Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cough cough cough

Yes ... cough cough cough cough ... Cant stop coughing the whole day . Ahhh .. Now i prefer fainted not knowing what's happening , not doing things i like than coughing the whole day . Feeling pretty irritated . Cough till lung oso wan cough out d larh ... Wuwuwuwuwu .. T.T

Today is public holiday in Malaysia due to Awal Muharram . So , had a day off after 3 days consecutively of 6 hours class . Mon and Tues attended P1 (by Mr Goh) and P3 (by My Marcus) for the 1st time . Well , i could say that both of these classes is pretty interesting although it is 100% theory exam based and no numbers *sigh*

But it's interesting because get to know a lot of interesting fact happening around the world especially when comes to criticsm to Malaysia's company (although there's some politic in it) besides the way how the the lecturers teached . They really make the class interesting with all the jokes and stories .

Can say it's the 1st time since ACCA im so interesting in a theory paper lectures where i dun dozed off so easily . *proud*...

It's a hot day ... Aarrggghhhh ... Die of hotness and cough-ness ... *dead*

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