam based and no numbers *sigh*

But it's interesting because get to know a lot of interesting fact happening around the world especially when comes to criticsm to Malaysia's company (although there's some politic in it) besides the way how the the lecturers teached . They really make the class interesting with all the jokes and stories .

Can say it's the 1st time since ACCA im so interesting in a theory paper lectures where i dun dozed off so easily . *proud*...

It's a hot day ... Aarrggghhhh ... Die of hotness and cough-ness ... *dead*

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Omg .. A day has been wasted just like that .. How ?

Let me tell u ....

As bro's gonna have his wedding soon in March, so his rooms need to do some renovation for the new lovebirds. Have to change the wardrobe and bed. Just this two things, it causes the lights and fans have to change position. And mama said since bro is changing the wardrobe, so my ask well change my old wardrobe. I've been using mama's nearly 30 years old or more than that cupboard. Even the kulit oso wan cabut d. So, my room also need to change the lightings to down light and wall fan . The wall fan are much more cooler too .

So, my room now has change its position upside down .. :D I mean it's totally change including my table, my bed, my cupboard. Everything !!!

Been busy whole day cleaning up. Well , that is just the 1st part. When the new cupboard arrive, is another tiring day to clean up with all the dust around. Ish .. Hate that.

Anyway, kinda like the way it is now although my bed makes the room abit smaller cuz not much place to move. Hope when the new wardrobe i could cut 1 shelf down or even better my bookshelf things can go into that cupboard too cuz mama say the wardrobe is kinda big.

Seems like today is a moody day. Haih ... mama is moody cuz sick and i myself is moody too. Or is it just myself that is moody ??

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Damn Connection

Aargh .. Damn the connection .. Dunno why this few days so hard to connect to the internet . And now i can connect to internet but i dunno why the heck i can't sign in to my msn .. *sigh*

Anyway , forgive me for the rudeness .. :D

Oh well ... Dar complained after posting that post saying that the dialog is 100% not true .. Well .. errrr ... all right is not true . My dar is not that bad person . Just that sometimes to make the environment more cheerful, we tend to ejek each other. He's a good, sweet and smart darling.

Really glad to have him accompany me sharing every moment of experience of my life. Glad to have him when im down, im happy, im depressed, im sad. He has brighten up my day when i think that this world is treating me badly.

This post is mainly to tell the world how much i love him and how happy i am when u found me alone in this corner of the world. I love u , dar.

Sorry for being so "yuk ma" / geli but this is truely how i felt towards him ^.^ So, do forgive me ya although i will also ejek others when writing such yuk ma blog. But when think back of ourselves, we tend to be so yuk ma too when we r in love . Ekekekekeke ...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Resolution

Ya ya .. I know i said "Welcome back to blogging world" and yet i blog an entry and missing in action for few days again . Shouldn't be so lazy and left my reader all alone here waiting . Ekeke . So, will TRY to be more hardworking in the future depending how will be my classes goes.

Today is already 3rd January 2008 . Wow . Times flies huh . Just a blink of an eye and is already 3 days pass since new year . Din really go anywhere for countdown . Just went out with shin n kwan n jayne n drove around the neighborhood watch the tiny little fireworks from the KLCC . Not so nice but it's jam even at Kepong . Ish . Lucky din park near there so manage to drive away quickly.

New Year Resolution ....
1. Study SMART + HARD
2. No more laziness !
3. Save more , spend less (have been spending a lot last year so must save back)
4. Get good result in my ACCA
5. Slim down slim down
6. Never let the relationship between me n dar cool down
7. Maintain our relationship and hope to go to another level of our relationship (copied from dar . hehehe .. and dun think wrongly of the word "another level" , ok . just hoping to understand each other more deeper . that's all)

Well , i guess that's so much about my new year resolution . Maybe there's more inside my head but couldn't think more than that for now . :D

And now .............................
Let me share with u guys the issue that i've been arguing with dar about the "Dominator" thing that i mentioned before this.

It was the last day before dar go home. So, we went to Pyramid since is nearby and his parents will be going there to meet him. While walking around looking presents for me and dar was hungry. So, after getting my ear ring and necklace, we went hunting for food. Then, saw this Korean food near the Pizza Hut. The food was so-so only.

While waiting for our food, dar saw the machine where u got to put ur hand in and it will sort of tell ur fortune. Dar asked me to try. So, both of us tried and got the paper. Sat down and read line by line. It was nothing much at first and agreeing with each words it was written as it was quite true with our characteristic.

Then, i was comparing our paper and I found out this ..... attention only to the red circle

Mine : You could become entirely dominated by your partner. Beware of this

Dar : You are always able to dominate people and situations

Me : OMG !!!!!!!
Dar : (eating) Wat ?
Me : Yer .... I will dominted by my partner and u always able to dominate people
Dar : Woh ?
Me : So true neh .... I mean so ngam .. Ish ... (unsatisfied face shown)
Dar : Yay ! I dominate U ...
Me : (even more unsatisfied) Hannah Hannah ... U dominate larh . No wonder im the 1 "fuk si" (layan in cantonese) u ..
Dar : :D wat .. i now no sayang u larh
Me : got lar got lar ... mr dominator

PS : The dialouge above is not 100% of what we have said but the main point is in it....

Kk .. Time to ciaoz . Will try to update more in future . ^.^